It’s your Disney Plus Christmas Guide to the Best Holiday Movies and Shows

Disney PlusIt is still one the best streaming services you can subscribe to for great family entertainment. This is certainly true around Christmas. Disney Plus has been busy with releasing all new TV shows and movies to celebrate the holiday season. What are the best Disney Plus Christmas movies? This article will discuss the best Christmas content available on the service. You can find everything from classics to the newest blockbusters, specials, and more for Disney fans and Christmas enthusiasts. The link below allows you to subscribe to the service:

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Disney Plus Christmas 2022 Holiday Deals & Specials

Santa Clause

Santa Claus 1

Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, the current Santa Claus, in a reprise of his role in the Santa Claus movie trilogy. We see that Scott’s Christmas magic seems to be diminishing so he decides to retire and spend the rest of his time with his family south of the North Pole. He will also need to find a successor for the Santa role, and this will have devastating consequences.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

James Gans, the writer-director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, was also the director of one of the most memorable Christmas-themed events of 2022. Peter (Star Lord) Quill, the Guardians leader, isn’t feeling well since Gamora, his lover, left him. It’s also the Christmas season here on Earth. Drax, Mantis and Mantis are his classmates. What can they do to help Peter get out of his slump? They travel to Earth in search of something that will be meaningful to Peter. Kevin Bacon plays the actor Kevin Bacon.

Nutcracker hip hop

Hip-Hop Disney's Nutcracker Plus Christmas

This Disney Plus Christmas special is based upon a touring stage show and retells the classic Nutcracker story. The basic idea is the same: a young girl travels to a magical land during the Christmas period. However, this version is set in New York City. This special show will feature top-notch hip-hop dancers.

Pentatonix Worldwide Holidays

Disney's Pennatonix Plus Christmas

Disney Plus has a Christmas special featuring the popular a cappella group. Group members find themselves in a magical mailbox room that takes them all around the globe to learn about holiday traditions from other nations. They also sing Christmas songs.

The best snow

The best in Snow Disney Plus

This new reality competition, Disney Plus Christmas-themed, features eight teams who must create snow sculptures out of large blocks. The sculptures should also feature characters from Disney-owned properties. This special even features Kermit, the Frog.

Donna Hay Christmas

Donna Hay Christmas

Donna Hay, an Australian celebrity chef, shows us how to make the best holiday food, desserts, and gifts.

Other Disney Plus Christmas Originals


Disney Plus Noel

In this Disney Plus Christmas original, Noel, the daughter of Santa Claus is played by Anna Kendrick. Her father had died months before Christmas and her brother Nick Kringle was training to be his replacement. Nick panics at the thought of becoming Santa Claus and flees from the North Pole. Can Noelle locate Nick and hit him in the body to save Christmas?”



This Disney Plus original movie was made during Christmas. Gillian Bell stars as Eleanor Fay Blooming Bottom who is a young fairy godmother still learning her craft. Modern society seems to have abandoned fairy godparents and made wishes come true. Eleanor discovers that a little girl needs help. She sends Eleanor a letter and she takes a trip to the real world. Only to find out that the little girl is now an adult woman, played by Isla Fish. Eleanor can help the little girl fulfill her dreams and keep the magic of being fairy godmother.

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Lego Star Wars Holiday 2020

This holiday is a celebration of Christmas in the Lego Star Wars universe. Rey trains Finn to be a good citizen of the planet Wookies after the events of The Rise of Skywalker. Rey discovers an ancient artifact that allows them to travel back in the past to earlier times of life. Here, she meets other Star Wars characters, such as Darth Vader, and a young Luke Skywalker.

High School Musical: Holiday Special

Disney high school musical plus christmas

The cast of High School Musical The Musical: The Series reunites for singing (of course). This time, the gang sings Christmas songs, Hanukkah songs, and New Years songs, as well as sharing their favorite holiday traditions.


Disney Plus Hook Show

Yes, Marvel Studios did a Disney Plus original Christmas show. Clint “Hawk”, Barton (Jeremy Renner), just wants to spend Christmas with his family on a family trip in New York City. He soon meets Kate Bishop (Hailee Stielfeld), an archer who is skilled at fighting crime and he becomes involved in the fight against them. Be on the lookout for unexpected appearances by other MCU characters throughout this series.

Miracle on 34th Street


Disney Plus offers both the original 1947 version and the 1994 remake of this classic Christmas game. Both movies feature Kris Kringle (a shop Santa) who claims to be Santa Claus. In both versions, several adults attempt to discredit Chris’ story. Can Chris prove he is Santa and help the children believe again in him?

Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin applies aftershave while looking in the mirror in Home Alone - the best family movies on Disney Plus

This holiday classic probably doesn’t need any introduction, but we’ll give the movie a try anyway. Macaulay Cukin plays young Kevin McCallister. His extended family is traveling to France for Christmas and Kevin is accidentally left behind. Kevin is left home alone and tries his best to keep the time going, while his mother, who is frantic, tries to get home. Kevin is confronted by “wet thieves” in his neighborhood and feels the need to defend it with all kinds of painful traps. Disney Plus has many (too many, some would argue) other Home Alone movies you can stream, but these movies can be safely skipped; the origin is all you need to verify.

Santa Clause

Santa Clause

Before you watch The Santa Clauses: The Original Movie. Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin transforms from the movie’s original into Santa Claus when the roof falls off Scott’s home and the movie vanishes. Scott must learn to accept his new role, and how to look different. His family thinks he’s crazy. The sequel to this movie. Santa Claus 2It is also entertaining. You can skip the third film if you wish, although Martin Short’s performance as Jack Frost, the comical villain, is great.

Christmas carol

Christmas carol

Left to Right: Ebenezer Skooge (Jim Carrey), The Ghost of Christmas Gift (Jim Carrey).

Jim Carrey plays Ebenezer Scrooge in this CGI motion capture movie. Carrey also voices the Three Ghosts of Christmas and helps him rediscover his soul. While Uncanny Valley may not be able to create realistic humans using CGI, the movie is a faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens’ story. Robin Wright, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman also voice and motion capture other roles in the film.

The nightmare that preceded Christmas

The nightmare before christmas

(Left) Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) © Disney Enterprises, Inc. all rights are save.

Is this stop-motion animated musical animation a Christmas or Halloween movie? Why not both? This Tim Burton movie and Henry Selleck film centers on Jack Skellington (the head of Halloweentown), who decides that he will invade nearby Christmas Town to enjoy the full Christmas holiday. This Christmas movie is one of the most popular and bizarre.

Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets A Christmas Carol

Here’s another version. Although it isn’t exactly faithful to the source material the Muppets excel in smaller roles. The film’s real star is Michael Caine as Scrooge. His performance is as hilarious as it is sad, and is one of the best from his long career.

This is our list with the best Disney Plus Christmas content. You can check out more, including Christmas specials from Disney TV shows, animated shorts, and more, at Disney Plus Christmas page.

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