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As the year draws to a close I will be continuing my annual tradition of writing ax lyrics about an x-piece. This year, this means trying to fit 2022 words into 2022. That’s a lot, as you can see. I write between 5,000 and 6,000 words, then edit relentlessly to make sure I reach the word limit. Part of the challenge is to remember all the highs and lows without feeling overwhelmed. The trick is to keep your fingers on the ground no matter what. Recently, I discovered an app that does this, and I want to share it with you all. This is the season.

Writers will often hit the save button. It is your lifeline. It takes only a few minutes for your hard work to crumble. But what if there are? I wasNo save button? What if there wasn’t a save button? Imagine if this were like the movie. Speed ​​2, except instead of a boat, you’re on a bus? What if the engine explodes when you slow it down? We will. Welcome to extreme writing.

This is the beginning. The most dangerous writing app. Your typing will begin to fade if you stop typing for longer than 2 seconds. And if your typing speed is particularly slow, that’s it. Your words will disappear into the digital ether and never be seen again. Don’t touch your phone. Do not respond. You can’t slow down even if the FedEX guy finally arrives with the package you’ve been waiting for.

It helps you stay focused and is a great tool to find and keep a state of flow. The more serious writing app is also a great idea. The fear of the blank page disappears when you are forced to type a few words per second. Keeping your fingers on the keyboard helps you stay alert.

The app reminds of National Novel Writing Month in many ways.nanoremoYou’ll need to create a novel of 50,000 words. or something. I don’t remember. I google it to make sure the word count is correct, but I can’t quit because if I open another tab I’ll lose all of what I’ve written. Argh! It will, however, help you. StartWriting and actually forcing yourself to do so FinishYou can also add another piece. Because you can’t finish it. I don’t want this. Nobody wants that.

Although it’s not an advanced app, it’s a great way to force yourself into writing and keep writing. It helped me to think differently about how I write. This also proves that I am capable of writing for five consecutive minutes, which is a very nice gift to myself.

TechCrunch’s editors will also be delighted to allow me to write for five minutes straight, before hitting publish. This would leave enough time for me to add links and a featured photo, but no editing. Sorry Henry.

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