Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Presentation Folders

The Importance of Presentation Folders

Presentation folders come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit one’s purposes. They are produced by a folder printing company to provide marketing for service and/or products. The most common example would be of a company launching new products or service and wanting to show their clients/customers/audience about all the benefits in an organised fashion.

The presentation folder not only boosts the organisation skills sets of an employee but also elevates the branding of a company, unlike other marketing tools. Presentation folders are used for distribution to delegates at a conference, give-aways to clients, and are handed to whenever someone new joins the company. 

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They are a multi-functional and multi-purpose organised tool and branding material that are affordable and cost-effective. Be it startups, small to medium-sized business or large-scale organisations, everyone can capitalise on presentation folders for clients and audiences alike. The benefits of presentation folders outweigh their cost and are one of the best marketing tools available in the market today.

Let’s look at some of the best-selling types of presentation folders.

#1 The Standard A4 Presentation Folder

The popularity of A4 presentation folders speaks for itself. It is one of the widely used and distributed folders in the market. It is probably the most common size of paper you will come across which is used in most countries for day to day operations. Because it complements the other A4 documents, it becomes the preferred choice for the marketing team to fine-tune the sales process withpersonalised folders. Customise A4 folder with your exact needs with brand logo, taglines, artwork, contact information, vision and mission statement. You get enough space to channel your creativity to form positive impressions when you take this folder to meetings, exhibitions, and conferences.

#2 A5 Presentation Folders That Are Easy To Carry 

The A5 presentation folder is an ideal product to hand out information on your products or services. It is also used as welcome packages full of marketing material and information for prospects or clients. Not only is the design of the folder fully customisable, but so is their capacity. You can put 100 sheets in a folder depending on your usage and the spine size you opt for. Because they are half the size of A4, these folders are easy to carry and are cost-effective.

Create your custom A5 folder on a thicker stock with a wide range of finishing and lamination options at your disposal. 

#3 Landscape Folders

Available in both A5 and A4 size, the ability of landscape folders to incorporate artwork, text, graphics and product information is substantial. While brochures and flyers are great to quickly catch one’s attention, landscape folders work well for a little more detailed information. The information can be easily broken into sections and are an ideal choice for hair salons, restaurants, hospitality to build on first impressions. Divide and showcase products, services, and relevant offerings into neat sections so that it becomes easier for your clients and audience to retain the information provided.

#4 Folder Brochures

Folder brochures are widely used in the healthcare, automobile, and real-estate industry to name a few. The front and back of the cover are made with thicker stock and matt to Spot UV finishing to woo potential clients. High-quality graphics and images are used for visually engaging information. Landscape folders are also used in exhibitions, fairs, and conferences because of their premium look where one presents a pack of documents in a more professional way. Showcase your high-end services and products to clients and prospects and win them in no time with landscape folders. They also work as perfect hand-outs whenever you want your clients or audience to take your brand home.

#5 6-Page Folder

Craft promotional messages, corporate branding and visually engaging information about products/services with the 6-page folder. The back and front of the folder are of the highest standard and sleek finishing. The premium look and feel of the folder will be attention-grabbing wherever you will take them. Feel free to include full-page graphics, artwork or content within this presentation folder that is easily visible to the eyes. Hand them out to clients or prospects after exhibitions and meetings. 6-page folders are also used in health and safety events because of the reasons mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

Presentation folders are a versatile tool for marketing that can be used against any business occasion. The list of benefits one gets with custom-printed folders are countless. Presentation folders can make even the most boring documents look engaging when neatly packed and organised.

Impress your audience and clients alike by delivering presentation folders whenever you are rolling out new products and services that work in their best interest.

We hope to have covered all the popular types of presentation folders you need to know before ordering yours. Always opt for a presentation folder printing company that has professional in-house professionals to guide you on the requirements of your exact needs with a fast turnaround time. You will get hands-on so many presentations folder design that you will be spoilt for choice for the lineups of your most friendly marketing tool. 

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