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It’s possible you have never heard of it. membrane soundBut, trust me: You will. One of my highlights was CES in Las VegasToday, he was listening in to the Brane X speaker, which is the company’s original speaker. He also listened to other well-known speakers brands. After having worked in high-fidelity magnets for many years, the founder of the company decided to use his knowledge to help him with loudspeakers.

The $700 Brane X is the company’s first product, and preorders are now possible. The company’s Repel Attract Driver (RAD) is the big innovation. It creates a force equal to or opposite to the pressure generated by large changes inside the speaker enclosure’s air pressure. It is capable of moving a lot (and thus getting a lot bass) in a small package, which the company claims draws 10% more power than a traditional subwoofer.

“We’ve developed a new way to make sound. We have a new subwoofer. This subwoofer uses a technology called Repulsion Attraction Driver (or RAD). It uses magnetic forces to cancel the air pressure forces inherent in creating low subwoofer sounds. There is a law in conventional technology. Hoffman’s law– This means you cannot have a loud bass, a speaker that is effective, or a speaker that has a high volume. AndIt must be compressed. In an interview with TechCrunch Joe Pinkerton, cofounder of Brane Audio and CEO, explains that the subwoofer’s volume will increase as the air pressure rises. This causes the subwoofer to draw more power. “byThis magnetic force cancels the pressing force and keeps it in its container. This means that you don’t have to overcome inertia. It is about 100 times more efficient when used in the subwoofer range. This enables us to make it a tenth of the size and draw a tenth of the force.”

Brane Audio displayed its speaker next to Sonos Move, pulling it from the water. Image credit: TechCrunch/Haje Kamps

You know the drill, dear reader: Portable speakers that are smaller, lighter, and more efficient will be more interesting if they are less power-hungry. This is exactly what the company has made possible with the Brane X. It packs an 8 inch subwoofer into a portable speaker, which can run on battery power for 12 hour. It has all the bells & whistles you’d expect in a high-end speaker: it can play Spotify, Alexa, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. It also has the aforementioned subwoofer. There are also a pair woofers, a pair if midrange tweeters, and a pair if woofers. The speaker is IP 5x-rated, which means it can withstand rain more than a barbecue party or pool party.

I was at the booth where the tech was being demonstrated and found myself looking behind the couch to check if there were any additional speakers. It was quite an experience, with a lot of bass and a very immersive soundscape from a small box. The team assured me that the speakers were indeed in their small box.

Brane Audio’s amplifier uses a FPGA to precisely balance its magnets. Image creditTechCrunch / Hajj Campus

Pinkerton started Active Power, a company in the field of energyIn the early 1990s massive, magnetically-bearing flywheels of 15,000 pounds were made to store energy. A combination of static magnets and dynamic magnets is used to balance the flywheels using an axial magnetic bearing. This allows for a very precise feedback loop. After a period of time The company went public in 2000Clean Energy Labs began exploring other opportunities. One technology the company considered was graphene, which can be used to make more efficient transducers.

“aWe were changing it 5,000x a second. We were like, “Wow, this makes lots of sound for its small size,” Pinkerton jokes. He began to wonder what would happen if they tried making sound. Objective. “We distributed Brane Audio through Clean Energy Labs back in 2015. We just said, “Hey, let’s make a membrane speaker.” “We’ve been working on it and we’ve been working on it for several years and we’re going to launch something in 2020. Then COVID hit, and the plant shut down.”

From there it was back to the drawing board — but Pinkerton wasn’t ready to let technology fully rest just yet.

“Our experience is something an average audio engineer had no idea even existed. It took us years to learn to master the technology,” Pinkerton says, describing the path to the hilariously finished speaker.

The speaker can be used as a portable speaker, but it’s more like a mini boombox speaker that you can take with you on a trip abroad. The speaker is best for traveling with on a trip. You can move it from room to room or outside to enjoy a pool party.

“Here’s a sneak preview of the Brane X. Pinkerton says that South by Southwest will be having a mass launch in Austin in March. He also suggests that the company has increased its technology in smaller forms and at lower price points.

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