An immersive technology solution designed to boost training for the manufacturing sector will be demonstrated for the first time at the Advanced Engineering exhibition on 3-4 November 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham.

AutoLive, currently under development by North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College (NWSLC) in partnership with Coventry University Enterprises – Interactive (CUEi) and supported by the Ufi VocTech Trust, brings game engine technology and VR simulations to manufacturing, automotive and engineering workplaces enabling fast and safe training to be delivered to new recruits.

Using a blend of immersive technologies to provide realistic, interactive, and engaging experiences of the production line and its surrounding environment, AutoLive enables trainees to gain ‘on-the-job’ training in a risk-free environment, where they can learn by doing. Benefits include reduced training costs, minimised safety risks, more consistent delivery, and increased efficiency.

AutoLive is being demonstrated for the first time at Advanced Engineering ahead of its launch next year to show how further and higher education is working together to create impactful solutions in response to training requirements within the manufacturing sector.

Marion Plant, OBE FCGI, Principal and Chief Executive of NWSLC said, “The manufacturing sector is facing challenging times as the UK moves forward with its post-pandemic recovery. We know that manufacturing businesses need highly skilled and competent staff that can hit the ground running quickly to maintain consistency, safety, and productivity.

“When new recruits join these businesses, or existing employees take on new roles, they need to be able to engage quickly and safely with the complex tasks involved in producing high quality products to tight deadlines. We are working on the launch of a training solution, due to be launched in January 2022, that will improve the process of getting manufacturing operatives up and running across multiple sites.

“As well as reducing training costs through a more efficient use of time and resources, AutoLive improves the consistency of outcomes, leading to faster onboarding and an improved ROI. Significantly, the tool combines virtual reality learning with a full structure of support delivered by NWSLC to provide a robust all-round training solution for high-tech workplaces. We are looking forward to providing a preview of the tool at Advanced Engineering and showcasing its benefits.”

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