Little Light House Releases New Video to Help Parents and Caregivers Adapt Toys for Child with Special Needs

Tulsa, OK (December 16, 2020) The Little Light House(LLH) has released a new video that gives parents step by step instructions on adapting toys for children with special needs.

“We hope this video will help parents/caregivers of children with special needs adapt toys they get that they might not be able to use,” said Lucas Alexander, Marketing Coordinator at LLH. “Special needs children might receive toys this Christmas that they can’t operate, but we are hoping this video will change that!”

The video is a straightforward way to add a switch to a toy. Children with poor fine motor skills may not be able to press a small button or switch, so we adapt a toy with a large switch that makes it easy for them to hit with any part of their body! Lynda Crouch, one of our Assistive Technology Coordinators, walks you through how to do this step by step.

Lucas Alexander said, “LLH wants children of all abilities to be able to enjoy toys. It’s pretty frustrating for a parent to receive a toy for their child for Christmas, and they can’t operate it.”

LLH plans to release similar videos on how to make a switch and adapt switches to more complex toys or activities. The video is located on LLH’s Youtube channel, where you can subscribe to get updates on when new videos will be released.

About Little Light House

At Little Light House, we unlock potential in kids with special needs every day, and we share what we learn with the world. We focus our efforts on children’s early years to make the most significant impact for life. Our expert team of teachers and therapists trust God with every step they take, and that makes all the difference. Little Light House is a place of love and acceptance, and you are welcome here.

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