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Comparable to Apple’s 2021 flagship, 2022 was one of careful deliberation. It also included a series upgrades that were long expected, but not surprising. Some might argue that Apple hasn’t innovated much and has returned to its old routines.

Apple silicon was based this year MacBook AirIt receives a long-awaited redesign and the all-new M2 chipset. The new M2 chipset is also available. iPhone 14 ProIt was a little eccentric and had a doubtful attitude Dynamic IslandA high-resolution camera sensor for smartphones is long overdue. A huge influx of accessories updates was also witnessed in the year. Airpods. There was also Apple Watch UltraA product I love personally, but it’s not very different from. Apple Watch Series 8Other than the use of better protective materials and longer battery lives,

No matter which side you choose – innovative, recurring or not – it has been a hot minute in the history of Apple’s groundbreaking products. We are excited about the possibilities that 2023 holds. Here are some of our favorite announcements and products from Apple for the next year.

Everything USB-C

Lightning cable for iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple.  jpg

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Apple’s insistence to adhere to these principles is remarkable for a company whose reputation has been built on simplifying the end consumer experience. Lightning instead of USB-C Incredible iPhone connector.

Thunderbolts and lightning can be very frightening.

Looking back at our wishlist for 2022, USB-CIt was one of the most desired features from Apple. This is still true at the end of 2022. Actually, there’s more to it. The Lightning connector is only available for the iPhone, which is the current flagship product of Apple. With the European Union USB-C support mandateApple will catch up with everyone in 2024. Unless you decide not to play a game and offer only a cordless phone.

It’s not only the link that is important to us. The Lightning connector’s limited transfer speeds are a major bottleneck in file transfer. iPhones have become more capable of videography and photography, so the Lightning connector is a significant bottleneck. Apple should be able to charge faster by switching to USB-C. Although it is not a given that this is possible, the most recent version of Apple’s USB-C should allow for faster charging speeds. iPad (10th generation)It’s still painfully slow.

Shipping faster

iPhone 12 MagSafe charger

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Faster shipping is key to obtaining a return on our 2022 wishlist. I am all about durability and keeping the battery life low. This doesn’t mean you have to run out of energy or need to get somewhere quickly. While the iPhone 13 ProThe Series 14 was slightly faster charging at 23W/27W, depending on model. However, it didn’t move the needle forward.

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I am happy to accept a compromise in which Apple disables fast charging right out of the box and warns me each time I use it. It wouldn’t hurt to eliminate the 7.5W charging restriction on some third-party devices. Wireless chargers.

Pro apps for the iPad pro

Apple iPad Pro M2 2022 screen 1

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It’s a familiar theme, but it has a second generation. M Series equipped iPadsOutside, the need to have iPad apps that are professional-focused has never been more evident. There has been some progress with DaVinci’s transfer of the Resolve app to the iPad, but there is still much to do. Adobe applications are not compatible with the company’s desktop apps, for example. I have not yet found a music production suite capable of handling the suite of apps that I use on my Mac.

Apple must lead by example if developers want to embrace iPads for productivity.

Apple must fully commit to the iPad platform in order to be taken seriously by developers. That starts with basic apps like Final Cut Pro or Logic. Apple should view the iPad in the same way that a Mac is viewed. Instead, we are essentially limited versions of consumer apps. Perhaps 2023 will mark the end of this decade. ThatFinally, the switch is made.

Get rid the 64GB models

Apple iPad Air 2020 review

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It has many positive aspects. IPADThe entry-level units’ limited storage is not the only problem. Apple’s entry-level iPads will have 64GB storage by 2023. This is double true for iPad AirThe M1 chipset makes it almost as efficient than the Pro-variant.

Apple promotes the iPad to be a tool for creativity and productivity. A device that can crunch numbers daily and more Reasonably efficient media creation tool64GB storage is not enough, thanks to LumaFusion or DaVinci Resolve.

It would be embarrassing for a high-end product to be shipped with 64GB of storage by 2023.

Are there not many professionals who use it? But even a few professionals might be interested. The best Netflix moviesIf you need to buffer offline for a long vacation or long trip, Spotify playlists and reading materials will help you fill that storage.

Apple’s bizarrely tied storage options don’t help. The iPad Pro will be within reach by the time that you upgrade to the iPad Air’s 256GB storage. This makes business sense, but the push to upgrade models for features that aren’t important is anti-consumer. In 2023, I would like to see Apple increase the storage capacity of iPads by at least 128GB.

More smart home products

Homepod Mini window sill 3 sizing e1630529304391

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We need more smart home products. Apple makes great speakers. The original Homepod continues to be one of the best-sounding speakers. smart speakersIn the market Homepod MiniEqually capable in producing output that negates the size. Even Apple’s DSP magic cannot beat the physics and we’d love to see a larger and better soundbar in this lineup.

Furthermore, like ThingThe transition is underway, and there is increasing interest in smart speakers and displays as Matter or Thread boundary routers. Because of its offline controls and Matter integration, the Homepod mini can be a useful addition to any smart house. The Homepod mini is not the right fit for every Apple-centric household. Just look at all the options Smart screensOr what Google is rumored have planned Pixel Tablet; Apple’s smart home portfolio may be a little more adventurous.

better zoom

Google Pixel 6 Pro Periscope Zoom

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Apple’s intentional choice of focal lengths for photographers is a great thing, but most of its buyers are not professional photographers. Smartphones are tools. I would love to have the ability to zoom in even more on a football game or capture interesting angles on horizon. Rumors claim that iPhone 15 ProYou might publish such lenses and, in my view, it couldn’t happen sooner.

Tell us: What would you like to see from Apple 2023?

What do you expect to see from Apple 2023?

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It’s quite interesting to see how Apple fans long for the extras they want. Some features, such as fast charging and high zoom cameras, are assumed to be standard in the Android world. This makes Apple’s lackluster feature parity puzzling.

AR/VR, EV and VR are both exciting, but Apple must first learn the basics.

Sure, I would like to see Apple explore AR/VR. An Apple car would undoubtedly help to transform the electric car industry. Apple is still in the near future, however. What other things would you like to see in Apple 2022? Leave your comments below.

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