These are the 9 greatest gifts I have ever received from my parents. Here’s how it works.

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“Oh my god, just use the seat cushion #*&!@^$!” This was the end of one of many conversations I had with my “spirited”, septuagenarian mom. A petite woman seemingly devoid vanity, she was routinely f AloudMy wise advice is often ignored by her, especially when it involves purchases that will maximize her comfort in her golden years. (“I’m fine, I’ll sit in the dark.”)

During this particular struggle, the item in issue was an extremely comfortable and supportive yet adorable chair pad He knew.My mom needed help to recover more comfortably after an injury. More details on this wonderful item are below. But I’m also a firm believer that, as parents get older, that kind of everyday luxury can feel human, soothing, and—as a gift—downright loving. In 2020, my dad passed away. During his illness, I was a firm believer in the idea of buying items to make a small, but significant difference in his life. I think it worked.

Here are some of the best gifts that I have bought for my parents over time. They focus on solving everyday problems they’ve had or providing extra comfort that they didn’t need but couldn’t live without. In case you were curious, my mom has claimed the seat cushion as her own personal domain. See, mom? “I told you so…”

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I thought I was purchasing Seat cushion and lumbar support cushionI use a COVID lockdown to allow me to work more comfortably at the table for long periods of time. After the injury, I placed a pillow on my mother, who now lives on her kitchen chair and counts it among her possessions. While I was there, I also bought hers Different lumbar pillowI also use the couch when I need a little extra support for my office chair. Both are used every day, which I can attest to.

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My dad bought a Samsung Samsung for his birthday many moons ago. He uses it everywhere, from the couch to night before bed to finally streaming Netflix onto his TV screen (instead his smart TV). Don’t tell, but I now plan to buy my mom a Samsung. IPADIt would be able to live in the middle, right at the table. This would allow her to have convenient video calls with grandkids, view the news, and use the iPad as a digital clock and timer, weather report, and weather report all at once. An iPad is an easy choice for her because she already owns an iPhone.

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I won’t bore you with the nightmare scenarios others have experienced with their aging parents. But suffice it to say that Apple WatchIt was a necessary purchase. It provides peace of mind thanks to the passive alert system, which doesn’t require anyone to press a button or call for help. It was great to take my mom to the Apple Store to see different bands and choose which colors she wanted to show off. It was amazing to see it use the calling and messaging features on its own. Although I didn’t actually purchase an Apple Watch with my credit card, I did credit myself with a gift amount of, uh. StrongIt was a wonderful “proposal”

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Buy mom a Lamicall phone holderIt is the gift that keeps giving. It is lightweight and easy to transport from one room to another. The phone can be read more comfortably by the stand, without you having to lift your neck. The phone stand makes it easy for you to see the screen, whether you’re eating lunch or using speakerphone. The adjustable hinge makes it easy to view the screen and video call. The whole process leaves enough room for the charging cable to pass through. I bought the phone holder for mom and three more for my apartment. You can say that I like it.

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You can find electric kettles in many sizes and shapes, but the one thing they all have in common? They boil water quickly without using a stovetop. After studying abroad in the UK and seeing the extreme convenience of electric kettles—like making hot drinks and cutting pasta cooking time in half—I started buying them as gifts. My parents were the first to receive them. I think the convenience and practicality of an electric kettle is now indispensable for my mom. This kettle is a great value for the money. Breville special modelIt is known for its attractive design, large capacity, cordless design and water level display window.

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My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in his 70s. I hired a photographer to capture the memories. I have the prints I made of my father framed on the wall so I can see them every single day. A large canvas of My Dad’s Embrace was also made. It now hangs in my mom’s house. The canvas’ tactile texture makes the image look more real and gives it a more authentic feel. mixbookThis service offers canvas photo prints in both metallic and acrylic. WalmartIt is another thing.

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Heating pads are a favorite of mine, but what do you prefer? Full size electric blanket. It can be thrown over a sofa or bed to provide luxurious domestic comfort. This was the perfect solution to my parents’ cold winters when slippers and bathrobes were not enough. The multiple heat settings, safety seals and machine washable materials really made it stand out. I’m looking forward to getting one for myself.

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The beautiful spoons’ wide, saucer-shaped bowl and long handle make them ideal for all things – spooning soups, curries or rice dishes, scooping yogurt out of a sink, and more AnythingYou can use any basin. In my family, Korean soup and rice spoons are now the reigning, most sought-after spoon — so much so that they’ve been dubbed “life-changing spoons.”

Online and in many Asian markets, you can purchase long-handled spoons. I prefer the set with round handles over the ones with flat ends. Prices vary, but it’s not too expensive either way—say $16 for a pack of five high-quality spoons, or even $10 for a pack of eight.

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I won’t go into the details of the toaster oven scandal. Here’s what you need to know: You don’t get extra points if you comment on obsolete electronics. They are not part or the family. It’s time to let go. I am happy to recommend the Breville Smart Oven Pro Toaster oven, which I bought. Like I said elsewhere, “It roasts, it roasts, it grills. It also has a convection oven function so you can completely customize it. Skip the separate air fryer– Cook more dishes at once. (Read more about this and other things. Kitchen items that I am obsessed with.)

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