The Technology That Has Heralded War On The Kamikazes On The Road

Accidents caused by drivers traveling in the opposite direction are the most spectacular and most tend to cause more fatalities .

According to data from the RACC, there are 10 times more serious injuries and their mortality is up to 20 times higher than that of all road accidents. Thus, they usually cause an average of around 10 deaths and 12 serious injuries per year.

In the past decade, there have been an average of 17 frontal accidents on highways and highways with vehicles involved traveling in the wrong direction to that of travel.

To try to put a brake on this problem, the RACC has managed to bring to Spain the technology of Bosch, which operates in more than 25 countries.

The German firm’s Wrong-way Driver Warning solution detects the presence of kamikazes in the opposite direction on motorways and expressways. Also, warn other drivers who have this app active while driving on those roads.

This technology is integrated into various navigation applications and radio stations. Now it joins the application of the RACC motorist club .

The system detects an average of 20 reverse driving situations each week across Europe. However, the main handicap of this German technology is that it is necessary that, for the warnings to occur, it must be installed in many vehicles in order to increase its effectiveness.


“Wrong-way Driver Warning” bases its system on the cloud. Bosch technology compares the real movements of the car with the allowed direction of the road when passing or joining the entrance area of ​​motorways or expressways.

The alert is triggered at that moment in which the two information blocks do not coincide. An alarm, both visual and acoustic , to the motorist traveling erroneously and, at the same time, to the drivers of approaching vehicles.

To help drivers, the system is capable of detecting the danger and generating the warning in less than 10 seconds, unlike other systems that reach minutes to issue the first warning.

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