How to Make Your Business More Green

Businesses now operate in a world where there is the need to be environmentally responsible. It is not a throwaway phrase or corporate slogan; it is a requirement. People live in an age where decades of burning fossil fuels and modern living in general are now posing a clear and present danger to the future sustainability of the planet. All businesses must now adopt greener, more environmentally friendly practices and act together to minimize the risks posed by greenhouse gasses and climate change. If you are a business owner looking to make your enterprise more environmentally responsible, here are some of the main ways you can make meaningful changes to reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the detrimental effects your business has on the wider world.

Go fully digital with your corporate world

Most business owners and employees of a certain age will remember when computers became commonplace in every organization. With the rise of computing power, people were promised such modern marvels as the paperless office. Today, many offices have a commercial photocopier churning out hundreds of sheets of copy paper for reports and statistics. However, living with this advanced technology, like tablets and cloud storage, should negate the need for physical copies of documents in all circumstances for business use. Documents can be accessed remotely and securely without the need to be on a work intranet with cloud technology, and tablets or mobile phones can easily download this information, making it truly portable. If your business still relies on physical paperwork, make the change to a paperless office. You will be able to effectively minimize your usage of paper and will help to reduce the requirement for the felling of forests to sate this archaic need.

Recycle wherever possible

A multitude of business equipment and packaging can now be recycled. From outdated computers being recycled at specialist recycling centers to the use of cardboard recycling balers that are used in recycling plants to effectively recycle commercial cardboard packaging on an immense scale. Estimates suggest that approximately 70% of office waste that ends up in commercial landfills can be recycled. It is imperative that businesses adopt widespread recycling across their business sites. This will reduce the reliance on new raw materials in the production of future goods and the energy requirements that come with this. In addition, unused office furniture and equipment that is still in an acceptable condition can be donated to charities or schools. Businesses can adopt freecycling into their operations and further help to be environmentally responsible.

Choose sustainable business products

Businesses tend to have far greater purchasing power than the average consumer and can direct these purchase decisions to other suppliers that promote sustainability. From sourcing recycled materials and products to trading with other firms that have environmental awareness high up on their corporate agenda, they can be ambassadors for sustainability. An increasing number of consumers want to buy from companies that are actively environmentally conscious. As a result, adopting a green mentality and promoting this fact is likely to be healthier for a business in terms of customer revenues.

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