What we bought: I sold the car and bought this electric bike instead

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To be clear, a car is still my primary possession. Although I wish I could live without cars, I am not. Instead of owning multiple vehicles (eg boneAmerican families have two. My family now has one. We bought Radner PlusRad Power Bikes purchased our second vehicle. But I should also mention that my husband and me moved to a location just three minutes walk from our children’s school. So even though I feel a bit of pride in trading my car for an ebike, I know it’s not the case for everyone.

The bike is still very cool. It’s fun to drive, can carry a lot and can easily climb hills. Racism and lack of cargo space are the main obstacles to bike riding as a regular mode of transportation. Nobody wants to look like they just got out from a sauna. Most of us need to have more stuff than we can fit in a small bag. RadRunner solves both issues. You’ll need the motor and throttle with 750 watts if you don’t want to pedal in one stroke. The bike can be configured to carry your child, your coffee, and your groceries all at once. AccessoriesIt will cost you.

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Rad Power offers three cargo bikes Radner 2The Radner PlusThe Rad Wagon. All three have a range of 45 miles, a 750-watt motor and an integrated rear rack. The Runner 2 & Runner Plus are identical in size, while the Wagon has a longer rear rack (noticeable). I first considered buying an electric bike when I saw a person riding it around town. The large orange rear rack was big enough to accommodate two school-age children on the passenger seat. This was a RadWagon. I ended up choosing the Plus model, but I’m glad I had Wagon vision to explore the brand.

I chose the smaller model because I don’t have to carry two kids and all that stuff. But choosing between RadRunner 2 or RadRunner Plus was more difficult. The first model is $1,500, which is a lot. The Plus adds $400. The biggest difference is in the drivetrain. The Plus has seven speeds and the Runner 2 has one speed. The Plus comes with a padded back seat, fenders, an upgraded headlight, and a dashboard that displays the odometer and current speed. The 2’s dashboard doesn’t have one. The Plus also comes with a silver color, which is most likely the last deciding element for me.

Radpower bike rider plus LED screen

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Before I purchased Rad Power, I checked out other brands. However, none of them had the same level of enthusiasm that Rad Power owners. I also liked the wide range of accessories they offer. I’m a sucker when it comes to accessories. This is the case with me: I bought front basketThe Center consoleYou can also find out more about a Basic milk crateAmazon has some bolts for the rear basket. Rad Power seems to always run out. for them. I haven’t installed the front pane yet. It does require some brake light wiring that I didn’t know. I like the center console, especially the cup-holder part. However, it negates side stepping features of the motorcycle style frame so I don’t use it often. He’s most grateful for the rear milk container so far. I was responsible for the transport of children. Thule baby seatThis seat can be used by children up to 40 lbs.

Assembling is simple and straightforward VideoGuides you through the installation and removal of the front tire, handlebars, headlight, and seat. Rad Power suggests that you consult a bike mechanic for assistance, but this was not necessary for me. The battery was sufficiently charged to last me for a few flights. It was difficult to wait to get my new game after spending $1,800.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Rear Wheel Drive

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If you’re used a manual road bike or gravel bike, riding can be a bit challenging. Your riding position changes. It may feel strange to sit straight if you are a forward-leaning, aggressive bike messenger. It was funny to me the first time I rode it. That feeling quickly disappeared when I started to think about the Plus more as a scooter than a bike. Roman holidayIt’s less like Miss Gulch.

After half a pedal cycle, the motor kicks in. You can adjust your pedal assistance from a light push to level four or one. You can also use the throttle to push you along without pedaling. I find that I use the throttle most after a standstill, especially at junctions. It propels the bike forward instantly and quickly, moving me safely through traffic. To keep the pace up, I rely heavily on the second and three pedal assist levels. One thing I noticed was that this bike works. Not coast. It’s not surprising considering its weight and 3.3-inch-wide tires. But, pedaling more often forced me to adapt my riding style.

The turns are also a little different. You might feel like you are a knit unit on your road bike when you lean into Tour de France-style turns. However, cornering is a two-step process. First, you turn the wheel and then you move in that direction. I was a little wobbly in the beginning, but I soon got stuck. It’s nice knowing that the brakes are firm despite all that power. There were times I was going 25 mph, and the brakes stopped me in an area that felt safe. It is important to note that motor assistance stops once you have reached 20 mph. Rad Power bikes are restricted to complying with the legal limits for ebikes in many states.

RadRunner Plus bikes

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In the end, the small differences are just things to get used to, and I acclimated pretty quickly—especially when faced with a 250-foot elevation gain over the course of the trip. I was disappointed to learn that my 300-pound weight limit meant that my husband and me would not be able ride the same bike together. I believe this may hold true for adults over 30. I don’t know any couples whose combined weight is less than 300lbs. The bike was a great alternative transportation option. I could transport a lot of cargo, as well as Baby, and it kept my sweat to a minimum.

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