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Running is a popular hobby that everyone thinks is easy and inexpensive. Start your day with a pair running shoes and basic gym clothes. Soon, you might decide to run a race. You may decide you need a GPS watchTo track your miles and provide more detailed exercise data. It’s almost like reading If You Give Your Mouse A Cookie. The Polar H10 Heart Rate Belt is an accessory that you can add to your running belt.

Polar’s H10 Workhorse chest strap is not new. It outperformed some launch day features by a large margin. It’s also the chest band that our entire team uses to control wearable reviews. But, we haven’t written much about it. This is changing today.

About this articleI used the Polar H10 for six months. The Polar H10 chest strap, like all other units used by the team, was purchased by Android AuthorityPolar has no control over the content of this Article.

It’s your choice.

arctic h10 chest strap with app

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

The Polar H10 Chest Strap can be used in a simple way. There are no buttons, switches or holes. The only hole you will need to replace the CR2025 battery after about a month is the battery cover. The most important decision you’ll need to make is the size that you choose – it comes in sizes XS and XXL.

Once you’ve decided on the size, you can pair the Polar H10 to your phone and then the GPS watch or your choice for access tracking. Pairing can be difficult, but it’s possible because you have two different Polar apps. polar flowEquivalent to Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App, with controls for watches such as the Ignite 3or Grit X. Polar winThis covers activity tracking for many types of exercises. There is some overlap between them, and neither (or both!) are as intuitive as apps such as Garmin ConnectCoros equivalent

The Polar H10’s callingcard is simplicity, except where it comes to the companion apps.

The good news—and why we love the H10 so much—is that you don’t really need Polar’s apps after the initial setup. I immediately paired my chest strap with confidence. Corus Base 2The watch’s optical heart rate sensor was replaced by the reading by the e-mail. The Polar H10 uses an electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram) rather than other wrist-worn activity monitors.ElectrocardiographyTo track your heart beat, you can use the following URL: To be fiery, you must rely on electrical signals from your heart instead of a change to the size or shape of your blood vessels.

For a simple walk around the block, the difference between an ECG and an optical heart rate sensor is not significant. If you don’t want to increase your heart beat, neither one will be faster nor more accurate than the other. However, the Polar EKG is more visible during races and other difficult intervals that involve rapid changes in heart beat. It is faster to detect electrical changes than the increased blood flow, which takes a few more seconds to beat your heart.

There are many options available to connect your Polar H10 device to another wearable device. There are two options: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or ANT+. BLE is faster, but ANT+ is better if you connect to multiple devices like a GPS watch or Zwift stationary bicycle.

Get a spot in (rate) our heart

Polar H10 chest strap sensor

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

The Polar H10 is getting old — it launched in 2017, after all — but it’s doing it gracefully. It has been a trusted companion for generations. Android Authority Reviewers bring exactly the same preparation and experience each time. It’s possible to compare it with Apple Watch Series 8Kaitlyn, my colleague, vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ProOur data will have a common thread. Is it perfect science, or not? However, there are not four watches on each wrist for testing purposes.

Personally, I like to think that I am the real runner. Android Authority Team. It doesn’t always go well. But having a chest strap that has stood up to the test of time allows me to trust the data I collect. I love running around town, but I also enjoy interval training and speed training. Polar H10 My Coros Pace 2 is a great tool to keep me on track.

I am a runner who dreams of speed and I want all the data that I can.

A few features have been retired to remind us that the Polar H10 may not be as small as we thought, but it still looks like a stray grey hair. For example, it launched with the ability to overlay your heart rate data on footage taken with a GoPro — the GoPro Hero 4, to be exact. This feature only stuck around until Hero 5 — we’re on Hero 11 now — but the chest strap hasn’t looked back. It still has all the basics, GoPro support or no.

Polar H10 review: Should I buy it?

arctic h10 chest strap in hand

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

Polar may make another great heart rate strap, but it’s not certain it will be our favorite. The Polar H10 Chest Strap continues to be a great addition for any fitness tracker.

Do you have a chest strap that measures your heart rate?

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It’s waterproof to 30 meters, has 400 hours of battery life, and it doesn’t cost extra to get a “professional” strap. Flexible connectivity options and a wide range of usable temperatures (-10°C to 50°C) only add to the environments the Polar H10 can break through. Polar H10 is the perfect chest strap for those who need it with proven proportions.

Polar H10 (M - XL)

Polar H10 (M – XL)

Simple setup • Flexible compatibility • Accurate heart rate tracking

Polar H10 is a chest-strap that you can set and forget. As long as you get the right fit

Polar’s H10 chest strap is a tried-and true option that was not affected by a few launch features. It’s the heartbeat monitor our team uses to test other wearables. We love its simple setup, long-lasting batteries, and flexibility with watches from Suunto, Coros, and many others.

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