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NetflixAlthough it doesn’t have many fantasy clickers, you can still find some amazing (and eclectic!) gems. Many fantasy battles are incorporated into the real world, such as the Closet Monster. The Golden Compass is a fantasy world that’s based on Philip Pullman novels.

We hope that you will find an interesting gem down below.

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This 2015 film takes a look at the origins of Peter Pan’s character and Captain Hook’s story. Garrett Hedlund plays Hook and High Jackman portrays Blackbeard.

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The Golden Compass (2007)

The HBO TV series adaptation of Philip Pullman’s classic fantasy novel series will be a better choice for fans. The Golden Compass, which is based on the original book, is a solid chapter filled with fantasy escapism. Follow Lyra Belacqua, a young adventurer, as she sets out on a journey through the halls of the prestigious Oxford colleges to the Ice Bears Kingdom in the frozen north. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are joined by Eva Green.


Technically, The Old Guard can be described as a superhero movie. It has a lot of action scenes and Charlize Theron’s photos are prominent in them. Theron plays Andy, a leader of an immortal band of mercenaries that includes a knight who served in the Crusades. Centuries-old warriors set out on a quest for revenge, bringing progressive heroes and ingenious battles, though not all clichés can be avoided.


This dark fantasy, co-produced by Sam Raimi is filled with the most terrifying horrors. Nightbooks, which is still directed at younger viewers, explores a mystery about an innocent boy who must solve a puzzle to escape the apartment of Natasha Krysten Ritter, a witch. Fun grave.


Waterman is not for everyone. This family-friendly adventure is more drama than fantasy and deals with themes like grief, loss, friendship, and love. Gunner, an eleven-year-old, and his family move into a new town. Gunner must deal not only a lack of friends but also with a cruel mother and father who suffer from leukemia. His escape takes him to a fairytale forest where his imagination is brought to life. A story about adventure that tackles larger issues.

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Let’s settle for a fictional story, which may or may not be true. Will Bloom (Billy Crudup), visits his dying father to hear his incredible and unbelievable stories. This Tim Burton-directed adventure, which is sprawling and epic, takes us back in time to Edward Bloom’s youth (Ewan McGregor), where we can play his stories with ourselves. Big Fish is a magical prize, filled with magicians, circuses, bank robberies and more.

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Closet Monster unlocks multiple music genres and uses its fantasy elements as a way to create a new animated coming-of age story. Oscar, a close-up, imaginative teen, must deal with his feelings towards Wilder after he witnesses a homophobic attack. Closet Monster breaks down David Cronenberg’s Levels of Body Horror into a larger picture about inner homophobia. Closet Monster is an indie treasure, highlighted by Connor Jessup’s outstanding performance.

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Spanish director JA Bayona created this dark fantasy drama. He has since expanded into large franchise chapters like Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom, and the first two episodes of Prime Video’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series. Perhaps his most memorable work is about coming-of-age stories. Monster Calls tells the story of a troubled teenager who finds a tree that promises three stories if Connor tells one back. A Monster Calls, a fantasy story that explores darker themes, including death, is smart and moving.

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While it isn’t Tim Burton’s best entry, Dark Shadows gives us another chance to admire his gothic visual style. Based on the TV series, Dark Shadows is a comedy-horror about a rich boy who accidentally breaks the heart of Eva Green (TV series). He was made into a vampire and then buried alive. Barnabas (Johnny Depp), a two-century-old vampire, resurfaces in the 1970s to explore the world and harbor a desire for revenge. Dark Shadows is a well-written story with a great cast, including Michelle Pfeiffer (and Helena Bonham Carter). You can also enjoy Barnabus’s hilarious out-of water reactions to ’70s culture.


The Netflix series now includes The Sea Beast, a family-friendly adventure. A young girl named Maisie, played by Zaris-Angel Hatour, stows away aboard the ship of Captain Crowe (Jared Harris), and embarks on an exciting journey through uncharted waterways. The Sea Beast is a captivating chapter of fantasy that brings authenticity to the high seas.


Errementari is a horror story about a deal made with the devil. It was translated from Basque as The Blacksmith. A blacksmith holds a demon captive in northern Spain during 1830s. An orphan girl accidentally releases him. You will be confronted with murder, kidnapping and suicide in this hellish horror filled with black comedy.


A Boy Called Christmas (2021).

Christmas crackers are a great way to spread the holiday spirit. A Boy Called Christmas may not win any awards for its originality, but it delivers exactly what it says on it. Young Nicholas and Blitzen embark on a journey to find the legendary Elven village. There are no prizes for guessing the gift-giving scams which will follow.

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