Five settings that you need to change in Google Home right after opening the box

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Have a new Google Home smart speakers as a holiday gift? There are some settings that you can change right out of the box if you have a new Google Home smart speaker. Google Home speaker is only as useful and useful as you make them. Some settings can make or break your experience.

Google Home speakers may try to get you to sign-up for a file, for instance. Google Duo phone number when adding a device, but did you know you can turn your Google Home into a speakerphone with your primary phone number — even if you’re using an iPhone?

This is only one of many cool features you can set up on your Google Home. We’ll show how to do this, as well as four other settings that should be updated today. For more on smart devices, check out How much will a Google smart home cost you?The The best technology to pair with your new Google Home speaker.

1. Get notified whenever someone joins the Google Home group

You say, “I am the only one in my house.” “Why would I want to be notified when someone joins my Google Home Group?” Particularly BecauseFor this reason, you are the only person who should be allowed to use it.

This setting doesn’t only tell you about changes; it’s also about security. One of the first signs that your Google account has been compromised or hacked is the addition of an unauthorized user to your Google Home Group.

These notifications can be obtained by clicking here

1.Then, open the Google Home appPress Settingsthen less General faucet Notices.

2.If your phone does not allow notifications from Google Home follow these instructions Click here to activate it in Settings.

3.Tap on General notifications to toggle on the first option. People and devices. Switch to receive push notification ads Product updates Also.

google home mini 2 microphone switch

The Nest Minis and Google Home both have a physical microphone switch. This allows you to turn off their listening if you need privacy.

Chris Monroe/CNET

2. Google Home privacy settings can be adjusted

It is also important to adjust privacy settings in Google Home. It’s all in one A guide to Google Home security features here. If you are familiar enough with the security settings, but want to refresh them a bit, this is how to access Personal Data Portal.

1.Then, open the Google Home appPress Personal codeIn the upper right corner, place your photo or a silhouette.

2.Choose You areClick on the menu bar at its top and then click Your data in assistant.

The google home privacy settings web page

Google Home allows you connect your primary number to Google Home, allowing you to make calls from your smart speaker. The recipients will be able to see who you really are.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

3. Make calls using your Google Home device

Google Home’s best feature is hands-free calling. However, it won’t work as you expect it to unless it’s properly set up. These steps will ensure that Google Home displays the primary phone number whenever it is called.

1.Then, open the Google Home appPress Settings.

2.Scroll down to view Google Assistant Services faucet Audio and video calls.

3.Handle Mobile contact. Tap if you haven’t yet set it up. Your own numberThen press Change or add a phone number.

4.Google will send Verification codeYou will need to enter the password for your phone on the next screen.

5.Once you’ve connected your phone number to your computer, make sure it works. Your number has been identified under Get the associated services.

6. under Contactsfaucet Download nowTo sync your contacts from your smartphone.

To make calls with Google Home, all you need to do is call the Google Assistant (“OK Google” or “Hey Google”) and say “Call.” [contact name]. “

4. Google Home allows you change your nickname

My Google Home currently calls me Sergeant Pepper because I received a package that refers to my digital assistant as a Beatles album. You can ask anything you like. You may need to spell it phonetically. To teach Google Home your nickname:

1.Then, open the Google Home appPress SettingsScroll down and tap More settings.

2. Below You arefaucet nicknameThen, What should the assistant call?Type the alias that you would like him to use.

3. Press PlayYou can hear the Google Assistant pronounce your name. You can change the spelling to make it sound correct if it isn’t.

You can even make it a curse.

Google Home Minnie Mickey Mouse

You can personalize Google Home in many ways.

James Martin/CNET

5. Set up a pair of speakers to enhance your music enjoyment

Google Home speakers are great on their own but sound even better when you multiply them. To make your home a speaker pool, you can add multiple speakers. We have detailed instructions for how to use Google Home within your home. Create a comprehensive sound system hereHere’s a simplified version:

1.Then, open the Google Home appPress +(plus sign in the upper left corner.

2.Click Create Speaker Group, choose the speakers you wish to include, then click Next.

3. under This group of speakers should be labelledType a name (“Whole House”, “Living Room”), etc. Click Memorizes.

You can also increase the volume by using one channel as the left channel and another as the right channel. Here’s how to create a speaker pairGoogle Home speakers can be chosen from two different manufacturers. You’ll need to ensure that you get Set up music services the right wayThis is very. While you’re at the same time, consider installing a Google Home Mini or Nest Mini. on the wall for better sound.

google home wifi audio test lab

Google engineers put the Google Home smart speaker through a series of tests to ensure that they produce the best sound possible from small devices.

James Martin/CNET

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