STRAYLIGHT Swings Onto Meta Quest and Oculus, Valve Index Valve Index, HTC Vive and PSVR Today

CLEVELAND — Jan. 31, 2023 —STRAYLIGHTIntroducing, the first-person platformer for cosmic VR that was designed for speed and comfort by developer Dr BLOC, swings out from Early Access with new content, and into the 1.0 launch for the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest and Oculus Rift.

You will fly through a sea filled with stars on a journey that is cosmic in scale. You can use your own motion to power your STRAYLIGHT beams. Use momentum and razor sharp reflexes to navigate around deadly obstacles and ancient monuments. 

Powered by the custom-built “Fling Engine” physics system built from the ground up for comfortable movement, STRAYLIGHT minimizes common VR discomforts such as vertigo and nausea during gameplay. You can make split-second decisions to get to the finish line by pushing the limits of speed and reaction. To become the fastest in the galaxy, you must get into the groove and build momentum. 

The 1.0 launch includes a variety of new features that are accessible to all skill levels. Enjoy a revamped interface, new storyline, and more characters. Relax in Zen mode for VR novices, or compete against the clock at 11 base levels. For the VR veteran thrill seekers with hair-trigger reflexes, test your skills in 11 all-new “hardcore” challenges. Explore the unknown to find hidden cubes and unlock bronze, gold and silver Ghosts.

“Racing the Ghosts is the most exciting new addition to the game,” said Benjamin Barr, Co-Founder, Dr BLOC. “Being able to chase your own best time, and trying to beat our own developer-recorded runs, transforms the game from an exciting solo experience to a truly competitive one.”

Swing through the stars to the tunes of a completely original progressive synth-wave soundtrack written and composed by award-winning video game music artist Rob ‘88Bit’ Kovacs. Emperia Records will release the complete DMCA-free, streamable soundtrack on vinyl. It is also available on Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, and all other major streaming sites.

“With our custom physics engine, gamers who are typically avoidant of movement in virtual reality will get a chance to try it with minimal discomfort,” said Daniel Seery, Co-Founder, Dr BLOC. “We can’t wait for VR newcomers and seasoned VR veterans to get their hands on STRAYLIGHT, set speed records and experience the beauty of a comfortable virtual reality environment.”

STRAYLIGHT It is now available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest and Oculus Rift for $19.99. 

For more information, go to the Dr Bloc websiteFind the team at TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube.

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