Although the Pentagon claims that no alien life has been found on Earth, the search for it is intensifying.


Senior US defense officials stated Friday that a new Pentagon Office is currently examining hundreds of reports about unidentified objects in space, air, and the sea. While it has not found any extraterrestrial signs, the search will continue.

As a bipartisan group of congressmen pressed the Department of Defense, they demanded that it investigate cases of unspecified phenomena in order to publicly disclose their findings. Officials claimed that the Office of Problem Resolution in All Areas was established in July and is currently evaluating reports. It could soon be able to evaluate accounts dating back decades.

Video from the military showing UAPs captured in 2004 by the Navy near San Diego (Video: To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences).

Ronald Moultrie was the Pentagon’s top intelligence agent. He told reporters during a press conference, the first to discuss his office and its ongoing work that “at the moment… we have no” to confirm the existence or existence of aliens.

Officials stated that many of the reports were caused by drone proliferation, both by amateur hobbyists and foreign adversaries.

“Some of these things almost crash into planes,” said Sean Kirkpatrick, the new office manager, who spoke to the media alongside Moultrie on Friday. “We see it on a daily basis.”

They stated that the US government uses sophisticated sensors all over the globe to collect the data and that the bureau is analyzing it to find relevant information. However, they declined to provide more details.

The UFO session features historic testimony from Pentagon officials

Although most reports that the Pentagon is looking into are about aerial objects, officials at defense are becoming more concerned about unusual activity below ocean’s surface, in the space, and on the ground. Instead of using the term “unidentified flight object”, the Pentagon now uses the term Unidentified Anomaly Phenomena.

Moultrie stated, “Unknown phenomena across all boards… They pose potential threats to personal and operational security, and they deserve our urgent attention.”

He said that unidentified “trans average” objects are a class phenomena that can jump between domains such as air and sea. Moultrie pointed out that none of them has been documented.

Next year, the research will expand. Congress has written a provision in the next defense policy bill, awaiting signature by President Biden, that would require the Department of Defense to complete a “historical record report” on the details of unidentified phenomena observed and documented by the United States. Kirkpatrick stated that if approved by Biden the NDAA would start a “completely research” project into the archives.

US unable to explain more than 140 unidentified flying objects, but new report finds no evidence of alien life

Defense officials are already looking through old reports. Kirkpatrick, a physicist and career intelligence officer, said he would “stick to the scientific method — and follow that data and science wherever I go.” Kirkpatrick acknowledged that some of his previous reports might be top secret and not yet available to him.

Moultrie claimed that he had not seen any current documents that mentioned “an alien visitor, an alien crash, and anything like that.” He said that if there is evidence of “alien origin”, defense officials will investigate it and take the appropriate action. He did not provide further details.

Congress held a hearing on May 17th about UAPs (Unidentified atmospheric Phenomena), also known as UFOs. Here’s why. (Video: Monica Rodman and Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post

In May, the first congressional hearing on the topic in 50 years was held by lawmakers. Trying to bring the issue out of the shadowsThey said. This was in response to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s report from last year, which examined 144 cases of unidentified phenomenon and found no evidence of extraterrestrial visits.

According to the report, “Some UAPs appear not to have moved upwind or remained stationary in high winds. Others may have moved very quickly with no propulsion.” “In a small number of cases, military aircraft systems have processed the radio frequency (RF) energy associated with UAP sighting.”

The report was compiled by five categories of researchers: man-made objects that scatter the air, moisture, and other natural objects; American man-made aircraft; foreign aircraft; and a mysterious fifth option.

Moultrie stated that another DNI report would be released before the end of this year.

Shane Harris contributed to the report.

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