Pokémon games just got a lot less weird

It was the data miner who discovered that Pokérus is not in it Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet. It’s a minor detail. But it’s part a trend Pokemon Games in general: It gets less bizarre as time passes.

This strange virus requires explanation. Introduced again in Generation Two, Pokérus had less than a one in 20,000 chance of hitting a Pokémon. (In comparison, a shiny Pokemon, which has a 1 in 4000 chance of spawning, is less than Pokerus.

However, to understand how this works, you must also understand voltage values (or EVs). In a given situation, you can earn between one and three EVs for defeating an opponent in battle. EVs are seldom mentioned and are not properly explained in the game. They don’t really impact the average player. Battle a wide variety of Pokémon and you’ll grow your own in a balanced, if slightly mysterious way.

Electric vehicles can be a valuable tool when there is a lot of competition. Each Pokemon has its own special attack and physical stats. However, their moves cannot fall into either of these categories and each Pokemon has a natural affinity for the other. To avoid unnecessary splitting of the EVs, competitive trainers will concentrate on gaining EVs in one attack.

When it first appeared, PokemonIt was strange and mysterious.

Pokémon infected with Pokérus are used to obtain multipliers of EVs, greatly speeding up the process. Players who want to legitimately obtain the strongest possible Pokémon deliberately infect their battle mates with Pokeros before training them. Trading, sharing and propagating Pokeros between players isn’t something that is uncommon.

Their removal does not have any significant impact on game play. Pokérus was a specialized mechanic that affected a specialized group of players. It is unlikely that the average player will encounter it. Even if they do, they won’t see any benefits. For competitive gamers, however, there are more ways to build strong teams and easier EV training. High-level battles are possible without spending a lot of time breeding and training monsters. Many players use tools such as Pokemon encounterTo simulate things.

Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet.
Image: Nintendo

But the now-defunct Pokérus story reflects a shift in Pokemon Games in general. It was first published in 1995. PokemonIt was something mysterious and strange. Rumors spread about redAnd the blueThere are many theories about Mio hiding under a truck, and that anyone who hears the music of Lavender Town will die. There were some truly bizarre moments behind the rumors. You can use your fishing rod to catch gnomes floating on water. Some characters can disappear and allow for you to chain-chain. MissingNo and other defective Pokemon don’t chase carts.

When He wentAnd the silver That came up and Pokérus was introduced, and it fell into the same category — a strange, almost impossible to reproduce, potentially frightening thing that could happen without warning or any real explanation. It became a thing with the help of data mining and the Internet. Its exact timing and mechanisms have been revealed. It was a finely tuned style for those who wanted it, and a little trivia for everyone else.

The same applies to many. PokemonLong-lasting abnormalities. Shiny touches, for example, were rare and obscure colors that players won’t see in casual play. They might not be able to understand the meaning of the shiny touches, or they might use it as a symbol for exceptional luck to show friends. There are many tricks, farming methods, and techniques to make glitter. Luck is still necessary, but only a little. It has been mostly replaced by persistence, and brute force.

It is regrettable that games have lost their charm and bizarreness.

These mills and those who were loyal to them led to changes in quality of life. Eggs used to be a weird surprise that you would sometimes find if you left your Pokémon at the daycare center. But as eggs became central to many evolving mechanisms, including breeding competitive Pokémon and obtaining shine, it became easier and easier to obtain them. You can find them in the following: carmineAnd the VioletIf you have the right sandwich skills, it takes only minutes to suckle and hatch eggs. It can also be done right from your picnic.

The same is true for friendship, which is a mechanism that causes certain Pokémon to evolve. There is no luck, but it is vaguely mentioned in most games. However, one NPC from around the world can give broad responses to provide a hint. It’s quite surprising to find out that a Pokemon suddenly evolves after you have used it for a while. It’s now easy to find out the exact details online What can you do?It seems that friendship can be raised. PokemonThe creators responded in turn, making the process a lot simpler overall. You can find the original article here. carmineThen there is the VioletIt might take just a few sandwiches to do the trick. It may surprise you, but it is because it happened so quickly. There is no need to wait. You can travel, battle and get very close to your Pokemon.

I enjoyed carmineAnd the Violet A lot, but missing out on the sheer weirdness and delightful surprises of games is a shame — and not something I think the Pokémon Company could easily avoid. After all, it was the data miner who discovered that Pokérus is not in them Scarlet PokemonAnd the Violet. Within days of the games’ release, all of the secrets will be revealed and people will begin optimizing for any item that might show up, from whites, to glitter.

But this is no longer true of Pokérus. Although it is not known why it was removed from the first iteration, it has been completely changed – not only mechanically but also socially. It was once bizarre, unexpected, and unexplainable. But it was back and so much more. PokemonIt is a very popular concept that can be easily exploited.

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