Will You Be Replaced At Work by A Robot?

A new online generator predicts which UK jobs will be lost by AI in the next decade. One in seven UK jobs is expected to be replaced by an AI-powered machine. 

Data experts developed the generator. NetVoucherCodes.co.uk They looked at the UK economy’s jobs and assessed how likely it was that they would be replaced. The lowest paid roles were among the most at-risk.

Their research follows recent interest in ChatGPT AI bot, which raised concerns among lecturers as well as other professionals about how AI and automation will replace human beings.

ChatGPT has been used by data analysts to examine over 400 job positions using the ONS Employee earnings for the UK 2022 survey. This survey is designed to determine how vulnerable they are to AI and automation.  The results showed that 45% of jobs are at moderate to high risk of being taken over by AI.

The generator allows users to enter their occupation and assess the risk of their job being replaced by AI.

The data shows that lower-paid jobs are more likely to be replaced than other roles, as they often require repetitive tasks that don’t require creativity or decision-making.

Experts concluded that bus drivers and delivery drivers can be easily replaced, as their routes are programmed into machines and no human thinking is required.

Receptionists, nurses assistants, dentist nurses, and taxi drivers are all at risk of being replaced.

List of Top 20 Jobs at High Risk of Replacement by AI, Rank by Average Salary

Career by SectorAt riskAI has been replacedAt risk of being replacedAutomatedProbability ofAI toolsTo increaseProductivityAverage UK Wages
Secretarial and related occupationsHighMediumModerate£19,162.00
Health associates n.e.c.HighMediumLow£18,871.00
Assistants and nursing auxiliariesHighMediumLow£18,804.00
Housekeeping and Related ServicesHighMediumLow£18,768.00
Supervisors and Cleaning and Housekeeping ManagersHighMediumLow£18,621.00
Leisure, travel, and related occupations in personal service are all possibleHighMediumLow£18,273.00
Elementary sales occupations n.e.c.HighMediumLow£17,897.00
Cleaning jobs in the industrial sectorHighHighLow£17,771.00
Dental nursesHighMediumLow£17,720.00
Sewing machinistsHighHighLow£17,684.00
Bar and catering supervisorsHighMediumLow£17,365.00
Sales and customer serviceHighMediumModerate£16,714.00
Housekeepers and other related occupationsHighMediumLow£16,583.00
Elementary administration jobs n.e.c.HighMediumModerate£16,533.00
Service and elementary administrationHighMediumModerate£16,283.00
Taxi and taxi drivers and chauffeursHighHighModerate£16,253.00
Typists and related keyboard occupationsHighMediumModerate£15,955.00
Librarian clerks and assistantsHighMediumLow£15,928.00
Elementary Sales JobsHighMediumLow£15,750.00

Higher-paid professions, such as lawyers or doctors, require high levels of critical thinking.

All of those at high risk of being replaced include paramedics and head teachers, medical practitioners, and mechanical engineers.

The Top 20 Jobs with the Lowest Risk of Replacement by AI, Ranked according to Average Salary

Career by SectorAt riskAI has been replacedAt risk of being replacedAutomatedProbability ofAI toolsTo increaseProductivityAverage UK Wages
Chief executives and senior officersLowLowModerate£109,937.00
Specialized medical practitionersLowLowModerate£77,811.00
Aircraft pilots and air traffic control controllersLowLowLow£72,209.00
Principals and head teachersLowLowLow£70,145.00
Medical PractitionersLowLowModerate£67,610.00
Solicitors & lawyersLowLowModerate£58,966.00
Managers, directors and other senior officialsLowLowModerate£57,790.00
Legal professionalsLowLowModerate£55,319.00
Barristers and judgesLowLowLow£51,418.00
Officers for ship and hovercraftLowLowLow£45,644.00
Generalist physiciansLowLowModerate£44,768.00
Biochemists and biomedical researchersLowLowHigh£44,492.00
Aerospace engineersLowLowHigh£43,611.00
Police officers (sergeant or below)LowLowLow£43,072.00
Mechanical engineersLowLowModerate£43,030.00
Pipe fittersLowLowLow£42,792.00
Teachers in higher educationLowLowLow£42,739.00
Repairers and builders of rail and rolling stockLowLowLow£42,446.00

Similar to the previous point, many creative jobs can’t be replaced by AI and automation. For example, fashion designers rely heavily on human touch and decision-making, as well as a keen eye for cultural influences and trends.

AI has the potential to replace repetitive tasks that take too much time and free human workers up to focus on more difficult tasks.

Artificial intelligence is technology that can think and learn like humans. This technology mimics human behavior and puts at risk jobs such as waiters, retail workers, and receptionists.

AI is a more advanced form of automation because it can think and act on its own.

Automation, however, refers to technology that can perform tasks automatically, but it will not replace the human way of thinking or learning. So whilst jobs like bus drivers and delivery drivers are at high risk of being replaced by automation, this won’t replace any human initiative.

John Strizaker NetVoucherCodes.co.uk analysed the data and created the job risk generator. He said: “It’s really interesting to see how powerful AI and automation is becoming.

“The data we’ve pulled together shows that a lot of lower income jobs are the ones that are at a higher risk of being replaced. When we break this down, we realise it’s because these jobs often involve a lot of the same repetitive tasks. This information can be entered into a computer to be done automatically.

“The jobs that aren’t at risk are ones that really require human thinking and decision making, like nurses, doctors along with creative roles such as fashion designers and hairdressers.

“It will surprise people that jobs like bus drivers and delivery couriers are at risk of automation but a machine can easily take over these jobs. These jobs require little human decision-making. You could program a route into a computer and it will go.

“Although this might be a concern in the near future, there’s a lot of benefits to AI and automation. It will increase productivity, especially in creative fields and it will be able to take over repetitive tasks and free up workers for other things that require thinking.”

Visit this page to find out if you are at risk of having your job replaced by AI. NetVoucherCodes’ generator

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