Why Is My Child Weight Not Increasing: Common Reasons Plus Tips!

Is Your little munchkin not gaining enough weight?

Worry not. Read on to know key reasons.

Slow weight gain is a common problem among children nowadays. It is also known as failure to thrive that can occur due to several reasons. However, “failure to thrive” is not a disease; it’s a signal that your loved one is not getting adequate nourishment. The key reason for this problem is the lack of calories in the diet. Also, it has been found that children who do not gain sufficient weight cannot grow tall. Such kids feel difficulty in learning and doing physical activities. Therefore, for the proper growth and development of children, it is crucial to feed them enough calories-rich food.

Undoubtedly, every child grows at different paces. However, there is an ideal weight limit according to the age that every child should reach; otherwise, they will fall into the underdeveloped category.

It is crucial to visit thebest children’s hospital in Mohali or any other city for regular checkups to identify the main reason behind your kid’s growth issue. The pediatrician will monitor your child’s health and let you know if there is any concern. Apart from eating fewer calories, many other problems can hinder children’s weight gain. Let us discuss them in detail.

  • Child Does Not Eat Well

Most of the children do a lot of tantrums while eating food. They are very fussy and prefer to consume limited food items. It leads to a lack of nutrients in them and affects their well-being, resulting in developmental delay. Therefore, try to feed a well-balanced diet to your munchkin. Give them dairy products, green vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals and meat for optimum growth and weight gain.

  • Digestive System Problems

Some kids eat well but still remain underweight. If this is the problem with your child, they might have digestive system issues. In addition, some other conditions like diarrhea, celiac disease, liver disorders, GER, and cystic fibrosis can make it harder for the digestive tract to absorb key nutrients as well as calories and affect weight gain. So, it is essential to visit the best children’s hospital in Mohali if your child has any digestive problems.

  • Medical Condition

If your child has any underlying medical condition such as problems with lungs, heart, or hormone production glands, they may need more calories than other children. However, it is pretty difficult for children to eat over the limit. So, the only way is to diagnose and take the best treatment for a medical condition.

  • Metabolic Disease

The metabolism disorder passes from generation to generation. It is a cluster of several medical conditions like obesity, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high BP. In addition to slowing down the weight gaining process, metabolic diseases also increase the risk of heart problems and diabetes 2.

  • Infections

The children who often catch infections are also relatively weak and do not gain optimum weight. This reason is that a large part of their calories reserve is used to fight against infections. So, don’t take it lightly if your little one frequently becomes a victim of cough, cold, or any other infection; Seek the first-class treatment with a second thought.

  • Premature Birth

Premature delivery is another major reason for the low birth weight of the baby. The reason is that all organs of the baby are not fully developed in preterm birth.

  • Genetic Disorders

Some kids remain underweight due to genetic disorders. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to detect them; your pediatrician will first suggest you some lab tests and then analyze the results to evaluate the real problem.

How to increase kid’s weight

As discussed above, there is no single cause of low weight gain in kids. If your child’s weight is not increasing because of the low intake of calories, you can simply increase calories in their daily meal. However, if they have metabolism or genetic disorders, it becomes essential to seek the help of specialists.

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