Best year for Fantasy TV

If the headlines from this fall are to believed, Prime Video will be this year’s battle. Lord of the Rings: Rings of PowerHBO vs. Dragon house — expensive stretches of much-loved fantasy franchises that appeared within a week of each other and invited heaps of inevitable comparison. Because that’s what happens when everyone is wearing velvet robes.

George R.R. said, “It’s no death match or any other,” as Game of Thrones author. Martin she told The Hollywood ReporterIn July. “We don’t have to be within parentheses.”

But they were only that.

It’s only natural that two big budget fantasy shows would draw comparisons. People love to pick sides, even when there is relatively little conflict. The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Marvel vs. DC.

After scrolling through headline after headline trying to figure out which show would win, I thought “Win what?”Competition was not the point. I love fantasy shows and for the past month and a quarter, I enjoyed the politics, power struggles, and plot of P. But in the way that I prefer. I won’t watch The Caliphate unless they make everyone have long, platinum blonde hair.

On TikTok I’ve seen a lot of videos about Sauron and Daemon. My group chats were bursting with dragon memes and beer-savvy arguments about Middle-earth wizards.

Forget about HOTD vs. ROP. If you’re the type of person who does, This is what you should do – We live in a time when there are many. This is no reason to fight. It’s cause for celebration.

We did it, kids. Nerds won.

I was so consumed in ROP/HOTD that I couldn’t even make it up Disney Plus AndorIt was almost over, in November. It is a blessing to have another show waiting for us fantasy gods.

Andor is one of the best examples of why fantasy fans in 2022 are a good thing.

There are no space wizards.


Fantasy shows that are all on-screen don’t need to be large, broad swings that please everyone. Because one show doesn’t have to do it all, there’s more room for nuance than ever before. I wrote about Andor. My colleague Mark CyrillsHe said that this is the first time that viewers get to see “the empire’s humble creepy fascism” from a ground-level perspective. The show was even more enjoyable for this space wizard.

Netflix is also exploring familiar intellectual property rights. It will end the year on Wednesday. This spin-off from The Addams Family will be wrapping up the year. The third most watched show. It is Wednesday Addams’s story at a boarding school for werewolves, vampires and Gorgons. Wednesday is frustrated at being in the shadow of Morticia her mother, who was popular as a student and was successful. The teen persists in her quest for a mystery at school. Wed shares a little bit of dna Chilling Adventures of SabrinaAnother dark aesthetic story about a teenage girl determined that she will attend a school for magical and balanced problems and points of adolescence.

They aren’t the same show. It’s good that Wednesday can still be aired after CAOS’ cancellation. We could always use more TV shows with self-assured and confident girls with superpowers.

This is just the beginning of the year. It also included the return to strength of Ewan McGregor. Obi-Wan Kenobi; the charming Ms. Marvel She-Hulk: Attorney at Law; and the Weird thingsJoseph Quinn’s charming, metal head was the ultimate gift. Eddie Monson.

This is the first time that the lament “This explains why we can’t afford nice things” doesn’t apply. We can, and do.

It feels like a safe time for fantasy fans, at least for the moment. It’s not coolIt will not sink larger traffic. He reviews the Wheel of Time adaptation last year on Prime Video. CNET’s Richard TrenholmHe stated that the fantasy genre had more potential than ever to be wildly imaginative, deliciously unique, and called the show a “formulaic filleder fantasy”. Although I don’t support the production of similar lifeless TV shows, I’m glad that one won’t ruin the enjoyment of the others.

Is there ever going to be a time when fantasy television will become a mainstream phenomenon? Is there a way to learn about the geography of another fictional continent or to remember Hallbrands, Aaders and other details? Could.

I’m content until then. It’s a pleasure to be there, perched casually on an inflatable tube on the Sundering Sea.

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