Some workers claim that technology layoffs have increased competition for jobs.


Despite the fact that Tiara Richardson had seen news articles warning about layoffs by Big Tech giants and was still hopeful for a job at the Meta as a content designer. It will be safe. She has been with the company for 4 months and stated that her team was once considered a priority.

That’s when the layoff email arrived at her inbox She said that she was devastated in November.

Richardson, 40 years old, was working remotely from Raleigh, NC with a team that she enjoyed and found her stride. 11,000 of her colleagues lost their jobs.

She said, “I just started screaming.” “I’ve never been to this situation before. … I thought, “Oh my God, what happens if I don’t find a job?”

Richardson joins the hundreds of thousands of tech workers who are in the same boat—unexpectedly out of work and looking for their next assignment. Microsoft recently acquired Richardson, a technology giant. Cut 10,000 jobsNext Amazon discountssales force,Twitter, Meta and Stripe. Lyft.

Many tech workers who are laid off find work, but they claim there are fewer opportunities and they must compete with more top talent to get new jobs. roles. Many workers claim that layoffs are not a reason to quit the tech industry. They see tech jobs as a way to increase their professional growth and earnings. However, they are still open to looking for more secure jobs in the long-term because of the cuts.

The data show that the outlook for the future is not all bad. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday, December saw 223,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate fell down to 3.5%. Rand Gyad, LinkedIn’s head of economics, said that tech layoffs do not reflect economic conditions. It is, in part. a step back from normal employment.

Richardson posted on LinkedIn a month following her layoff to let her connections know that she was open for new opportunities. When I first applied for jobs at It was competing with hundreds, if no thousands, in the same industry for the same positions in December and January. (LinkedIn shows the number candidates who applied to the position at the top.

She said, “The competition will become fiercer.” “For the jobs I have applied to, I have received more rejection notices than I have previously.”

According to LinkedIn member data, employment in technology, information, and media is at its lowest point since July 2020. However, around 40 percent of LinkedIn industry members who jumped into jobs in November stayed in their field. Others went to professional services such as legal and accounting firms or the financial services industry. According to ZipRecruiter’s October data, tech workers may not have to wait long before they find their next job. 37% of those who were laid off found a job within one month and 79% within three months.

Meagan Moakes felt that being laid off was something she had experienced before. Her husband had been laid off just two days prior. The 37-year old Dallas resident was laid off four times during her career.

Mox stated that “By fourth time, you’re kinda dumb.” “We went from a household with two incomes to a household with one income to a household without any income in 48 hours.”

Moakes stated that her situation is very different from her husband’s, who is more in demand as a game developer. As someone who has worked in client services for many tech companies, she is able to apply to jobs that often have 350-3600 other candidates, some of them big-tech. She starts to doubt her own abilities and accomplishments.

“I feel like I’m lost in a sea of ​​numbers,” she said.

Vahan Tratrian applied for at most 150 jobs since December when he lost his job. However, only a handful of companies have responded with interest. The 26-year-old Denver resident was previously a product manager at Nomad technology rental company, where he worked for seven month before the cutbacks.

“I had a sinking feeling in my chest,” he recalls thinking about the upcoming layoffs.

After spending a few days recovering from the shock of losing his job, Tritrian said he, too, is beginning to realize how many people he’s up against in current jobs — a very different reality than when he took the job in May.

“The market is flooded with quality talent,” he said. “So it feels slower than when I first got this job in May. It was thriving [back then]. “

Terterian stated that he will be asking employers more specific questions about their financial stability and employment in order to avoid another job loss.

Amber Adamson, 36, is trying to improve her coding skills in order to be more attractive in technology. Adamson, who was resigning from her teaching job in Norristown Pennsylvania, began her first tech job in June as a junior email developer at Covetrus, a veterinary services company. She was fired in September.

She said that there are many barriers for new entrants to this industry. First, many prerequisites require years of experience to be eligible for entry-level jobs. There are also hundreds of qualified candidates you will be competing with. It’s becoming more common to see laid-off workers in big tech companies announce they’re available for hiring.

She said that she hoped to make herself more attractive to recruits so that they would come to contact her. “The market is saturated so you have to be willing and able to sell yourself.”

Some workers find this to be a good idea. The best path to a new job is through their professional network. Charyl Starr, who was previously the head of brand media, social networks and partnerships for Meta’s payment business, had been in marketing for over 20 years. She was also part of Meta’s November layoffs.

The Maplewood resident, N.J., was four months into her five month maternity leave. This was her second layoff in her professional career.

Star stated that the best leads come to her from people who either heard about her layoff, or saw her LinkedIn post announcing her layoff. Star gets advice on jobs that haven’t been posted yet or roles that are still being created from her colleagues, who then forward her recruiters. She believes that layoffs not only increase competition but also create a sense o community.

She stated, “There is a camaraderie between the two of us going through this together.” “I recommend people network and connect with old contacts…you never have to know where an opportunity might come from.”

Richardson, who was a content creator at Meta, stated that she is getting creative in her job search. She has a background as a fashion designer and an interest in media, technology, retail, entertainment, and fashion. This allows her to connect with her dream jobs. How big? She said she contacted the head of human resources at Parkwood Entertainment and the Beyoncé Knowles-Carter Company, and reached out to the Obama Foundation.

“Keep a positive attitude and don’t be afraid to get fired,” she stated.

Five quick tips for job seekers

  • Include a summary A summary should be included at the top of all professional resumes and profiles. This should highlight the most valuable skills of the job seeker and give employers a sense about their personality. This is particularly important for candidates with no job experience.
  • Use keywords: For professional profiles, especially ones on the Internet, it is important to include keywords. This will help the candidate navigate the various computer systems that may be reviewing his resume. Experts advise job seekers to research and include as much information as possible about the most important skills and qualities required for the job.
  • Highlights:Job seekers should avoid relying on job descriptions as a way to explain their experience. Instead, job seekers should highlight their achievements in as many details and detail as possible.
  • Connect with professionals onlineThe next job often comes from the professional networks of candidates. Experts advise job seekers to reach out to people they know working in the industries they are interested in. They should also ask for introductions from people they know, such as their family members, friends, and colleagues.
  • Post on social media Experts advise job seekers to post on their social networks to let people know they are seeking a job and give details about what they are looking for. This will increase the chances of finding employment.

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