Best 3D movies for IMAX screens

Why do we watch movies anyway? To escape the problems of this world. To escape the world and enter a world of fantasy, where magic, mystery and romance are all infused with humor. Thanks to the movies that brighten our weekends, we get to meet celebrities, magicians and witches as well as singers, robots and fairy godmothers.

There are several options available if you’re also interested in watching movies. You could subscribe to reliable cable services like Optimum TVYou can access countless entertainment channels. However, watching movies on TV is one thing. Watching them in 3D on the IMAX screens is another.

It is possible to feel the film’s essence when you watch it in 3D. It is like being transported to another world. It is almost as if you are a part of the movie. This makes it even more enjoyable.

We are all aware of the incredible popularity of 3D films and the love they have. So we decided to create an article dedicated to amazing 3D movies. If you find this movie segment intriguing and are looking for a weekend trip to the cinema, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover some incredible movies that will brighten your smile.

  • The Lion King

This movie has a special place in our hearts, that’s for sure. This movie is special because of the beautiful bond between the father-son relationship and the jungle affairs.

Many fans of The Lion King’s original animated animated version were not thrilled to see a live-action animated version. But, those who viewed it in IMAX were blown away.

The Lion King was a hated live-action remake. However, it is impossible to deny that the animals looked amazing in 3D. They almost seemed real. It was almost as if you were actually experiencing a real-life Lion King.

Moreover, Simba’s fright and concerns were completely comprehensible after witnessing Mufasa’s death in IMAX, especially in light of the riveting sounds that had viewers anticipating the stampede.

  • Gravity

Who doesn’t like looking at planets and the magnificent galaxies that widen our eyes and amaze us? Because IMAX movies are larger than regular movies, space often translates well into them. Gravity is an example that IMAX movies have enjoyed tremendous success.

Let’s talk about the plot. This film portrays the lonely journey of Dr. Stone as he tries desperately to navigate the vast expanses of space.

  • Interstellar

This classic movie depicted a world in crisis and the desperate attempts of scientists and experts to find a quick solution that could save humanity. The movie presents stunning visuals that again make the most of the beauty and vastness space. And, of course, the IMAX experience is a cherry on the top.

  • Tenet

The plot of this movie can be confusing so fans may need to see it multiple times to understand the details. It was a complex movie, but it is still an amazing IMAX film.

Yes, it’s true that the storyline was lacking in polish and a cast needed to be more interesting. However, it’s hard to ignore the charismatic appeal and visually appealing visuals.

  • Doctor Strange

Although all the Marvel films have been made for 3D cinematography, it is clear that Doctor Strange stands out when it comes to utilizing the 3D effect to its fullest. The movie is split into two halves.

The movie’s second act’s conclusion sees the heroes transported into the mirror dimension. 3D kicks in and makes the film’s moving city, collapsing buildings, and flying spells fully use the technology. 3D is used to give the movie a sense depth in the first half.

  • The Walk

Robert Zemeckis is an expert in 3D technology. We all know this for a fact. He spent a significant amount of his time researching and testing 3D automation in his amazing animated movies like The Polar and A Christmas Carol. He also won the hearts and minds of the masses with his live-action 2015 film The Walk.

Philippe Petit, a young and passionate high-wire author, is featured in the film. He walks between the Twin Towers of World Trade Center’s historical World Trade Center. The movie was made in 1974.

The 3D effect that was used to show the critical walk between the Twin Towers in 3D is an amazing display of 3D technology. It kept the audience riveted to their screens and their seats. It was nearly impossible for the camera to breathe at the incredible heights of this incredible stunt. The Walk uses 3D technology to its maximum advantage. Without it, the movie would not have been possible.

Wrapping up

We hope that this article will help you end your search for timeless 3D movies which have made a mark in the film industry.

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