9 amazing Android games and game subscriptions starting in 2022

There are tons to choose from whether you are using an Android phone, tablet, or a dedicated Android smartphone. Many of these games can be used with your Google TV-equipped TV that has a Bluetooth controller. It will be much easier to play Xbox and PC games online in 2022 if you are willing pay a monthly subscription fee.

It can be difficult for both Android veterans and newcomers to navigate to the Google Play Store to search for a new game. It’s not your fault, store organisation He isIt is difficult to navigate. We have some suggestions to help you find the best from the huge selection. All of these games support touch controls. Some may also work with Bluetooth controllers and other console accessories. Razer Keshi V2.0The one backbone.

Many of these games are available for free (with paid in-app purchases), while some require payment to be played. Each one should offer enough replay value for you to keep you entertained through the holiday season and beyond.

Marvel Snap
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Marvel SnapThis is the mobile game that generated the most buzz. It’s a collectible game that features a Marvel character on each card. Each card has unique abilities and attributes. In battles lasting six minutes or less, you can team up with your friends to fight against online opponents. This sounds like something you would enjoy, so you should definitely check it out. My colleague Ash Parrish said that it’s free with in app purchases. Handy starter guide books.

A collectible card-game where each card features an iconic Marvel character, complete the card with their unique abilities and attributes. Free with all in-app purchases

Screenshot of immortal Diablo opening a chest to reveal treasure

Immortal Diablo
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Immortal DiabloIs the first Diablo This game is a must-have for both fans of the mobile game or newcomers to isometric dungeon crawling. It’s a faithful mobile game that works on tablets and phones. It looks great, plays well, and offers lots of depth without costing too much. Please send me Diablo Non-starter: You choose a character class with specific abilities. Your character will grow as you defeat undead bosses and enemies. One of the best parts about the gameplay Diablo This game supports the idea of friends joining you.

Immortal DiabloIt works with touch controls and provides controller support.

This faithful adaptation for smartphones and tablets looks great, plays well and offers a lot of depth. Free with all in app purchases

Apex Legends Mobile screenshot: a river flowing through a rocky landscape;  the caption says

Apex Legends Mobile
Image by EA

Respawn and Electronic Arts released a mobile version of the game in mid-2022. Apex LegendsIt is a first-person shooter battle Royale game. Apex Legends MobileIt works with touch controls and has limited support for controllers (works with Xbox, PS4 & PS5 wireless controllers, as well as Razer Kishi). Takes the mobile phone Apex LegendsThere is not a single console or PC version of the game. You can play in either first-person or second-person perspectives, and character unlocks are distributed differently. You will lose your progress from the previous version of the game. It’s a great way for you to get a lot of money. Apex LegendsA journey with you on the move.

A great way to bring joy! Apex LegendsEnjoy your experience on the move. Free with all in-app purchases

Pikmin Bloom screenshot: Colorful little creatures with big heads in the middle of a garden full of daisies.

Pikmin bloom
Photo by Niantic

These games require a lot more active input than the ones I have recommended. But if you’re looking for a more relaxing game (and the rewards just roll around), this is it.Pikmin bloom. It’s one Nintendo’s most recent mobile games, and borrows some charming characters from its home console. Pikmin games. By walking around, and being tracked by GPS, you can cut Pikmin out the ground in the game. You can also grow seedlings. You can also groom them Tamagotchi-style between walks. You can groom them in a Tamagotchi-like manner between walks. Pikmin along your journey.

You can walk around and be tracked by GPS to cut Pikmin from the ground and plant seedlings. All in-app purchases are free

Image: Microsoft, Mojang

You can’t go wrong Maine Craft. This is a first person survival game that combines building and building. It has a unique look that is instantly recognizable. Although the game is available on almost every modern platform and console, you can enjoy it on your mobile device with multiplayer support. You will need to buy the game again if you own the game on desktop. (Unless you scroll down to the next recommendation).

Maine Craft This is a rare game that you can go as deep or as shallow as you like. Some people enjoy digging underground (that’s mines), making replicas of cultural stations or using it as a teaching tool.


First-person survival meets building games where everything is made out of blocks.

Genshin effectThis list is not technically new. In case you haven’t heard about the game or just haven’t played it, it is an open-world action-adventure game that stylizes the look and some of the gameplay from The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild. It’s great fun, even though the game’s design is not original. It’s great to see the game in action thanks to its cool graphics.

The game is free but you will need a powerful phone to get decent frame rates. You will also need to use the touchscreen to play this game as controller support is not available at the moment.

It is an open-world action-adventure game that has a unique look and some of its gameplay. The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild. Free with all in app purchases

Evil spiritsMobile is not the best option, but other games have replaced him. Dead cellsYou’ll be able to scratch that itch again and again with the challenging and fun gameplay. Side-scrolling action game, with a procedurally generated enemy layout (meaning it is different every time you play), and plenty of weapons, abilities, stages, and stages to unlock using the cells you get from killed enemies.

As long as you don’t die before the end each stage, you will be eligible to turn your cells in for rewards. However, if you do die (which is likely a few times – it’s part of what makes this game so much fun), you will be given the task of retrieving your cells from where they were dropped. Recovering them is a fun and exciting game.


Side-scrolling action with many weapons, abilities, stages and unlockable cells from slain foes.

This is not technically a game recommendation, but an entire game ecosystem on Android. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $1.99 per Month if you’re a first subscriber. Then, it costs $14.99 per Month. You can visit this site on your Android phoneIt basically turns it into a portable Xbox. The “Cloud Gaming Beta”, which appears at the top, gives you access the latest Microsoft Xbox Game Studios and many other games.

This cloud-based service allows for you to play many Game Pass Games over Wi-Fi or LTE/5G. Although this will give you the best experience, it does not use Wi-Fi. Much data). Some games have touch controls. If you don’t want to use your touch screen, you can connect a controller, such as the Razer Kishi, Xbox Wireless Controller or Backbone One.

Note: While there is no app available to download, the Google Chrome mobile web browser can be installed on your home screen permanently. Click the three vertical dots located to the right side of the URL bar. Then click Add to your home screen.


This cloud-based service allows for multiple Game Pass games via Wi-Fi or LTE/5G. First month $1, then $14.99 per month.

Image by Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce Now can be used if you have a lot of games from Epic Games Store, Steam, and Ubisoft Connect. You can play many of the PC games from these three services on your Android phone without having to turn on your PC. Here is a full listThere are many supported games. Simply plug in your controller and you are good to go.

GeForce Now has a distinct advantage over Xbox Cloud Gaming in that it does more than just distribute a few games for a small fee. You will most likely need to own the game to be able operate it. A few games are free, including Fortniteavailable at no cost. GeForce now has a free tierYou can play your own games and free-to-play games in 720p for one hour sessions (you’ll just disconnect but you can reconnect), or upgrade to a $9.99 monthly tier that gives you access to a virtual machine capable of 1080p. On drawing ray-tracing graphics, with six-hour playback.

This service, like Xbox Cloud Gaming, uses a lot bandwidth. It will negatively impact your device’s battery life as well as your internet data limit if you have one.

Nvidia GeForce Now lets users play many of their PC games from Steam and Epic Games Store. The app is completely free. The app is free for a limited time, or $9.99 per month.

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