2023 Polestar II BST Edition 270 1st Driving Review: The Electric Suspension Nerd Sports Car

Year 2023 Pole Star2 BST Edition270 is finally here. It first appeared as a file demo modelPolestar, a Swedish manufacturer of electric vehicles, will be exhibiting at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Announce a limited runTheologians Polestar 2This was earlier in the year. After quite a few supply-chain delays—on par with the track these days—and I found myself behind the wheel of an electric sports sedan on the wet, winding back roads of the San Francisco Bay Area, my home grounds, grinning from ear to ear.

Upgrades to the Performance Pack

The Polestar 2 BST Edition 270 essentially is an A Long range dual motorThe model was decorated using a little Inspired by Polestar 1Stink from Skunkworks. Each of the 270 models starts life on a regular Polestar 2 line, before being moved to Polestar Production Center – the former Polestar 1 home – for manual customizations and upgrades.

The BST Edition 270 comes with the same performance software upgrades and power boosts that make the 2023 Premium Package even more compelling than the 2nd edition. The software reformat increases launch control and boosts dual-engine setup output by 476 horsepower (350kW) and torque Rotation 503. lbs. This gives you an additional 402 horsepower to the standard twin motor setup. It also drops the 0-60 time from 4.5 to 4.2 seconds. Although straight-line speed is nice, I really appreciated the responsive accelerator pedal and extra power delivered at every corner.

The Performance Package also included the improved Brembo four-piston front brakes with larger rotors. For everyday driving, the Polestar 2’s stopping ability is most likely due to the regenerative system. The upgraded friction brake can be used for performance and occasional driving. It can slow the heavy-duty electric sedan down from 60 mph to a halt in just 105 feet. Seat belts with performance package gold.

The limited-edition model includes Plus Pack cabin comfort upgrades, and the Pilot Pack’s improved driver assistance system. These features are available as part of our website. Polestar 2 full review.

Ohlins adjustable suspension

You’ll find the largest difference between the Polestar 2 performance pack and the BST Edition 270 by opening the hood. The front outward reservoirs for the dual-flow dampers from Swedish suspension company Uhlens are proudly displayed in the trunk. The dampers are equipped with separate oil flow circuits that allow for different damper speeds. High-speed damping can be controlled by non-adjustable internal valves. Adjustable valves with 22 clicks of adjustability allow you to control compression and rebound at low speeds. The front pressure, located under the hood on the tanks, is the easiest to adjust. Accessing the rest of the tank requires a jack, as it is under the EV.

I tried both the extremes of front pressure adjustment on twisty stretch. Polestar’s recommendation of 7 clicks of more was the Goldilocks area for responsive steering, shifting and little flexibility over bumps. Given the conditions of my local back roads, I may actually go a click smoother, but with a slight loss of responsiveness. Although electronic dampers can be more convenient because they go from sport to comfort with a push of a button, the tactile click of the knobs and the intentional nature of the adjustments, as well as the high level of customization, are impressive. People who enjoy modifying and customizing their cars.

The BST Edition 270 is based upon the Performance Pack’s Ohlins suspension system. It has more adjustability, higher performance limits and further front reservoirs.

Antoine Goodwin / CNET Cars

The coil springs that surround those dampers are about 20% stiffer then the performance package setup. They add up to 80% to the front and 40% to the rear, compared to the base, standard suspension. The Performance Package’s stable ride height is 25mm lower (about an inch). The owner can add street compliance or lock in spring preload with threaded-o ring spring seats.

The BST version270 conceals the turret-strut under the front bushing. This improves the stiffness at the front suspension mounting points.

Sticky tires, bigger wheels

The 21-inch wheels, which are larger than those in the 1920s Performance Package, feature a design inspired, but not identical, to the Polestar 1 wheels. The wheels are wider at each end (9 inches) than they are at the front (8 inch). It uses Pirelli Zero 245/35 R21 Sport tires that are the same size at all four corners, despite the roll. Polestar told me that the slight stretch in the rear rubber reduces sidewall flex and results in better cornering and acceleration. The BST Edition 270’s higher handling limits may be due to the slick wheels and tires. This is likely to also explain the 247 mile range, which is lower than the EPA’s estimate of 260 for the performance package.

The BST Edition 270 is visually striking with its glossy black exterior details and body-color trim around lower fenders and wheel arches. The limited-edition sedan can be ordered in Snow White or Thunder Gray paint. If you don’t want the optional matte black center strap, it might be worth skipping. My example vinyl was tearing at the edges around the “2” hole on the lid. Roof tape blocks approximately a third of Plus Pack’s glass roof.

Polestar offers a free Service Center Mod for the first year.

Antoine Goodwin / CNET Cars

Only 270 examples will be made worldwide of the Polestar 2 BST Edition 270. About 47 of these will be dedicated to the US, depending upon customer demand. The BST Edition 270 Polestar 2 will be available at $76,900 (plus $1,400 for destination), $9250 less than the regular Polestar 2, fully loaded with the Performance and Pilot packages, and $9250 less than the regular Polestar 2. This is a very affordable upgrade to aftermarket suspension and tires, with Polestar’s engineering expertise.

Likes Polestar 1 who inspired her2023 Polestar 2 BST Edition 2270 is not for everyone. Most drivers will find the adjustment of the mechanical suspension difficult or frustrating. They prefer the simplicity of electronic controlled dampers. But the relatively few enthusiasts looking not only for increased driving pleasure, but also for a deeper, more direct connection to their vehicle’s performance — let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot of left-hand turn to do on an EV — will find plenty of delight in this limited edition.

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