I was convinced by the Apple Watch Ultra that it isn’t just for athletes when I wore it.

I don’t blame anyone for writing off $799 Apple Watch UltraBecause it’s expensive and appropriate for your tastes. The Ultra is nearly twice as expensive as the Series 8 at $399 and has special features that seem to be aimed at athletes, divers, and hikers. These features include a titanium-hulled boat for extra durability, a depth indicator, and an 86dB siren to aid in emergencies. I have been wearing it for several weeks and it is beginning to change my mind.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most significant update to Apple Watch Apple smart watchIt has been around for many years. The greatest benefits of wearing it in everyday situations are for anyone. Apple Watch The owner, not an outdoor enthusiast.

The Ultra’s battery life is long and the handy action button are proof that there’s more to the regular Apple smartwatch than just the new health sensor. It sets a new standard for future Apple Watch models.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s battery performance is a significant improvement

Apple Watch Ultra

James Martin/CNET

Over the years, I have tried many Apple Watch models and my biggest complaint has always been the battery life. Apple claims that the Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of 36hrs.

This takes a lot longer than Series 8Battery life is about 18 hours. Low Power Mode, which is available on Series 4 and older, extends battery life. Which Full reviewLexie Savides, my colleague, said that she was able get 50 hours from the Apple Watch Ultra using this setting. This disables features such as the background blood oxygen measurements and the always-on display to conserve battery life.

I have found that the Ultra consistently delivers on the company’s promises. Even without Low Power Mode, the Ultra gives me about two to three full days of battery life when I’m only checking notifications, logging outdoor walks, or doing 30- to 40-minute indoor exercises. My Apple Watch Series 8 typically only lasts about a day. and SEComparative.

You should keep in mind that LTE is more efficient than GPS for tracking outdoor activities, making phone calls, or making phone calls. I was not using a standalone mobile connection for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8

Apple Watch Ultra (left), and Apple Watch Series 8(right).

Lexi Savides/CNET

If you don’t care, the standard Apple Watch Battery Life is fine Sleep trackingYou can charge your watch overnight. If you are interested in monitoring your sleep and activity, it can be difficult to determine the best time to charge your watch. I find myself often choosing between my sleep and my workouts.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a good step forward in addressing this problem. I can track my sleep for a couple of nights without worrying about how I will manage to get time to run my watch throughout the day. When I went on a one-night visit to family, I didn’t even bring a charger. if i wear Series 8 or SEI knew I would need a charger to last me a full day.

The Apple Watch Ultra still trails competitors in battery life. Fitbit claims that feeling 2For example, the Versa 4 smartwatches last up to six consecutive days on a single battery. According to Fitbit Sense, the original Fitbit Sense was able to last approximately 4.5 days without needing to be charged. CNET Review.

It is important to remember that watches such as the Apple Watch (and others like it) are not… pixel clockThen there’s the Galaxy Watch 5This also offers a 1-2 day battery life. These are perks that Fitbit watches don’t offer. This includes App Store compatibility, as well as the ability to connect to cellular networks separately. This will likely drain your battery faster.

However, I hope that companies like Samsung and Apple will be able to make it so we don’t have the choice between features such as LTE and long battery lives in a smartwatch. Apple should be a leader in this area, as it is the global leader in smartwatch sales.

The action button makes it easier to get started with a workout

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra has an Action button that makes it quick and easy to start a workout.

James Martin/CNET

Seven years later, the first Apple WatchThe Apple Watch Ultra has a new interface. The Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button is located on an opposite side to the Digital Crown button and Side button. It can be programmed with a specific task. You can use the watch screen to start a workout, run stopwatches, turn on Apple Watch’s Waypoint and Backtrack navigation features, dive session, or use it as a flashlight.

I’ve been using Action to quickly record outdoor walks as exercises. I don’t have an Action button so Siri can start an outdoor walk or tap on the workout complication on home screen. The action button speeds up this process as I can press it twice to immediately jump into an outdoor walking session without having to scroll through the exercise options. The Workout app is opened by pressing the action key once. This is faster than clicking a complication on the watch face.

The action button isn’t a game changer, but it does make navigation simpler. I’d love to see Apple expand the customization options available, such as the ability call or text a specific person, or to set a timer. These small features will make the Apple Watch easier to use, and shouldn’t be reserved only for those who have the most expensive Apple Watch. It is also an example of Apple improving Apple Watch usability via hardware, which is becoming rare with so many new features arriving through it. Program updates.

What does it all mean for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

James Martin/CNET

I was surprised to find that I liked the Apple Watch Ultra so much when I first got it. I didn’t expect to like the dual-frequency GPS, larger screen and sturdier design of the Apple Watch Ultra. I mainly do short walks, indoor cycling and high-intensity workouts. The Ultra is still a great choice because of the extra battery life. The action button is another nice feature that has the potential to grow in use.

These features don’t seem like “pro” or super features to me. These features should be included in the Apple Watch experience as default on the Series 8 or other upcoming flagship watches. The Ultra proves that the Apple smartwatch has plenty of runway to reach its annual releases. I started to feel less important. However, it puts Apple under greater pressure to improve the core Apple Watch experience. I expect more from Series 9 as well.

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