Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps for Commercial Properties

Choosing the right type of ground-source heat pump for your needs isn’t too difficult, but it does require understanding the benefits that such a system can offer. Heat pumps for commercial properties are becoming more common all the time as businesses is starting to see the benefits and incorporate them.

A commercial ground source heat pump can offer a lot of benefits for your business, ranging from saving on costs to maintaining good energy efficiency. Let’s look at the main benefits together and see why a heat pump is a sensible investment for any business.

Improve Your Energy Performance and Secure Eco-Friendly Credentials

A good heat pump can help a lot with the energy performance of your business. You’ll be able to enhance your BREEAM score and show off a low-carbon heating system for your shareholders and help to prove that you’ve got sustainability nailed. Furthermore, the goal of any business should be to keep shareholder confidence high – a willingness to adapt to new forms of energy certainly helps.

Reduce Your Overheads

Cutting your overheads is important for any business that wants to perform well. You can save roughly 50% on energy bills by using a ground-source heat pump compared to a fossil-fuel heating system. Furthermore, most heat pumps have a long lifespan and don’t need regular maintenance. The Lowara Ecocirc S 20-4/130 is a good example of a proper workhorse.

Reliable Hot Water and Heating

Both flexible and modular heat pump configurations can help to promote effective, efficient heating on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how big the demand for heat is; the pump can deliver and cut both the impact on your business and the chance of a system failure. If you’re a business that needs this type of resource for your operations, then you can’t afford to have unreliable technology.

Cooling Without Needing Carbon

Lots of heat pumps can help to provide both active and passive cooling for a business – giving you access to an affordable and low-carbon resource. Not only is it better for the environment, but your business will save money too. Considering that heat waves can drive up energy bills, it’s worth making the investment.

BMS Compatible Technology

Modular and flexible heating pumps can be used to help provide both heating and cooling at the same time via access to different parts of a building management system. Nearly all the technology is compatible, including this offering of ours, the Lowara Ecocirc L 32-8/180.

The Installation Doesn’t Interrupt Your Business

The bulk of installations for a commercial ground source heat pump is done outside, so the disruption to your company is minimal. Your business can continue to run as normal while the experts get products installed quickly. We’re especially proud of the Lowara Ecocirc S 25-4/130 – it’s easy to install, and you could probably do it yourself with the right training.

Plenty of Scope to Diversify

For any business that wants to diversify its activities, a ground source heat pump can offer plenty of opportunities to do so. Former farm buildings can be retrofitted to create eco-friendly holiday lodges, for example. You can also repurpose existing buildings for projects like hydroponics if you want.

Plenty of Funding Support

As a renewable and eco-friendly method of heating, there are plenty of benefits to consider with a ground source heat pump. You’ll find that there’s usually a government scheme or bursary available for you to take full advantage of. These types of financial incentives only make it more appealing for businesses to try going green with their energy.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of benefits for anyone who wants to make full use of a ground-source heat pump. The technology is incredibly reliable and will generate consistent heat for your property.

Sustainable energy sources can help a lot with securing the favour of your customers. There are many shoppers who are eco-conscious and only work with businesses that have a proven record for green operations. If you’re looking to expand your green policy and need an easy way to cut costs at the same time, then this is what we could recommend.

Heat pumps come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use them in whatever setting you like. They can handle industrial and commercial situations with no problem. Our range has been carefully chosen to deliver results, for example.

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