Andrew Tate: Who are you? “The King Of Toxic Masculinity”, Greta Thunberg Foils, and “The King”


Before he was the subject a viral joke by Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, or accused of human traficking, Andrew TateHe claimed that he was bored growing-up.

Chess, a child, was obsessed with boredom and wanted to be like his father, a great player. He once said that it was the one thing he loved more than anything. He became bored with fighting adults and switched to kickboxing, which he used to destroy his opponents across Europe. After he became tired of fighting, he switched to verbal attack, becoming a men’s rights activist known for his misogynist comments about women. He is now one of the most popular social media personalities in his 30s, with millions of followers from the darkest corners.

Tate, who was there with his brother Tristan Captured in RomaniaProf. Self-described misogynistAlso known as sexistThe scariest man on the internetby criticsKing of toxic masculinityBy fans. (A lawyer representing the Tates Family was not immediately available Friday.

The former kickboxing champion is well-known for his attacks upon women.some responsibilityMen claiming that women are not capable of doing the sameIt is given to a man and belongs to a manOr suggesting in online video that he dates 18-year-old women just because he can.make an imprint

“I’m not a rapist,” he once said in one of his videos about why he moved to Romania, “but I like the idea of ​​being able to do whatever I want.” Sky NewsHe said that 40 percent of his reason for moving to the country was to escape rape charges. “I like being free.” In another video, it’s described What would he do if a woman accused him cheating?

Andrew Tate, brother accused in Romania of human trafficking

Tate, 36, has presented himself as a self help expert for men, and has been photographed smoking cigars in front fast cars and guns. His profile has increased after having conversations with far-right figures such as Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones. He’s garnered so much attention on TikTok — one of several platforms that has now banned him for his repeated misogynistic remarks — that videos tagged #AndrewTate have been viewed nearly 13 billion times as of last August, according to NBC News. In July, Tate was more searched on Google than other top queries like covid-19, former President Donald Trump, and Kim Kardashian. Forbes mentioned.

A spokesperson for the Romanian prosecutor’s Office told The Washington Post that Tate was being held by a Romanian organised crime unit for permission to hold Tate, his brother, and two Romanian suspects for as long as 30 days. post. One person was also charged with rape, but the spokesperson did no identify that person, citing local laws.

Roman prosecutors he said in a statement They have identified six individuals who they claim were sexually assaulted and raped in Ilvov District. It includes Bucharest’s capital. Authorities claim that victims were forced into pornography distribution on social media. In addition, a suspect raped victim twice in March. The Tate brothers are not named in the statement. It claims that victims were subject to “acts of physical violence” and “mental coercion.”

While Tate was well-known to many, millions of people are just now discovering his story.

Born December 1986 in Washington, According to a video he posted in JulyEmory Andrew Tate III was born to a chess teacher father and a caterer mother. After moving to Chicago, Indiana and Goshen Indiana, Tate’s parents divorced. Tate and Tate moved with their mother to Lawton in England, their mother’s hometown. Tate kept in touch via chess with his father, a game he learned as a five-year-old and which he competed against adults.

His father, Emory A. South Bend TribuneTate, who was financially unstable, decided to become a master chess player in 1993. Tate told the Tribune that his father wished his son pursued other interests. Tate said that Tate played a lot because he was bored all of the time, and that’s what I want to do more than anything.

Later, he entered the world of kickboxing and became one of the most decorated lightweight fighters worldwide. videos Some of his fights are listed under titles like “Prime Andrew Tate was An Absolute Beast!” After a brief stint with mixed martial arts, Tate retired from combat sports.

His notoriety and criticisms of his treatment of women increased in the next chapter. In 2016, Tate was a housemate on the seventeenth season in the United Kingdom of “Big Brother.” After a video surfaced that showed Tate hitting a woman with his belt, Tate was fired from the reality television show. According to Tate and the woman in video, it was consensual sexual sex. BBC.)

Fans of the show discovered this information. past tweetsTate used homophobic, racial slurs to target users. 2017 saw more controversial behavior from Tate, who falsely claimed that depression was “not real. “

Criticisms and advocacy groups decried Tate, who claimed that his mere presence on Social Media was enough to create a following for him.Very misogynisticNotes are possible.Dangerous slip road on the far right. At the same time, he was promoting an Internet marketing program for a $49.99 monthly membership that he claimed could give people the “skill development of high earners.” (Hustler’s “University,” which one marketing professor likened to a social media pyramid scheme, closed this year, although there are about 127,000 members, according to Watchman.)

TikTok and Meta ban Andrew Tate calling him a misogynist

The platforms took this year’s action against Tate as a result of the backlash. After violating Meta’s policy on “dangerous individuals and organizations”, Tate was removed from Instagram and Facebook. NBC mentioned. TikTok is the platform where his audience has grown most. He has also encouraged content promotion for the company He says“That attack, threaten or incite violence or dehumanise an individual/group.” YouTube suspended him because of hate speech and misinformation postings She collected millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

But Kahn blocked Kahn from Twitter LiftedAs part of the changes made by Elon Musk, which brought back far right, Tate returned to the platform last month. Tate returns to the platform They created an online confrontation between Thunberg and Tate. chirp He would like to send the climate activist a complete list of my car’s emissions and range.

Content creators say YouTube is still riddled with misogyny and harassment

When Thunberg catches him in a tweet It has been viewed more that 259 million times since Wednesday’s posting. Tate is the focus once again.

He was detained in Romania the next day.

Though there was speculation online that Tate was found by Romanian authorities, he posted a video containing a pizza from a local establishment that revealed its location in response to Thunberg. Authorities denied that the video played any part. The investigation into Tate’s brother and sister began in April when the US Embassy contacted Romanian authorities to inform them of a US citizen being held in Ilvov.

Thunberg had some fun with “the most harmful man on the internet,” but that didn’t stop him.

She said, “This is what happens if you don’t recycle pizzeria boxes.” notice.

This report was contributed by Taylor Lorenz, Kelsey Apples and Sarah Sorcher.

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