Sam Bankman Fred Said agrees with Fred Said to extradite Fred Said to the United States

After a chaotic morning of legal maneuvering, Sam Bankman-Fried, a disgraced cryptocurrency magnate, said that he had agreed to extradite him the United States.

Mr. Bankman Fred is facing fraud charges in the USA for the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. This exchange was based in the Bahamas. Jeroen Robs, the local defense lawyer for Mr Bankman-Fried, said to reporters that his client had consented to be extradited voluntarily, defying all legal advice.

“We as lawyers will prepare all documents necessary for opening the court,” said Mr. Roberts. “Mr. Bankman-Fried wants to put customers right, and that is what prompted his decision.”

Mr Bankman-Fried was initially hesitant to appeal the extradition decision after he was arrested at his luxury apartment building last week. A source close to the matter said that he later changed his mind, and was willing to travel to the United States to face a criminal trial.

Monday was the Monday of Mr. Bankman-Fred’s appearance at a Magistrates court hearing in Nassau. The hearing was scheduled to allow Mr Bankman-Fried inform authorities that he will not be contesting the extradition. The courtroom quickly became chaotic: Mr Roberts stated that he was shocked to see his client in court and asked for a 45-minute break so he could confer privately with Mr Bankman Fried.

Roberts stated that Mr. BankmanFred needed more information, and he wanted to read the indictment prepared by federal prosecutors before deciding whether or not to grant extradition.

The case’s examining magistrate has ordered Mr. Bankman Fried to return to Fox Hill Prison, Nassau, where he was held since last week.

Judge Chaka Cerville said, “I certainly feel like it’s an wasted day.”

Soon after the hearing was over, Mr. Roberts announced Bankman-Fred had finally agreed to be extradited.

Mark Cohen, a New York attorney charged with handling the federal prosecution of Mr. Bankman Fried, was absent from the Nassau courtroom on Monday. He also did not respond directly to requests for comment. Mark Putnick, a spokesperson for Bankman Fried, and Mr. Cohen declined to comment.

It was not clear if Mr Roberts’ claim about Mr Bankman Fred defying legal advice was made only to his lawyer, or to Mr Cohen.

The high-profile case was not known for the confusion it caused inside and outside the courtroom. FTX, headquartered in the Bahamas and one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, filed for bankruptcy on November 11th. Securities fraud, money laundering and campaign finance violations are all examples.

Mr. Bankman Fried30 years In custody in the BahamasHe was taken into custody at his home on December 12, 2018. He was accused in the use of billions of dollars of customer deposits to fund a crypto trading firm he runs, make extravagant real estate purchases, and invest with other companies. Donate moneyFor politicians. Federal prosecutors and US regulators allege that he orchestrated a long-running scheme to defraud investors, clients, and lenders.

Roberts, speaking to reporters after the hearing in Nassau said that his legal team had been creating documents to set a date and time for extradition. Mr. Bankman Fred will face trial in Federal District Court, Manhattan, once he is returned to the United States. He is currently being held at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center while awaiting his bail hearing.

There will be months of courtroom maneuvering in America for the delivery. That would be the end to a bizarre legal drama that occurred in the Bahamas within a week of Mr Bankman Fried’s arrest.

Bankman Freed, who was present at a preliminary hearing last Thursday, stated that he would not give up his right to challenge the extradition. After being denied bail, he was moved from a holding cell by police to the notorious Fox Hill prison in the Caribbean island nation. The prison is widely criticized for its harsh living conditions, so locals call it Fox Hill.

Mr Bankman Fried was expected to reverse his decision on extradition when he appeared at the Magistrates Court Monday morning. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with a white shirt that was not buttoned at the cuff. He slumped down in his chair, his head down, and his leg shaking.

The proceedings were quickly thrown into chaos.

Roberts stated to the judge, in front of a packed courtroom, “Whatever effect it had this morning…it didn’t involve me.” Roberts stated that Mr Bankman-Fred had appeared in court “prematurely” without his participation. The hearing was adjourned so Mr. Roberts could speak privately to Mr. BankmanFried.

The confusion grew when the session resumed. Roberts stated that Mr Bankman-Fred wanted to take a decision on extradition, but needed “a little more information”. Roberts said that Mr. Bankman–Fred needed to talk with his lawyer in the United States.

Franklin Williams, the attorney-general representing the Bahamas government has accused Roberts’ of wasting court time. In the midst of all this uncertainty, the judge ordered Mr. Bankman Fried to be returned to prison. He was currently being held in a medical unit along with five other prisoners.

However, Roberts changed his mind by the afternoon. He called a number of reporters to a meeting in Arawak Cay, an area of ​​Nassau known for its restaurants, where he chose a spot on the ocean with palm trees and cruise ships in the background.

Roberts promised a “fairly curt” press conference and said that Mr Bankman-Fried had consented to the voluntary extradition. He stated that the next step would be for FTX founder to appear in the Magistrates Court.

“Throughout my engagement with Sam, he indicated a great desire to put customers right and make customers complete,” said Mr. Roberts.

The crypto industry has been devastated by the collapse of FTX, putting other businesses at risk and causing customers to lose a lot of cryptocurrency. A group of visitors from the Bahamas, including those who claimed they invested in digital assets, came to the courtroom to vent their anger at Mr. Fred.

Erin Gambrell, who traveled from Dallas to Nassau for the hearing, stated that she shared office space in Nassau with FTX this past year in the Bahamas, where Bankman Fried was also present.

Mrs. Gambrell stated that she wanted to see him “away forever”. She stated that she had never invested with FTX, but some of her friends had kept funds on the platform.

She stated, “It’s ruined the lives and millions of people.” “It caused my friend to lose their life savings.”

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