Manchester-based PPC Agency adopts 50 gorillas

Digital agency based in Manchester. Gorilla Marketing has adopted its 50th gorilla as part of its progressive, environmentally-conscious business strategy. 

The pledge sees the firm adopting a new gorilla in support of each new client. It aims to give more back the world in which it operates. 

The Dian Fossey Fund and Born Free have partnered with the renowned UK PPC agency has plans to adopt many more this year. Fossey Fund trackers are now protecting half of Rwanda’s mountain gorilla family families. Charlotte Woodend from Gorilla Marketing, the client success manager, has contributed to the gorillas’ safety for many generations. 

But gorilla adoption isn’t the only remarkable initiative at the firm. Gorilla Marketing is also a carbon-negative company with zero carbon footprint. They offset the carbon of their employees, creating a carbon-neutral future, one employee at a.m. 766 trees have been planted so far. Overall, Gorilla Marketing has offset 113.81 tonnes of CO2This is equivalent to 87 long-haul flights or 282,363 miles driving in a car. 

Gorilla Marketing, in addition to supporting environmental causes, also runs an annual scholarship that develops the next generation of talent. Manchester SEO agency.  The agency is proud of its own staff, with a ratio of 50%+ for female employees, something that is almost unheard of within the SEO industry. 

Gorilla Marketing’s PPC & SEO experts have been in business for over eight years. They help clients grow and succeed. PPC Manager David Lawes has been in PPC – specifically Google Ads – since 2007. His pragmatic and sustainable approach to Pay-per-Click earned him all the praises in the PPC industry. He was even flown to Mountain View by Google. The team also includes experts such as John Carey, Jamie Fallon and Jordan Bush, as well as David Galvin.

SEO and PPC experts at Gorilla Marketing

Kyle Clifford, Operations Director, says of the success of the gorilla adoption scheme: “The program is a fantastic way to participate in this uniquely successful conservation effort. Thanks to our partnership with The, mountain gorilla populations have increased. Fossey Fund. They are now the only ape whose numbers are not declining!”

Gorilla Marketing, a key player in the local market, is also close at hand. Northern Powerhouse project, with a presence at Hull, Leeds Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield.  The UK, Australia and Singapore are all represented by our clients. 

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