The Relaxing Puzzler “Illustrated” Highlights the Best of Apple Arcade

Illustrated, Apple Arcade now has the relaxing, revelatory puzzle game that was created with some of the most famous artists in the world. It debuts at #1 on the Apple Arcade service! Illustrated It is brought to life through BorderLeap, creators of puzzle titles that have been downloaded millions of times including Drop Flip, Alpha Omega,And Patterned.

Solve puzzles that are based on Vincent Van Gogh’s art and more than 20 contemporary artist artworks. Swap between two modes, one containing dialogue about the puzzle’s art, to help find where pieces go, as the art fades into view. There are no fail states, a chill music, and online multiplayer. IllustratedThis is the perfect game to have a low-key stream and enjoy mellow vibes.

Would you like to consider IllustratedYou would like to review the game or contribute to Best of Apple Arcade coverage. We would be happy to send you a copy of the game via TestFlight if you’re not an Apple Arcade subscriber. 

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