Tesla’s holiday update includes Steam games, but only if your hardware supports it

As part of Tesla’s initiative, Steam, the PC gaming platform is making its way through town. Latest holiday update. It’s fulfilling a promise Elon Tesla, CEO of Tesla, made almost two decades ago: that you will be able to. game The Witcher 3 using in-vehicle devices. Unfortunately, it won’t work for me and there is no easy way to upgrade.

I have a 2018 Tesla Model 3 and wanted to mention that it was received Lots of upgrades over the yearsIt includes a revamped user interface and autopilot visualizations. Cards games. However, all of Tesla’s new cool software runs in my car on an Intel Atom processor – a processor that was originally designed for laptops cheaply over the past decade (remember?). Eee PC?). Although it’s not surprising that my Model 3 is unable to play Steam games, I still wish it were possible.

Steam’s PC game support is available only for the Model S or X cars. They cost almost twice as much, if not more than what I paid for the 3. Latest discounts).

We are referring to the most recent models from 2022, such as S and X redesignCars in 2021 and 2022 will have “PS5 level” graphics chips that are based on AMD RDNA2, but they won’t have the 16GB RAM required.

Musk has confirmed that owners of these models might not be as screwed as Musk suggested on Twitter. There will be an update.

2022 Holiday Update from Tesla We see it every yearMy Model 3 can benefit from many cool new features such as, auto maker Upload a new video this weekEaster eggs are always the highlight rainbow road graphicsAutopilot is the ability to Remotely monitor your petWhile in dog poseAnd the. finallyApple Music can be listened to in the car (Thank you, Tim Cook.).

The holiday update is included, of course. A brand new light show for the holidaysThis can be used on other Teslas. Also, I appreciate that Tesla brought back swipeable cards that easily display trip information and tire pressure—which were removed in last year’s introduction to Software version 11You can also remove the seat heating buttons at the bottom bar.

Video too Includes some technical detailsWhat it takes to play games like Cyberpunk 2077 movieTo run at Tesla’s high graphics settings. It runs on a Linux virtual computer, Steam Deck verified gaming, and of course, hardware GPU acceleration.

Tesla, thank-you for returning the cards. Version 11 is now up.
Photo by Omar Shakir/The Edge

It’s interesting that the Model 3 & Y cars started shipping around this same time last year. With some upgrades tooThe new hardware includes infotainment computers running on AMD Ryzen processors. The MCU3, the new hardware, is known in Tesla community circles. Shows improved performanceCross-OS – Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the discrete graphics required to run many resource-intensive games on Steam.

There is more. There is no official wordIt is great that older cars with an Intel MCU2 (like mine), can be updated. Apps I can run, such as Netflix and a web browser feel increasingly slow nowadays.

It may be the most powerful AMD chipet support Requires a new 12V lithium-ion batteryAccording to the founder, it comes in the Models 3 & Y. Tesla owners onlineTesla forum. To make things worse, Zoom calls may be possible inside the Tesla forum And it doesn’t even come to Intel Atom-based Teslas.

Ha!  Apple Music is finally in the Tesla!

Ha! Apple Music finally available in Tesla!
Photo by Omar Shakir/The Edge

It’s time for me to accept that I won’t be able to play games such as Stardew ValleyThen there’s the sonic the hedgehog(1991) cupheadOn my Model 3 on road trips (Not while drivingJust to be clear, this is unless I have a Steam Deck (or a gaming laptop). This is another option. The unofficial Xbox cloud gaming solutionBut it’s not perfect.

While the update didn’t bring me Steam, it at least got me Apple Music — so I no longer needed to pay for Spotify to listen to music directly on my slow Intel Atom-based monitor.

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