Nvidia CES2023 Live: RTX 4070T and RTX 4000 Laptop Graphics revealed!


The RTX 4000 Series Mobile GPUs are now available!

Laptops are the topic of our conversation.

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It’s faster than the 3090 Ti, apparently! This is a crazy feat and almost twice as powerful.

Available January 5th, $799

Ooooooh 4070 Ti is true!

Nvidia CES 2023

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The RTX3080 membership is now discontinued. It will now be called Ultimate. It will start in Q1 2023. It will cost $19.99 per monthly, the same price as the RTX3080 class. Good! RTX 3080 members will be upgraded to Ultimate.

GeForce Now, a game streaming service, is what we’re referring to. GeForce Now is a great option. Nvidia claims that the RTX 4080 Superpods, which will be five times as powerful as the Xbox Series X, will make it a favorite. Nvidia Reflex should make the latency half of what console users see.

Nvidia CES 2023

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Freedom and the throne were also offered. Now, the atomic heart. It looks like a game-packed show so it’s not unlike E3 (RIP).

Atomic Heart is at least cool and offers great graphics. Other games have been less impressive in the graphics department than Atomic Heart, which isn’t selling new GPUs.

Oh, and more games. Come! Show us your hardware!

Warhaven is another game that is shown, but it’s not the most exciting. This is a mixture of Elden Ring, Assassin’s creed, and Warhaven.

Nvidia CES

(Image credit: Nvidia)

I received some exclusive screenshots from Witch Fire, an upcoming video game that will be supporting DLSS 3. This looks a bit like a combination of Bloodborne & Doom Eternal.

Now, we’re talking DLSS 3. Fair play, I think it is a great technology. 50 compatible DLSS 3 games have been released, or are in the process of being released.

This is a lot less than the 250 DLSS games that are currently available. However, Nvidia assures that DLSS 3 support is growing faster than any other Nvidia technology.

He’s referring to Ada Lovelace’s architecture, which was launched last year with RTX 4080/RTX 4090. Jeff claims that each GPU comes with a supercomputer. These are excellent GPUs, but it might push them to the limit. Little bit…

Jeff says that 2022 will be a difficult year. I think he meant it’s been hard for us all, not just Nvidia.

Jeff Fisher is in, and he’s beginning with the “Games!” It’s okay, bring the GPUs!

It’s about time! You can watch it on YouTube.

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