Battleship Builder Waves of Steel Ships Off Major Early Access Content Update Today

SAN FRANCISCO – July 6, 2022 – Waves of Steel, the build-your-own-battleship (BYOB) arcade naval combat sim with kickflipping warships from TMA Games, takes the fight into the skies with a major Steam Early Access content update on PCs everywhere today.

Sail across the globe in a fully customized warship, engaging in over-the-top battles against heavily-armed despots and evil, mechanical creations that bastardize the classic beauty of a good boat. Embark on a mission-based campaign and select from more than 50 iconic naval ships. Overdrive your engines to chase down foes, and gain new equipment from their sinking wrecks. Activate special powers like an invulnerable energy shield, ramming drill, a time-stopping bubble, and, yes, a kickflip, to save the world in fast-paced, arcade-inspired naval warfare.

Take down the antagonistic faction known as Jörmungandr, who aims to become the embodiment of the Norse World Serpent legend. Admiral Weaver is on a quest for absolute firepower and only Captain Quinn and their crew stand a chance of stopping her. Take on implausible threats on the world’s shores and open seas, like a mobile glacier fortress and a massive gun made out of a volcano! 

Discover secret technologies and ship add-ons hidden throughout the campaign like new ships, parts, and special challenge missions. Recruit a friend to the crew with co-op split-controls putting one officer behind the wheel and the other on the weaponry. Create a personalized armed warship from hundreds of different parts like colossal artillery cannons, anti-aircraft guns, torpedo and missile launchers, anti-submarine weapons, plasma lances, and giant sawblades, among many, many others. Elevate your warship to the next level with a versatile cosmetic editor allowing endless options for flashy paint jobs, outlandish flag designs, less-than-stealthy string lights, and more stylish options across the warring waters.

Today’s content update brings a new equally terrifying boss fight to the skies and seas, a colossal train-pulled artillery cannon that shows its contempt for the ground by riding on flying train tracks. Tap into greater customization skills with extra ship parts found in four additional story missions. Put ship steering abilities to the test in a new rocket-powered racing mini-game that finds a fresh, practical, and entertaining use for rocket fuel.

“We’re getting close to the endgame!” says Chris Weisiger, founder of TMA Games, “That means that I can start unleashing the really outlandish content. This new boss is one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since I started working on the game, three years ago. People kept asking me why I didn’t just make the train itself fly, to which I responded: a train isn’t a train unless it travels on train tracks! But I needed the train to be able to engage the player out over the ocean, which requires freedom of movement. Clearly the solution here is to make the train travel on flying train tracks, that can strafe you when they aren’t busy supporting the train. This is perfectly sensible.”

Waves of Steel is available in Steam Early Access now on Windows PCs for $14.99 with today’s content update available for free. On Friday, July 15, as Waves of Steel nears the end of its Early Access development, the price will rise to $19.99 and remain as such for v1.0.

For more information on Waves of Steel, please visit the official website and follow on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and join the community Discord.

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