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Highly anticipated Sony PlayStation VR 2The launch date is close, as February 22nd has been set. In a CES 2023I had the opportunity to test Sony’s VR headset. My time with PSVR 2 was very short at only 20 minutes. It was a great experience.

What’s new with PSVR 2?

Sony PlayStation VR2 overview

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PlayStation VR was launched in 2016 and offered a great way for virtual reality at a lower price than PC VR. Six years later, he’s showing his age. Although PSVR 2 is visually very similar to its predecessor I find it to be a significant leap forward.

The original PSVR had an LCD panel resolution of 960×1080. The Sony PSVR 2 upgrades this resolution to 4K HDR OLED panels, which have a resolution resolution of 2000×2040. The original PSVR had a field of view of 100 degrees, but the new one has 110 degrees.

Sony PSVR 2 has everything that I love about PSVR and almost everything that I didn’t.

The quality difference is striking. While the Sony PS5 is clearly more powerful than the PS4, the improvements in lens quality and resolution are still very apparent. The lenses are also different this time, as the PSVR 2 has Fresnel lenses and an IPD lens adjustment dial. This allows you to optimize spacing to better match distance between the eyes.

However, visual quality is not the only improvement. Sony PSVR 2 has eye tracking that is both responsive and easy-to-configure. The headset will follow you wherever you go once you have it set up. This feature is used for menu navigation and in the games.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Orb Controller

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Sony has also introduced haptic feedback to the PSVR 2 headset. This means that you will actually feel the sensations when you touch your head. You will feel certain vibrations from the headphone. Sony also introduces its Orb controllers. They replace the PS Move controllers in most PSVR games. These controllers are touch-sensitive and provide the same tactile feedback as Xbox One. PS5 consoleIt’s really very comfortable to use. The design is very similar to other modern VR consoles like Quest 2.

The external camera is gone, it has been integrated into PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 does not require an external camera. An external camera was used to track you in the original PSVR. This is no longer necessary. Four cameras are now built into the headset, eliminating the need for an external camera. PSVR 2 also supports pass-through viewing due to the fact that there are now four cameras built into the headset. This means that you can quickly see what’s happening in the real world by pressing a button.

Sony has also reduced how many wires are required to connect the headset. The original PSVR used multiple wires to link the headset and PS Camera. PSVR 2 still uses a cord but it only has one cable. I take my PSVR to my moms family events so I appreciate the simpler setup.

What it’s like using PSVR 2

Sony Playstation VR2 6 People Testing VR

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Let’s begin at the beginning. When I put on the headset, it presented me with a floating head and circles instead of my eyes. I then followed the prompts to adjust the position of my headset, IPD dial and headset until the most prominent circles indicated success.

After that, I began my demo of Horizon Call of the Mountain. However, I did first go through an in-game calibration of the eyes. I then jumped into the demo.

It begins with a cutscene describing that you are a good-for–nothing criminal or so you have been told by the NPCs. You are on a small ship and they are taking your somewhere. Although it was difficult to follow the story due to all that was going on in exposition, I enjoyed the little flair I gained, especially since Horizon is a big fan.

PSVR 2 was a lot of fun. However, it made me realize that I don’t have the physical ability to climb stairs (virtual).

My experience was flat for the first few minutes. I can’t move around the boat but I can enjoy the views. This includes watching robots searching for victims. This was what impressed me the most. I felt the vibrations of the movement of the neck, a large long-necked robot that passed us in the boat. Not just in my hands, but also in the back of my head.

It was so easy to feel immersed in the experience with all the little details. It was strange that I felt the touch of an NPC when it touched me. You can also reach into the water to splash around and grab objects with incredible accuracy. I was also fascinated by my virtual hand. I was able to see individual figures move when I pressed certain buttons and points on the controller.

Interacting with the environment was a lot fun, but it was also a modification. I struggled to climb a ladder in the demo. I fell like a lot. I’ve fallen many times, more than I’ll admit. It was because I kept touching the controller lightly, then releasing my hand to release it. Sensitivity can be a good thing, even though it’s more overwhelming. It takes some time to get used to.

Is PSVR 2 worth the investment?

PSVR 2 was brief, but I wanted more. It all depends on whether it is really worth it. If you own a PS5 and are interested in virtual reality, it is a must. If you don’t have one, create one. PS5The answer is more complicated.

The PSVR 2 is priced at $550 and $150 more than the Quest 2. PSVR 2 is more expensive than Quest 2. You also need a $500 PS5 to go with it. PSVR 2 is more like a PC VR experience, but you do get what you pay.

Will you purchase PSVR 2?

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