Have a new PS5 for Christmas? Here are 7 things that you should do before you buy a new PS5 this Christmas.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a bag, PS5, our end! There are many things to do once you have found a place to store your large console. First, you will need to update your console with all the changes made last year. After that, your console will likely need to be updated, as well as every game you have installed.

These are seven things that you should do once all the updates are finished and your new PS5 is available for you.

Noticeable:The “if” in the first two items of this list is a “if”. If you don’t have an external storage device or a PS4/PS4 Pro but the PS5 is relatively new, you can skip number 3.

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Set the default location for downloading to an external drive

WD_Black HDD

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You will need to ensure that your external hard drive (HDD), or solid state drive(SSD) is connected to your PS5 before downloading any games. PS5 games must only be downloaded to the dedicated SSD on the PS5, but PS4 games can be downloaded from any location and still run. We’ve got some external storage options for you if you don’t already have one. preferred options check about.

If you want to make the most of the improved visuals and performance of certain PS4 titles, you will want to download them directly to your PS5’s SSD. To save space on your PS5’s SSD, you can play a regular PS4 game that hasn’t been optimized in any way. The PS5’s SSD is capable of downloading approximately 667GB. Be careful with how you use it.

You can choose default download locations for PS4 games in your PS5 settings. To set your external storage drive as the default download location for PS4 game, hereWhat are you passionate about?

  • Go to the Settings > Storage > Expanded
  • Then run Install PS4 Games on Expanded Storage

Sony has activated the internal SSD expansion slot to allow game downloads. This will give you more space for your PS5 games. You can get an SSD if that’s what you want ThisIt can be placed under the side panel. The console will take care of the rest. You’ll have your expanded storage in no time!

Transfer save data from PS4 Pro or PS4 Pro

Playstation 5 saved data and game app settings

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You’ll need all of your saved data to be transferred if you owned a PS4 Pro, PS4 Pro, or PS4 Pro prior to getting a PS5. You can then continue playing the game on your new console exactly as you did on the old one.

It’s not difficult, but it will take some time to download everything. These are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Settings > Saved data and Game/App Settings > Saving Data (PS4)
  • You can choose between them. cloud stOrage or USB drive Depending on the method you choose to transfer the saved information.
  • Wait to transfer everything

Get your PS5 games

ps5 games

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The PS5 launched 18 months ago and has received a lot of positive reviews. These launch games are likely will have a large update package when they first arrive on your system. You may have to wait a while to get your new games.

Once you’re done with all your controller and console update, get your hands onto PS5 games downloaded. Even if they aren’t your primary goal, it is nice to have them ready for you when and where you are. You’ll want to play as soon as possible, but let’s face it, that’s probably what you’ll do.

While you wait for PS5 games download, these other items will keep you busy.

Learn about the new PS5 settings and user interface

ps5 game presets

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The new PS5 UI feels more intuitive and is simpler than the PS4 UI. Make sure to take time to explore the PS5 Settings user interface and customize features.

Preset game options

You can select from a variety of game preset options. Each new game will be started with these settings. Here are all the presets available to customize:

  • Having difficulty
  • Performance mode or decision Mode
  • First person view
  • Perspective of a third-person
  • Audio and translation

These are the two most prominent customization options: Difficulty or Performance Mode or Resolution mode.

Clicking on the difficulty will give you several options. These include Game Default, Easiest or Easy, Normal, Hard, Hard, and Hardest. While not all games have the same five difficulty settings, however, every new game will try to match your chosen difficulty level.

It’s basically the same thing as precision mode or performance mode. You can choose which setting you prefer to make your games look the best or perform at their best. This means that a game can have a mode that looks great, but runs at 30fps. Or a mode that looks worse, but runs at 60fps. You can choose which one you like, and it will apply for all games. This option is available to you.

Here are the steps to access the pre-set game options:

  • Go to the Settings > Game/App settings and saved data > Game presets
  • Select the presets which you’d like to explore, then modify your settings from this list.

Create shortcuts for button creation

You can customize the Create button on your DualSense controller to suit your needs. You can easily change this setting to make it more suitable for you.

Shortcuts to create a playstation 5 button

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Go to the Settings > Snapshots, Broadcasting > Snapshots> Click the Create Shortcuts link to access these settings. There are three types of button mapping layouts available: Standard, Easy Screenshots or Easy Videos.

Remote Play can be turned on

Remote Play must be enabled in your settings if you want to stream your PS5 games to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Go to the Settings > System > RemoteTo access remote playback settings. Here you can switch Remote Play on/off, link devices, or view your connection history.

Check your power-saving settings

Go to Settings > System > Power Saving.

You can adjust how long your PS5 will remain inactive before it enters sleep mode. You can also set separate times for media and games.

You can also check which features are available when the console is in rest mode and toggle them on or off. You can also set the time it takes for your consoles not to be used: after 10, 30, 60, 60, or none shutdown.

Adjust spoiler settings

Are you tired of seeing game spoilers on the PS Store There’s a way around it. Simply go to Settings > Saved data and game/app settings > Warning!.

Here you can choose to hide spoilers selected by the developers or spoilers for everything that you haven’t yet seen. The PS Store will either display a warning or hide the content.

Check your play time on PS4

Sony has now added a game tracker to its PS5 and it tracks your historical data, so you can see how many hours you have spent playing PS4 gaming. Click on the PlayStation button to check it out. Next, select your avatar from the drop-down list. Choose Personly create your profile > GamesYou will also be able see how much time was spent on each item. You are not connected. Toy.

Turn off the trophy videos

When you win a trophy, the PS5 saves a short, 15-second 4K video. It also takes screenshots. This can quickly eat up storage space. This can be turned off before you begin playing. Settings > Captures and broadcasts > Awards. Check this out Save trophy videosNot verified.

Visit the PS Store to view your wishlist for your favorite games

ratchet & amp;  clank store page ps5 wishlist

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The PlayStation Store is now integrated into your user interface. It’s easy to access and exit. You can find out which upcoming games are in Sony’s State of Plays and add them to your wishlist. You can also follow the games on Twitter to keep up-to-date with any game-related news.

The PlayStation Store will likely post first news about release dates, new features, and other details. If a game is available, even if it is not yet released, the PlayStation Store will likely post information first. indie titleIf you are truly interested, be sure and add to your wishlist.

Check out the new PS Plus

There are three levels of flexibility and more than 700 games. The new PlayStation PlusHere’s a quick overview of each tier (and its costs):

  • PlayStation Plus basics:You get two PS4 games each month and one PS5 title to download, exclusive discounts on PS Store, cloud storage, multiplayer access online for purchased games, and cloud storage. This tier is the same price as the current PS Plus ($9.99/ $24.99 quarterly/ $59.99/year).
  • PlayStation Plus Extra:All basic level benefits. Access to over 400 games on PS4 or PS5. ($14.99 per Month / $39.99 Quarterly / $99.99 Annual).
  • PlayStation Plus Premium:This is the tier that you should choose if you want to enjoy the benefits offered by PS Now. It includes everything from the base and plus Tiers, plus 340 titles from previous generations (including PS3 games which can be streamed via cloud streaming or downloadable titles for PS2 or PSP). PlayStation. You also have access to cloud streaming (PS4, PS5, PC) and limited-time game trials so you can try out certain games before buying.

Existing PlayStation Plus members will have their membership automatically transferred to the PlayStation Plus Essential Tier. The recurring membership fee, payment history, and other details will remain the same. PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscribers will carry over to PlayStation Plus premium. Sony will send you an email to confirm your new subscription fee.

Play Astro Game Room

PlayStation 5 Astros Playroom

Astro Game Room

Astro’s Playroom is a complimentary game that comes preinstalled on your console. If you’re still waiting for other games, you can continue to play this one while you wait.

This is a very enjoyable game, and one you should definitely play if you don’t have the time. DualSenseIt all in all its glory. This game was created to showcase all the features of DualSense. It does a great job. Astro’s Playroom is not only a great way to use DualSense to its full potential, but it’s also a fun and relaxing game. It’s great fun exploring Astro’s Playroom, and finding all the PlayStation easter eggs scattered throughout the game.

There you have it! We hope you found this helpful in deciding what to do with your new PS5. Enjoy exploring your new console and congratulations for being among the few who were able to get it.

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