For David Bolno, a Lifelong Emphasis on Philanthropy Creates the Biggest Impact of All

David Bolno is an esteemed business professional who has guided clients all over the world for years. He’s assisted some of the biggest entertainers, musicians, artists, and athletes as they’ve sought to maximize their financial return and preserve their wealth. He’s helped create business plans for startups, record companies, publishing companies, and more. To say that he’s made an impact on the business community – especially in and around the Los Angeles area – is something of an understatement.

But that’s also not the only impact that he’s concerned with making. David Bolno is well aware that he has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success up to this point and he feels that it is his obligation to give back. But rather than just do so in a professional sense, he wants his efforts to have a personal touch as well. That’s why philanthropy is so important to him – because it allows him to service both of these critical masters at the same time.

The Inward-Facing Advantages of Charitable Giving

Yes, it’s true that not all charitable giving is exclusively about supporting the communities around us. This should absolutely be the most important reason to do it, but one must not discount all the internal benefits they receive, too.

Case in point: David Bolno has always believed that philanthropy by its nature helps to satiate a deeply rooted human need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all want to feel like we belong and supporting a local community or a cause that we’re passionate about goes a long way towards accomplishing precisely that.

As the old saying reminds us, “giving back is its own reward.” In the opinion of David Bolno, that has always been true.

To that end, giving back can also help us feel better about ourselves and our place in the world. Whenever you take the time to help someone out, you’re almost always in a better mood at the end of it. You’ve got a “spring in your step,” so to speak. The bigger the effort you make, the greater the impact that you feel. So while you’re absolutely helping someone else in a very literal way, you’re also helping yourself in a figurative one.

The Outward Benefits of Giving Back

Again, the most important reason to give back and to practice philanthropy in all its forms has to do with the impact you’re making on the world around you. This is an especially important topic for David Bolno, as he understands just how important family and community truly are.

David Bolno grew up in a loving household surrounded by family members who supported his dreams for the future. When he was working full-time to support himself and to put himself through school, those family members were there for him. When he experienced ups and downs in the early days of his career, the community was right by his side.

Based on that, he understands two things. First, he absolutely would not be where he is today without the support of those family members and of that community. Second, not everyone has the opportunity to be in the same type of caring environment that he was. Creating that environment is what philanthropy is all about.

Impacting Our Communities, One Step at a Time

Overall, David Bolno is very thankful to be in a position where he can financially support many of the causes and organizations that are near and dear to him. The kind that allow him to have the same impact on communities that they have had on him.

However, simply giving money isn’t the only way that David Bolno gives back – and he hopes that others out there are willing to follow his example.

Volunteering is an especially popular and important form of philanthropy, for example, particularly for organizations that are assisting with under-served communities. If a local non-profit is putting together a community service project, if you can lend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon they would more than appreciate the support.

Mentoring is another great opportunity to practice philanthropy. It’s also one that David Bolno participates in as often as he can. This is something he has always made an effort to do in his professional career, too. Find someone who is just starting out in your field and take them under your proverbial wing. They are willing to learn. They want to experience as much as possible that they can then use to better themselves. They’re excited to listen – all you have to do is speak.

David Bolno often shares his success with others in the industry, particularly in his capacity as a business manager. He’s worked directly with some of the most notable entertainers of the last few decades, and he did more than simply prepare their contracts or look over their long-term investment plans. He’s shared his insight and expertise and made an impact on them, all so that they in turn could make an impact on us.

Even something as simple as supporting local businesses is ultimately a great way to give back to our communities. If you’re in search of a product, and you essentially have two options – a locally owned and operated business or a large, national chain alternative – always pick the former whenever possible. Yes, you may pay slightly more, but that’s okay, because your support helps create new jobs in your area and can often be an incredible boost to the local economy. The profits that the larger chain makes are only going to go back into the pockets of shareholders.

But beyond anything else, always make it a priority to use any platform that you have to support those around you. One of the most powerful assets that all of us has is our voice. If people are willing to listen to what you have to say, to really take note of your opinions and your point of view, it is your responsibility to make the most of that opportunity.

Even if you’re not the type of person who can necessarily book a public speaking event at a local venue, leverage your social media following to your advantage. Take whatever message you care the most about and get it out to the widest audience that you can. You never know who you might inspire to follow you as you work to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

In the end, giving back supports the communities that we live in and the causes that we care about – but it also does more than that in a larger sense. It allows you to take advantage of a legitimate opportunity to put positivity out into the world. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to do this in the form of a grand gesture. Others have to rely on small acts of kindness.

Truly, it doesn’t matter which category you fall into. So long as you’re focusing on making an impact, you’re creating a major, positive change in someone’s life. Whether it affects one person or 1,000 doesn’t matter. That’s the perspective that David Bolno has always maintained, and it’s something that you can see examples of time and again throughout his career to this point.

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