Patrick Carroll’s Mission: Donating Sneakers to Underprivileged Kids

Patrick Carroll, a real estate mogul based in Miami, is continuing his ongoing efforts to donate sneakers to underprivileged children. His latest event of this type occurred on August 29, 2023, when he donated 600 pairs of sneakers to the Union League Boys & Girls Club in Chicago. This event is part of Patrick’s campaign to donate $1 million worth of sneakers to children in need. Patrick doesn’t use sponsors, as he funds all the donations by himself.


The Chicago event included appearances by mascots “Tommy Hawk” of the Chicago Bears and “Staley Da Bear” of the Chicago Cubs. It also had video games from GamesgoArcade, a DJ, pizza, and a live art demo. Many celebrities were present to assist Patrick in giving the sneakers away, including Disney’s Briannagh D, George Daniels, Cortez Smith, Seraphina Sanan, Toxic, and Van Johnson. Patrick enjoys the reaction of children during these events, saying “There’s no better feeling than seeing the kids’ faces filled with excitement when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers.” He adds that seeing their surprise and joy is the most fulfilling experience he can imagine.

Patrick also tells children that if he can succeed in life, then anyone can. He’s far from the typical success story, as he often got in trouble while growing up. As a result, Patrick never went to college and is essentially self-taught. Patrick adds that it’s particularly important to him that children understand they can live the American dream by working hard.

Additional Events

Chicago is the fifth city across the country in which Patrick has donated sneakers to children, with the other four including Tampa and Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and New York City, New York. He also plans to visit additional cities and will announce the next location soon. Celebrities who have helped Patrick at previous events include Celebrity Criminal Defense Attorney Duncan Levin, Jon Gosselin, Bo Dietl, The Hamptons star Peggy Zabakolas and Spyder from Black Ink Crew.


Patrick has established himself as a successful business executive specializing in real estate. In 2004, he founded his own firm, CARROLL, which currently has a portfolio of over 30,000 residential and commercial properties, mostly along the East Coast. He initially focused on residential and development projects, but has since expanded into retail centers, student housing and mixed-use properties. CARROLL remains a privately owned company, providing Patrick with greater agility in adapting to new trends in real estate. He is also able to specialize in leveraging new opportunities, which is reflected in his hiring strategy.

Previous Philanthropic Work

Patrick’s activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic exemplify his philosophy of philanthropy. CARROLL was already shifting towards remote work, but the crisis accelerated this transition, allowing the firm to quickly adjust to the new work model. Patrick also prioritized the well-being of his employees, partners and residents, in addition to donating to multiple food banks in the Atlanta area. He also aided in fighting hunger by providing meals to local hospitals in that community.

Additional philanthropic efforts by Patrick include global concerns, such as providing meals for Ukrainian families through a partnership with The Heart Fund. He has also launched #billionaireschallenge, a social media campaign that encourages those with the means to support those less fortunate. Patrick donates to a total of more than 50 charities throughout the world, primarily focusing on health and wellness for children. In addition, he provides scholarships for Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida, where Patrick attended high school. Patrick also makes motivational speeches for youth, in which he shares his own childhood experiences.

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