Ten tips to keep your home safe from burglars

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If you’re looking to improve the security of your home or apartment—especially during the holiday season, when Porch HackersYou have many options. From home security systemsOr hardwareTo be more affordable DIY home security toolsYou can take proactive steps to protect your space.

We have compiled a guide that will help you with your home security checklist. It lists the 10 best, simplest, and most affordable ways to protect your home and deter burglars. You can also visit Six places in every home that must have security camerasPlease see our selections The best video doorbell.)

1. Secure the doors and windows

While locking doors and windows is the best defense against home intruders it is not something that many people do. Thieves often look for easy targets and an unlocked window or door is one of those targets. It’s a good idea for you to lock them up even when you’re not home. Also, make sure you check the doors and windows at the first floor when you leave the home.

You can also keep track of your entries with some devices. Door and window sensors are able to detect whether doors or windows have been left open. Smart locks can also be set up to lock automatically at specified times. This brings us to the next tip.

2. Upgrade your door locks

You may not be able to lock your doors and windows if you don’t have good quality locks. Make sure exterior doors have a secure bolt. This makes it more difficult to break into. You should also ensure that your hinges and door frames are strong enough to withstand any break-in attempts. Old doors or hinges could pose unnecessary risks. You can also upgrade as previously mentioned. Smart locksParticipate remotely in these events

Close-up of door with August Wi-Fi smart lock.

Smart locks pair with your phone to allow you to gain entry without having to hold a key.

Molly Price/CNET

3. Purchase a home security system

Install a home security systemIt is one of most effective ways to prevent intrusions and alert you in case of an invasion. The data indicates that the house is almost completely without a security alarm. three times moreto be burgled. An intruder will most likely move on if they spot a security camera or sign that you have a security program in place.

Vivint's camera is out there.

Home security systems are a great defense against potential burglars.

David Priest/CNET

Home surveillance camerasThis is a great way to add another layer of protection to your home. Security cameras can notify you if there’s movement in your yard, or on your front porch. Door and window sensors will also alert you if someone is trying to enter or has already entered your home. Depending on the security company, they may also alert law enforcement.

Security systems do not have to break the bank. There are many options. Affordable security camerasAnd big DIY security systemsAdditionally, standalone devicesYou can also install your own home on a limited budget.

4. Keep your valuables hidden

Some burglars will identify potential targets in advance, so they can hit homes where they can grab valuables. It is best to keep your valuables out of reach of intruders. Avoid leaving valuable tools and bicycles out in public. Lock your garage door and keep cash, jewelry, and other expensive items away from windows. Blinds and blinds can be used to keep prying eyes away.

5. Outdoor lighting should be installed

Burglars don’t want to feel exposed when they break into homes. outdoor lightsThis is exactly what the outside spotlight can do. Since these offenses are often a matter of opportunity, a spotlight outside may encourage the intruder not to stop moving. Instead of leaving outdoor lighting on 24/7, invest in motion sensor lights that automatically illuminate your yard when motion is detected. It will catch any intruder light off guard and scare it away.

There are many options if you want it to go even further. External surveillance camerasOn the market. From advanced devices to Budget friendly optionsYou can make your family and property as safe as you can by upgrading your video surveillance system.

6. Lock your garage

Many people spend a lot of time and effort to secure their homes, but forget about their garage. This is a common way for thieves to gain access to your home. First, make sure that your garage’s windows and doors are closed. You can also consider leaving your garage door unlocked at your home, rather than in your car, where thieves could gain access. The interior door connecting your garage to your home should be kept closed. If someone does get into your garage, they will still be unable to enter your home.

Buy retrofits, just like door locks Smart garage door openerThis is an option. These devices let you remotely check the status and schedule garage closings.

7. Be careful about hiding your keys

You should rethink where your house key is located, such as under your porch doormat or in the flower pot. Hackers know where to look for spare keys and these are the most popular places. Instead, give the extra key to a friend or neighbor who is trusted. If you must have a spare key outside your home, look for more secure alternatives like a hidden lock box—or at least a discreet, unexpected location away from your front door. You can keep your home safe by being cautious and vigilant.

Close up of two spare house keys.

If you are locked out, spare keys can save the day. They can also be used to facilitate the robber’s job.

Tyler Lisenby/CNET

8. It should look like someone is at home

Most burglars won’t attempt to break into your home while you are present. They’d rather find an empty house and move in as fast as possible. To prevent intruders, make sure they appear to be at home at all times.

This may include turning the TV on or leaving the indoor lights on during the workday. If you are away for a longer time, such as on vacation, you should have someone else collect your mail. Mail backlogs can be a blessing for homeowners for a while.

Smart lightsThey can also be programmed to switch on and off periodically to create a convincing effect.

9. Consider purchasing a safe

In a perfect world, thieves would never gain access to your home. This would mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about valuables being stolen. Even the best-laid plans can go wrong. You want to ensure that an intruder cannot get into your home.

First, you might consider buying a safe or safety box to store cash, jewelry and important documents. If you have larger items, such as electronics, it can make it harder for thieves to steal them. Thieves are determined to gain entry and exit your home quickly, so even the smallest deterrent could be helpful.

10. Front porch theft deterrence

It is also important that you remember this Home securityIt extends to the porch, which means that parcels that are delivered from it will be protected. Porch Hackers. billions of packages They are delivered each year in the US alone—especially during the holiday season—and many of those delivered packages remain unattended for hours, attracting thieves. One recent studyIt found that 43% reported that they had a package stolen in 2020. This is an increase of 36% from 2019.

With balcony hackThere are many options to keep your items safe. One option is investing in Balcony wardrobeOr a mailbox sensorA small device that attaches directly to your mailbox and notifies when it’s opened. You can also request a signature on delivery to ensure that your packages don’t go unattended until your return.

Bottom line

A home invasion is something no one wants to happen. Implementing the tips on this checklist will help discourage and prevent burglars—and keep your family and possessions safe. You can take small steps and choose a few items on the checklist to focus your attention. Once you’re done, you can move onto the next item on your checklist. You can make small improvements to ensure your home and loved ones are safer.

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