Revolutionising SEO: How Mindset Coaching is Changing the Game for Businesses

Mark A Preston, an SEO mindset coach, is offering businesses in the UK a fresh perspective on search engine optimisation (SEO). Using an innovative problem-solving approach, his tailored workshops help organisations and marketing teams rethink what has traditionally been a linear industry.

Since 2001, Mark has trained and mentored thousands of people, including marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams, and small business owners. His aim is to help people achieve the perfect SEO mindset and avoid wasting time on strategies that don’t produce results.

While businesses and marketing agencies have long recognised the importance of SEO for success, it doesn’t always deliver the desired outcomes. As an ever-evolving field, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices to stay ahead of the competition. However, with thousands of SEO strategies to choose from, many professionals end up spending countless hours working on things that make no difference.

As a mindset coach, Mark helps people adopt a certain way of thinking about SEO that generates long-lasting positive impacts. He helps businesses use problem-solving, a fundamental aspect of SEO, to streamline their processes and incorporate the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to solve difficult problems. This enables professionals to move their agency or company in the right direction.

Mark offers valuable workshops and SEO mindset keynote talks for marketing professionals and small business owners to help them develop the right perspective on SEO and start achieving genuine results. By delivering that ‘lightbulb moment,’ Mark aims to get participants to question themselves and their approach to SEO. All of his SEO training workshops are customised to the specific needs of each agency or business.

“From being in the industry for so long, I value the time and effort put into SEO and its practices, so in turn, I value other professionals trying to get the best results for their business or clients,” says Mark. “Through my bespoke workshops, my main aim is to create a long-lasting positive impact by getting individuals to ‘think’ about SEO in a certain way and give them the skillset they need to succeed. Hopefully, with that ‘lightbulb moment,’ they can go on to see SEO from a different perspective and be open to a new way of working, whilst improving their results.”

Mark’s professional speaking journey started over a decade ago when a local business expo invited him to be their keynote speaker because of his exceptional reputation as the go-to expert for anything SEO-related. Since then, Mark has spoken on stages across the world at various business expos, corporate events, trade organisations, and marketing conferences.

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