Goose Goose Duck Duck surpasses 800k CCU, Launches Ancient Sands Map, Never Before-Seen Roles and Mechanics and More

Goosechapel map undergoes a cosmetic makeover in celebration of the Lunar New Year

Goose Goose Duck, the brutal multiplayer social deduction game Gaggle Studios, Inc., continues its rapid ascent and surpasses the milestone of more 800,000 players on Steam or mobile devices. 

To celebrate its success, the studio flocked to the brand-new Ancient Sands Map with never-before seen mechanics, roles and cosmetics. The studio also refitted a previous map in preparation for the Lunar New Year and introduced two in-game characters. 

Watch the Ancient Sands Map Trailer

This fast-paced social deduction game is currently one of the most played in its genre. Steam with more than 800,000 concurrent users (CCU) daily, effectively eliminating in excess of 9,000,000 pesky geese per day.

You will be the duck that is trying to kill the other geese. To summon the Mummy, you must go to the Ancient Sands map. The Mummy will indiscriminately take the fowls, unleash swarms locusts to trap enemies, such as the Warlock Duck, then camouflage yourself in the periodic sandstorm outside to lose any potential pursuers.

Get one jump ahead of the ducks by opening doors from both directions as the Street Urchin Goose, surveil wayward birds in the sandstorm as the Tracker Goose, and consult the Magic Mirror Forbidden Tunnel’s Magic Mirror to watch over faraway rooms (and future targets).

Two new roles are available on all maps. The Esper Goose is fed up with all the complaints and has joined the dark side to become the Esper Duck, which can kill geese remotely via its psychic powers. 

Geese take on a new obsessive role as the Stalker Goose. Obsess over other players, and follow them around to find the bird in disguise.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, and the ongoing support from the Goose Goose Duck Gaggle Studios, Inc., a community, presents a new event later today that features new cosmetic art for its Goosechapel map and special tokens for a seasonal claw-machine featuring limited-edition, exclusive items.

Play Goose Goose Duck Get it now on Steam, iOS and Android for free. Follow this link to learn more about Gaggle Studios. @Gaggle_Fun on Twitter, subscribe to the official YouTube channelJoin the flock! DiscordCheck out the official Gaggle Studios, Inc. website.

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