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There was a lot happening in tech this year and very little of it made sense. It was almost as if we were being controlled and controlled by a random generator. This led to several “biggest news stories of the year” occurring over the course of a single month, each completely unrelated.

I can’t stop thinking about a very good tweet I saw last month, which summed up the absurdity of the year — it was something along the lines of, “Meta layoffs 11,000 people and it’s the third biggest tech story only this week.” Usually, the social media giant’s layoffs 13% of its workforceThis would have been the most important news of the week, but it was the moment FTX went bankruptEveryone was Corporate impersonationTwitter, Elon Musk apparently didn’t consider how bad things would turn if anyone could buy blue checks. The good times are back.

It feels like we are living in a simulation. I mean that I sometimes hear about the latest tech news and feel as though someone has thrown a few words in a hat and picked a few to try and connect the dots. But that’s not what actually happens. But would you believe me if I said that Elon Musk, Twitter owner, polled his users in January to decide he would Unblock Donald Trump?

These crazy events in technology have consequences. Crypto collapses like the FTX bankruptcy Underground storage scandalIt was actually a bad thing for people who had invested large sums of cash in something they believed was a good investment. It’s funny how you would react ten years ago to being told Meta (oh yeah that’s what Facebook is now called) was losing. billions of dollars every quarterTo create virtual reality technology that no one seems to want. However, these management decisions are not a joke for employees who lost their jobs due to them.

Where will this take us? It is a time in technology’s history when anything is possible. This is both inspiring and frightening at the same moment. This is what a team of workers from the Amazon Fulfillment Center Staten Island can accomplish. Winning the union electionsThey can defend themselves against overwhelming adversity. It is possible! Elon Musk to buy Twitter$44 Billion

Artificial intelligence technology, stable spreadAnd the chatThis fragile balance between horror and innovation is what we need to embrace. You can create stunning works of art in seconds. But you can also endanger the livelihoods and livelihoods of working artists. An AI chatbot may be able to tell you the history. However it cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Perhaps this is why AI generators are so popular. ChatGPT might have generated this year’s tech news.

Or maybe the reality of things is more bizarre than what AI can conjure up. ChatGPT wrote headlines for me about tech news. I also included some inaccurate headlines that I did not want to publish for journalism’s sake.

  • Apple’s iOS 15 update brings significant improvements to iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  • Amazon’s latest line of self-delivery robotics is causing controversy
  • Intel unveils a new line processors with advanced security features

Very boring! Here are some real facts about tech this year.

  • Tony is his Tiger Debuted as a VTuber.
  • Someone claimed to have been a laid-off Twitter employee Rahul LegmaA lot of reporters didn’t get the joke, which meant that I had to explain my “ligma” joke like four different tech podcasts.
  • Three people were charged with operating a smuggling operation. Clone Club Penguin.
  • One of the main suspects in Department of Justice in A A $3.6 billion money laundering programHe is an entrepreneur and a rapper by the name of Razzlekhan.
  • The new Pokémon game has a line of dialogue with the word “chewing. “
  • Donald Trump is down NFT collection.
  • Bad Twitter update affected stocksFor a pharmaceutical company.
  • Elon Musk biggest competitorHe is a sophomore student at the University of Central Florida.
  • FTC Chair Lena Khan claimed Taylor Swift has done much more Educating Generation Z about antitrust lawMore than you can.
  • Meta is selling a file VR headset $1,499For remote work.
  • The British Treasury presented a Discord accountTo share generic ads, but instantly spam people with emoji reactions to tell dirty jokes (and speaking of the UK: there have been three prime ministers since September).

These are bizarre times. Let’s hope that, even if the points are irrelevant and the rules are set, the absurdity will continue into 2023. Tech news is more entertaining than it is harmful. I want more Chris Pratt voices the live-action MarioThere are fewer technical CEOs He was sentenced for fraud. Is that too much to ask?

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