The TikTok ban did not really make much difference.


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You can find more information at a handful of statesAnd now CongressThey want to ban government employees using TikTok. Let’s be real.

This prohibition does not prohibit anything.

Many American politicians tune in to TikTok to get your attention.

The US officials who claim TikTok opens the door to Chinese espionage/manipulation have done almost nothing about it.

People in power in the US didn’t want to block Americans from using TikTok until now, even though they were brand new to it. reportsHe revealed that TikTok employees had improperly accessed data about Americans.

However, those in power have not followed the TikTok restrictions which could protect Americans.

If you love TikTok, it is possible for the app to be removed from the US. You may also lose access to the app. Even if it never happens, you deserve real action and not heated political talk about potential technology breaches — including those from companies in China.

TikTok is subject to national security restrictions that could be very promising. They are not.

What’s out now may be the worst possible of both worlds: TikTok can’t be banned or controlled.

Why American leaders don’t trust TikTok

Chinese internet giant ByteDance owns TikTok. TikTok has more than a billion users worldwide and is the first app to be developed by a Chinese company. United States elected officials Most AmericansDo not trust China

US officials stated that TikTok could be forced to hand over data on American users by the Chinese Communist Party. Beijing doesn’t like.

TikTok claims that US officials have not provided much evidence that TikTok was created by Beijing.

Over there Examples Chinese Online media campaignsThey tried to change your beliefs. ByteDance fired four employees on Thursday following an internal investigation that found they had accessed data relating to two journalists and 2 other US users while trying find the leak. (Forbes More details(Refer to this.)

Donald Trump’s election was prompted by concerns, real and perceived about TikTok. Command In 2020, TikTok was kicked from the US. He backed out, and TikTok made an agreement with it American companiesTo reduce the chance of Chinese interference or subversion

Then, it all fell apart. TikTok has been operating in the United States almost unchanged since then.

But US officials have not done much about TikTok

The so-called TikTok was banned in at most 19 states. US Armed ForcesNow, let’s get in motion Government funding bill Don’t do much

In practice, the policies restrict government employees in those jurisdictions — school teachers, zookeepers or Justice Department attorneys — from downloading TikTok to phones issued by their employers. Some public colleges do He saidThey will restrictivelyPeople can use TikTok on WiFi networks.

Security experts agree It is reasonable to limit the activities of government employees on phones issued by the government. These restrictions on government TikTok are usually symbolic.

Soldiers and workers frequently download TikTok to their personal devices. Some members of Congress also use TikTok regularly. TikTok can be used by college students on cellular networks. The rest of us can use TikTok without restriction.

The idea of ​​officially banning TikTok from the US still alive. It is likely to have a new life now that ByteDance has admitted that it was able to spy on Americans.

The elected leaders have not yet imposed a ban. This could cause a backlash among TikTok users and possibly lead to serious consequences. First Amendment Statutory Challenges.

There is a way to limit TikTok and make offensive technology a part of the blueprint

Behind the scenes TikTok, a secretive US committee responsible for overseeing foreign companies, is working on a compromise Since 2019. Drew Harwell was my colleague. Flawless reportThe NegotiationThere are many interesting, but not tested and imperfect ideas.

Drew reported this week that one of the proposals would allow the US to veto the appointments of TikTok’s top executives and create a three-member board overseeing the company. Independent audits of TikTok systems are proposed to ensure that what you see on the app isn’t influenced or altered by the Chinese government.

Samm Sacks, a New America think tank cyberpolitics specialist, said, “If you believe TikTok to be an existential threat against America, this is the solution.”

Drew reports that these TikTok proposal for policy are still unconfirmed. While the TikTok ban has not been politically acceptable so far, any compromise on TikTok could be.

What elected leaders can do to improve TikTok

If US officials are concerned that our data is being protected, they can support TikTok restrictions. They can use the TikTok negotiation as a roadmap for supervising apps from China or other authoritarian states.

Lawmakers can be more strict Cafe attackFrom China. They are very appreciative Pass the National Privacy Act This would force TikTok — and Meta and Google and all the companies that suck little pieces of your information — to collect a few more.

Elected leaders may proceed proposed legislationThis would require algorithmic internet businesses like TikTok, YouTube, and YouTube. more transparentLearn more about their inner workings.

Some people disagree that TikTok’s restrictions are sufficient. It is impossible to eliminate all the risks of Chinese subversion and spying. Americans are no better protected now than they were two years ago because of the inability to ban or limit TikTok.

If you love TikTok, but are concerned about TikTok’s safety, there is one thing you can do: TikTok will not share your contact information.

TikTok will frequently ask you to hand over your contact list from your phone or link your Facebook account. Information can be reveals youIn ways that you can’t even imagine. Here’s how you can turn it on.

➦Tap on the TikTok App to access your profile settings. You can find them by tapping on the three lines at the upper right corner.

➦ Select Privacy → Sync Contacts and Facebook Friends.

➦Make sure that both toggle switches have been turned off and are grayed. (Green indicates it’s on.

Heather Kelly has more information. TikTok settings to change now.

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