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The average PC gamer has probably one. ForemanThey use it in certain games. They plug the console into their computer and launch a game. It doesn’t take much thought. But if you have ever wondered, couldI will show you how you can customize your console’s experience to suit the games you play and the way that you play them. reWASD.

I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard of ReWASD. The company is still relatively new in the world of gaming. subreddit reWASDAs of the time this article was written, it had just 625 members. I don’t know the reason for this. I tried the app out earlier this year and I am now unsure how I could have lived without it.

To fully comprehend what this program can accomplish, let me describe what it is, my case, and how the reWASD platform made it so much better.

About this articleI purchased a reWASD Deluxe license for personal use. I have been using it for approximately 10 months.

What exactly is rewasd?

rewasd 3

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reWASD, at its core is a complete customization tool. Every major game console. This software can be connected to your console to allow you to customize it to your liking.

And by “customize”, I don’t mean to swap buttons or type in macros. I mean PersonalizeYou can make your controller do almost everything. To launch Microsoft Word on your computer, press the “B” button. Then, you can type “Hi world, I’m entering in Microsoft Word” to send the document to your mom. you can do it. I don’t know why you would do it, but reWASD turns your controller into anything you need, whether it be a keyboard, mouse or other controller.

reWASD acts like god mode, but it is for controllers.

You can also customize your controller to behave differently in different situations and switch between them. Let’s take, for instance, the possibility of having unique console layouts for Game A & B. You’ll see one layout when you launch Game A. When you switch to Game B, it will switch to its unique layout. Are there two different game B designs? You can switch them by pressing the combo button. A customised config can be created if you return to your desktop between the games.

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Those who have multiple controllers for different situations will love reWASD. You can assign specific controllers and actions to the program. You can create macros that are specific to each controller instead of having them all assigned the same actions.

You can certainly do a lot of the functionality with other software, such as the Steam console overlay. reWASD is platform-independent, so it doesn’t require Steam (or any other software) to work. It also includes every console option I have seen in one bundle. This means you don’t have to open multiple programs to find what you are looking for. Finally, I have never seen control software that looks as good, works as well, and is so frequently updated.

Do you want to personalize your console to make your PC more enjoyable?

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How can I use it? Computer games, emulation and mouse functions

reWASD 1

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To reset my PC games, reWASD is what I use. Sony DualSenseControllers for Xbox One consoles This is mainly because I want to match the buttons on my screen with the old titles. Actually, I am even Replace the buttons on your DualSense deviceTo match the ABXY buttons on the Xbox controller. Older games will think you’re using an Xbox controller by the dedicated buttons and reWASD. They will also show me the Xbox buttons on your screen. These buttons will match the screen.

Why drag my mouse and keyboard to the couch when I could just use reWASD to control everything directly from the console?

Why can’t I use my Xbox console properly? DualSense is better for PC gaming than the Xbox controllers. DualSense allows me to play on the couch and use my touchpad as a mouse. This allows me to enjoy the full sofa experience without needing to use a mouse or keyboard. If necessary, I can also use rotation controls. I can make my character leap if the controller is moved up or skew when it is moved down.

I also do a lot with retro console simulations. I use mainly a 8bitdo SN30 Pro PlusI can even get the Nintendo Feel (and Japanese-style buttons). The SN30 Pro Plus includes all buttons that are found on every Nintendo console. This allows me to customize the controller to work in different emulators. The Gamecube controller does not have the traditional ABXY buttons. They are however in a different layout. They can be swapped around for Gamecube games, but they are automatically reinserted when I play Super Nintendo games. Similarly, the SN30 Pro Plus’ gyroscopic controls allow Wiimote emulation to be possible (although I use real Wiimotes). Dolphin). reWASD makes it possible to touch-screen functions on a TV. This is especially useful for Nintendo DS and 3DS emulators.

Simulation guide All you need to know

LaunchBox is a popular emulator that I use. It contains many useful features. Android version nowIf you don’t know what, Using reWASD, LaunchBox can be switched to an emulator and each program can be controlled with its own settings. This allows me to control my computer from my couch, without having to touch the keyboard or mouse.

I can use reWASD to sit in my living room, turn on the computer and play. I can jump between PC games and simulations with no need to get up or use any other device than a controller. I can switch to my desktop to open new programs, modify settings, or shut down the computer. If needed, I can switch controllers in-game. ReWASD has a solution for every problem you have imagined.

reWASD costs very little, offers great support, and is an excellent Android app.

reWASD screenshot

Could you Get started with reWASD Seven days for free. During the trial period, you have access to all features of the base licence. Basic licenses allow you to do everything and cost $7.00. It is not a monthly fee.

After an hour of playing with the settings, I decided to buy the deluxe life pass. The deluxe package grants you access to more maps, save slots, and other cool features. It costs less than $40, but it is often on sale for as low as $25.99 (as of this writing). It has greatly improved my gaming experience and I am happy to pay $40 for it. The $7 base license is also a steal.

It’s a steal at $7 for all the benefits this program offers.

There are many other options. Mobile app for AndroidiOS and Android. You can view and control your mappings directly from the app, even if you are connected to the same network as your computer. This could allow you to change a console macro without leaving the game. The reWASD app can also be used as a controller to give you touch screen and gyroscope support in emulators and games. If you have a PC app license, this mobile app is free.

reWASD is updated frequently with new features. I have seen new console support, including the Xbox Elite Series, in the 10 months that I have been using it. Support is excellent, with representatives responding quickly to Reddit messages and tickets. Although I had difficulty getting things started, a rep helped me through every step in the reWASD subreddit.

Excellent software, great pricing, and excellent support are all possible, provided you’re okay with the learning curve.

Unfortunately, this brings me to the problem with reWASD: The learning curve. It can be difficult to understand how all this works, given the many options available. Although it is helpful to have representatives available to help you, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is possible to spend hours learning how the suite works. If you want to have complete control over your gaming experience, it would take many hours.

I don’t understand why reWASD hasn’t become more popular. It was a game-changer for me and I hope more people will read this.

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