Spreading Joy and Laughter: How Healthy Humor Brings Happiness to Hospitals Nationwide

Every day, Healthy Humor brings about positive transformations within hospitals. This non-profit organization has a remarkable mission: to disseminate laughter, delight, and happiness among children in various healthcare facilities.

In 2016, Founders, Dina Paul-Parks, Karen McCarty, and Deborah Kaufmann established Healthy Humor, driven by their vision to infuse hospitals with positive energy. Currently, the organization reaches over 600,000 kids and families across the country. Healthy Humor operates in 15 hospitals, including renowned institutions like Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Southern California and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

So, how does Healthy Humor go about spreading happiness in hospitals? The organization employs the art of clowning to entertain patients. Through a multitude of programs, they bring smiles and laughter to countless sick individuals. Among their most popular initiatives is the Red Nose Docs program. This flagship project features a diverse group of professional artists, including musicians, magicians, actors, and more, who dress up and perform. By combining elements of theater and circus, Healthy Humor aims to sow the seeds of happiness and joy.

For children spending weeks or even months in hospitals, Healthy Humor becomes an invaluable presence. Injecting happiness into their lives makes an immeasurable difference and becomes something these children eagerly anticipate.

In addition to their primary programs, Healthy Humor offers a wide array of supplementary services that benefit others. One such program, Vaudeville Visits, caters to the needs of critically ill elderly patients. Performers create an immersive experience by assuming characters, playing beloved music, and providing other forms of entertainment tailored to their preferences. Healthy Humor also provides Special Events, Connections Workshops, and collaborates with the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

What does Healthy Humor have in store for this year? CEO Dina Paul-Parks shares exciting plans, stating, “We are organizing a more intimate cocktail party this summer, featuring one of our new celebrity connections from the recent Bash at Booty’s event.”

Earlier this year, the Bash at Bootsy’s event in Los Angeles brought together performers who showcased their clowning skills and shed light on Healthy Humor’s endeavors, encouraging guests to donate and support the cause. The event, hosted by David Arquette and his wife, Christina McLarty Arquette, took place at Bootsy Bellows, Arquette’s nightclub. Arquette has been collaborating with Healthy Humor for about a year now.

Paul-Parks also divulged details about the upcoming summer party event, saying, “We will announce the date and provide more information soon. Additionally, we are planning a national professional development conference in November for all our performers. Due to COVID, it has been a few years since they had the opportunity to come together in person like this, and it only happens once every 18 months, so we are genuinely looking forward to this reunion.” Effective collaboration among performers is vital for delivering exceptional performances.

To witness the ongoing joy that Healthy Humor brings to hospitals, visit their website here.

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