NASA Planet Hunter discovers a fascinating world in Star’s habitable zone

Hello! Astronomers discovered an Earth-sized planet that was previously unknown. It is located in the habitable zone star TOI 700. It was already known that the star had three planets (designated as b, c and d). TOI 700 e, which is expected to be rocky in size and approximately 95% larger than Earth, has been discovered in the region where liquid waters could exist.

TOI 700e is right next to TOI 700d, also Earth-sized, and orbits in a star’s habitable area. TOI 700 is a unique place in space. Emily Gilbert, a NASA postdoctoral fellow who led the research, stated that “This is one among only a handful of systems with multiple, minor, and habitable planets that we know of.” This makes the TOI 700 system a great opportunity for further follow-up. Astrophysical Journal Letters has accepted a study of the planet for publication.

TOI considers 700 a M dwarf, a type cool young star. It is located in the constellation Dorado, 100 light-years from us. This discovery was made possible by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Satellite (TESS). TESS is able to detect subtle dips of brightness when planets move before the stars.

Retrograde planets are those that are already known to exist. This means that they have a side that always faces the star (just like the Moon faces Earth). Like its companions, TOI 700e will likely be tide-locked. It takes 28 days to orbit a star. It is located in an area known as the “optimistic Habitable Zone”. NASA explained that the optimistic habitable area is defined by scientists as the distance from a star at which liquid surface water could have existed at one point in the planet’s history.

TOI 700e may be Earth-sized and rocky, but it may not be Earthlike in other aspects. The planet’s size and composition make it a potential host for life. Further research is needed to understand more about the TOI 700 worlds and their atmospheres.

TESS continues to work. Astronomers have confirmed 285 exoplanets based on TESS data. It is currently engaged in an extended mission which has resulted in the discovery of interesting new worlds that are similar to home.

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