Explanation of “The Witcher: Blood Origin”, ending and post credits scene

Original stories usually have one main character. But with The Witcher: Origin of BloodWe saw the genesis for quite a few. The entire Conjunction of the Spheres was shown on screen, giving more context on how and when monsters arrived on the continent.

The four episodes of the Netflix miniseries contain many great mysteries. There are a few connections to Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 3 of The Witcher. This provides background information and sheds light on the future. Geralt of RiviaSiri and Yennefer. Let’s look at the main events of the prequel series, and what it all means to Netflix’s Witcher universe.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Witcher’s Blood Origin miniseries.

First, let’s take a look at The Witcher season 2.

Donny, also known as White Flame and Ciri, was Emhyr Var Emreis’ father by the time The Witcher season 2 finished. He is not only alive but he has also ordered the murder of the baby troll and is now running Nilfgaard as a spooky pseudonym. He wants his daughter back.

Francesca and other elves discover that Ciri is Elder Blood and can save elfkind. But she still resents Villavandrell for her murder of the elf child. This was meant to be a symbol and encouragement. She is furious at the humans who are at the top in the current social ladder. In a final scene, the sisterhood gives Ciri and all those who protect her a bounty. Everyone wants Ciri for a reason. Season 2 ended with Jaskier in fear in the Witchers’ lair unaware that Stregobor was seeking redemption.

The prophecy from Ithlen reveals that gossip about the end to human civilization and the demise the elves is the most prominent. The white frost will bring an end to all things and the world will be reborn with the seed of the elders’ blood. We meet Ithlinne, a young woman from the golden age of elves in The Witcher Blood Origin. She is full of predictions. Keep your eyes open.

What is the significance of Eli and Pegal’s child?

The final episode of The Witcher: Blood Origin featured a lot, but one moment that was unmissable was Elle’s birth. Ethelyn touched Ellie’s belly and entered divination mode. She told Ellie about one last seed that would bear the tune for a song that would end forever, and her last breath would sing. This means that the child could inherit Elle’s talent to sing like Lark, but this may not be the end.

Fajal and her conceived the child. After, afterHe took a Witcher potion. This means that several factors are at play. Both were elves and he had magic running through his body. It is possible that this baby is part Ciri’s magical family tree.

The Elder blood gene considers Ella’s child very important.


A post-credits scene reveals Avallac’h and Princess Ciri

Flashback to The Witcher’s first episode. Remember little Ciri, disguised as a boy and playing a game on the streets with a group kids? She stared at the empty door for a moment like someone was watching her. It seems that nobody is there.

A few minutes after the final episode’s credits roll, we see Avallach, a young wizard from the Elven realm, dressed in a blue cloak with a grimoire monolith that is full of magic. He is standing in front of Ciri, smiling at her slowly. We don’t know whether she’s seeing him or not, but it seems they are related. The Witcher video gameBooks and other publications.

Witcher lore claims that Avallac’h moved to Aen Elle from where he was born. He can teleport between worlds or spheres. He believes in Elf supremacy and tells Geralt that Elder’s blood can save all. He was supposed to marry Lara Doreen back in the day, an elven witch who bears blood of the Elder. Instead, she fell in Love with a Human and had one Child – a descendant from Ciri.

Blood Origin reveals that Avallac’h is a sweet wizard who helped Merwyn, and had Balor hang from the balcony. He was present when Bálor and Cinderel fought in the Monolith, and understands the magic that caused the pairing. But his story goes deeper. It is very likely that he will be seen again in The Witcher season 3, either as Ciri’s mentor or potential captor, or both.

Serry Woods

Ciri’s blood, magic and magic are everything for white flames, elves and mages such as Avalac.


Eredin is the leader of Wild Hunt

Declan de Barra (showrunner) chose the pairing of balls to be the series’ focus, as I mentioned in my review for The Witcher: Blood Origin. He took the moment from the books, and created this new series around it. Lauren Hisrich, series executive producers, spoke to Naekranie.plHe explained that de Barra wanted to link the second season’s glimpse at the Wild Hunt with its origin. Enter Captain Eredin.

He is the character Witcher fans most expected to see in Blood Origin. At first, he is young and somewhat naive. He helped Merwen to the coup and formed an untrustworthy alliance for Balor. Balor sends him through a portal that we now know leads to the world where the Wild Hunt Brigade was imprisoned. Guess who was behind the villainous crew? Yes, Iridine. Episode 4: He takes the skeletal mask out of the sand and puts the mask on. This marks the beginning of his sinister reign as the king among the badass Elfs.

Remember the final episode of season 2 of The Witcher? For a brief moment, Yennefer, Geralt, and Ciri teleport to the world of the Wild Hunt, and Voleth Meir—aka The Deathless Mother—stops possessing Yennefer’s body. Voleth Meir, a Chaos Magic source, rejoins Eredin with his passengers. This brief scene is a hint of the drama that lies ahead. While Geralt knows that Voleth Myir has been on the continent ever since the conjunction of spheres, Blood Origin tells us that Eredin was trapped in this ghostly world for a while. Fans will be able to guess why they want Ciri join them. Her great blood and charm can help them get free. In the next season, look out for Eredin.

How Jaskier fits

The Witcher 3: Blood Origin begins and ends with Jaskier. He is lying on a battlefield in flames, while elves & humans surround him when we first meet him. Then Seanchai (Minnie Driver) freezes time, takes him to a safe place and tells him about the Seven Heroes (Fjall, Éile, Brother Death, Meldof, Scían, Syndril, Zacaré). In episode 4, Jasquier leaves with Ethelene, who is expecting about Elle’s baby.

Two points are worth noting. The Ethelyn Armageddon prophecy refers to the first bloodshed of the dwarf. Jaskier’s appearance in the opening scene of fair suggests that the war between humans, elves, and Ethelyn Armageddon has already begun. It could be a dream, or an actual battle. But let’s hope we see him in an upcoming episode.

Another thing to point out is why Cianchaí urges Jaskier to sing the song to bring hope to the downtrodden. His musical rally is he trying to cheer them up in a fight against humans or save the world from a cold end? Jaskier believed Geralt wouldn’t like Witcher No. Perhaps his song about the seven heroes and 1 dwarf will help. We’ll find out next season.

Lawrence O'Voaran as the puck looks down

Geralt and his gang can use Jaskier’s information on Fjall the OG Witcher.


Questions for The Witcher season 3.

You are being pursued by many people. Will you be able to use monolith – or chaos-magic to magically leap through the balls? Geralt and Yennefer will be able to find a way to destroy the ancient stones that were, according to Meldoff buried underground and used as fertilisers. Even better, can they eradicate the monsters from the world once and for all? We’ll have the opportunity to see it unfold.

What about Avallac’h, the supermage? He appears young in the prequel series, and in the first season on the original Witcher TV show. We don’t know if he will be that old when we see him again. Although Avallac’h older is more cynical than this version, viewers can expect to see him eventually form a bond with Ciri.

Michelle Yeoh as a sword-wielding chivalrous ancestor of Witcher blood

This sword is a huge deal in The Witcher: Blood Origin. But, is it really necessary to the main story?


It will be interesting for us to see if any magical swords will play. Character Michelle YeohHowever, Scían had her own beef with the royals of Xin’trea. She is able to recover her sacred blade, the Soulreaver. Are there more Ghost Tribe or holy sword vibes available in future episodes? It is unclear if the ominous prophecy from Ithilien also refers the time of swords or axes.

The most important question is related the prophecy. Elder Blood is tied to the fate and can be harnessed through Ciri. How will you begin – or stop– the end world?

Season 3 of The Witcher is due to debut on Netflix in summer 2023. Stay tuned to see how heroes and villains put together the puzzle pieces.

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