How Can Scotland Keep up With the Increasing Demand for New Builds?

Since we have spent large portions of our days indoors for the last two years the thought of moving into a new house has been at the front of a lot of people’s minds.

Ultimately, as we were forced to reinvent the way in which we carried out certain daily activities, it is no wonder that new personal needs have arisen. In fact, according to a survey by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Homes for Scotland (HFS), 55% of respondents revealed that they value home space more than they did in the past. The shift towards a more flexible work schedule has also meant that, in many cases, working from home has become the norm. In this respect, the poll found that 40% of people surveyed are keen to search for houses that have room to accommodate their own home office.

From additional space to the desire to change the style and location of their abode, British homebuyers are on the hunt for more exciting places to live. Scotland, specifically, has registered a significant upsurge in demand. In fact, new research by Zoopla shows that Scotland recorded a 33% rise in demand for houses.

With all the natural beauty and fascinating cities it has to offer, Scotland is the dream location for many potential purchasers. But what is it doing to satisfy the growing demand for new builds? Here are some examples of how beautiful Scottish regions are dealing with homebuyers’ increasing needs.


Home to colourful fishing villages and mesmerising hiking routes, Fife is another popular region of Scotland. With a strong tourism market, important financial services cluster, and famous golf courses, the region attracts a significant variety of wannabe homeowners.

Similarly to Aberdeenshire, Fife has also witnessed the building of many new houses. In fact, thanks to its proximity to Edinburgh, St Andrews, and Dundee, it has become a property hotspot for families and young professionals. Specifically, 2,700 new homes have emerged throughout the region.

What is more, the region will continue to see the development of new builds for potential homebuyers. Indeed, it is likely that an additional 3,500 houses will be added by 2022.     

West Scotland

What is not to love about West Scotland? With breathtaking national parks, expansive lochs, and glorious golf courses, there are endless reasons to look out for Inverclyde houses for sale. Not to mention that Glasgow, renowned for its energy and personality, is just a stone’s throw away.

Thanks to the region’s popularity, new builds are sprouting up at a fast rate to satiate searchers’ demand. West Scotland is already working to deal with the needs of potential homebuyers in the area. But it is also true that it has substantial plans to keep building new houses in the near future. In this regard, North Lanarkshire’s council aims to deliver 5,000 new builds by the end of 2035.

Ultimately, moving to this beautiful part of the world is on the bucket list of many homebuyers. Therefore, new homes are bound to emerge on a regular basis.


Nestled in a strategic area of the country, Perthshire is both immersed in amazing greenery and close to big cities. Indeed, both Glasgow and Edinburgh are approximately only one hour away by car. Perth itself is a vibrant centre, featuring a vivacious cultural scene, efficient transport links, and brilliant schools.

It is no surprise, then, that Perthshire attracts wannabe homeowners who wish to enjoy the best of two worlds – thriving cities on one side and stunning landscapes on the other. To meet the increasing demand for houses, the region has seen the completion of over 39 new builds (as a rate per 10,000 population) in the year 2020.

Moreover, Perth and Kinross councils have unveiled plans to build about 1,400 new homes by 2027. This suggests that there are proposals to erect around 240 new builds every year, addressing the housing demand and promoting affordable, sustainable homes.


With an abundance of whisky distilleries, snowy peaks, and fairytale-like castles (including Craigievar Castle, which is believed to be the model for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle), Aberdeenshire has it all. The city of Aberdeen, instead, has excellent colleges, its own golden beach, and is rich in shops, restaurants, and music venues. Essentially, it is an area for all tastes and ages.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the region has seen between 23 and 39 new builds (for every 10,000 people) appear in 2020. With an array of housing options, Aberdeenshire is striving to welcome house hunters from all walks of life.

There is no denying that our way of living has changed dramatically over the last eighteen months or so. As we continue to spend more time indoors, or perhaps make plans to welcome a new family member, there is good reason to need a new home.

The demand for new builds has risen significantly across the whole of the UK and Scotland is no exception. With many Scottish regions acting fast to provide homebuyers with suitable options, people are bound to find their perfect abode.

What about you? Would you consider moving to one of these amazing corners of the world?

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