From Valves to Values: Phaneesh Murthy’s Journey of Building Client-Centric Organizations

From Valves to Values: Phaneesh Murthy's Journey of Building Client-Centric Organizations

Phaneesh Murthy, a leading global IT services industry figure, has had a remarkable career spanning over three decades. His journey, which began with selling valves for a British engineering company, has been characterized by a consistent focus on prioritizing client needs and fostering long-term relationships. This core philosophy has been the driving force behind his success at leading companies like Infosys and iGATE.

The Early Days: Selling Valves and Learning Valuable Lessons

Murthy’s foray into the sales world started in a company that manufactured engineering products. “I started my sales adventure, I would say, in a company which made engineering products, and I was selling valves,” he recalls. During this time, Murthy learned a valuable lesson that would shape his approach to client relationships throughout his career.

In a particularly memorable incident, Murthy discovered that a client, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), had ordered the wrong valves for their fighter aircraft. Rather than simply proceeding with the sale, Murthy took the initiative to inform the chief engineer of the error. “The advantage of being young and fearless is that we call up and straightaway tell the chief engineer of HAL, ‘Hey, you’re wrong. You made a mistake,'” he recounts.

This incident taught Murthy the importance of prioritizing the client’s best interests, even if it meant potentially losing a sale. This lesson would serve him well as he transitioned into the IT services industry.

Building Infosys: Selling Relationships, Not Just Projects

Murthy joined Infosys in the early 1990s and was tasked with establishing the company’s presence in the United States. At a time when India was relatively unknown in the global IT landscape, Murthy faced the challenge of convincing potential clients to entrust their projects to an Indian company.

“I remember when I first came to the US, I had no connections. It was my first visit to the US and I just said, ‘Who are going to be the likely buyers? It’s going to be all the big companies, all the big corporations,'” Murthy recalls. He began by reaching out to Fortune 500 companies, armed with a unique approach to sales.

“I didn’t actually write software, but my philosophy was ‘I’m not actually trying to sell a project. I’m trying to sell a relationship,'” Murthy explains. This focus on building long-term relationships rather than securing individual projects set Murthy apart from his competitors.

Under Murthy’s leadership as the Global Head of Sales, Infosys witnessed remarkable growth, with revenues increasing from $2 million to $700 million in less than a decade. This success can be attributed to Murthy’s client-centric approach and ability to build trust and credibility with key decision-makers.

Transforming iGATE: Restructuring for Success

In 2003, Murthy took on the role of CEO at iGATE, a company facing significant challenges. His task was to restructure the organization and put it on a path to profitability. Once again, Murthy’s focus on client needs and building strong relationships proved to be the key to success.

Murthy implemented several strategic initiatives, including acquiring Patni Systems, which helped position iGATE as a Tier 1 tech company in India. He also introduced the “iTOPS” (Integrated Technology and Operations), which aimed to provide clients with end-to-end solutions that combined technology and business processes.

Under Murthy’s leadership, iGATE underwent a remarkable transformation. The company went from being a loss-making entity to a highly profitable one, with revenues growing from close to nothing to approximately $1.2 billion. This success can be attributed to Murthy’s ability to understand and anticipate client needs and his focus on building a strong, client-centric culture within the organization.

The Importance of Effective Communication

Throughout his career, Murthy has emphasized the importance of effective communication in building and maintaining client relationships. He stresses the need for sales teams to invest time and effort in understanding clients’ businesses and challenges rather than simply pushing for a sale.

“If you want to carry a team, you have to communicate more, communicate more, communicate more,” Murthy advises. He believes that by keeping clients informed and involved throughout the process, sales teams can build trust and establish long-term partnerships.

Murthy also highlights the importance of delivering on commitments: “If you say you’re going to do something by a certain date, you have to do it. That’s the hallmark of excellence.” This reliability and consistency have been key factors in Murthy’s success in building strong client relationships.

A Holistic Approach to Client Relationships

Murthy’s approach to client relationships extends beyond just communication and delivery. He believes in taking a holistic view of a client’s business and understanding how technology can be leveraged to drive growth and efficiency.

“The whole philosophy was we were not selling a project, we were not selling technical capability. We were just selling the capability that, ‘Hey, you need a long-term partner and we are your long-term partner,'” Murthy explains. This mindset has enabled him to build deep, long-lasting relationships with clients, many of which have spanned decades.

Murthy’s success in building client-centric organizations can also be attributed to his ability to align his teams around a common vision and values. He believes in the power of shared goals and effective collaboration between sales and delivery teams to consistently meet client needs.

Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Phaneesh Murthy’s journey from selling valves to leading global IT services companies offers valuable lessons for aspiring leaders. His unwavering focus on client needs, commitment to building long-term relationships, and ability to transform organizations serve as a blueprint for success in the highly competitive world of IT services.

Murthy’s emphasis on effective communication, reliability, and a holistic approach to client relationships underscores the importance of putting the client at the center of every decision and action. By prioritizing client success over short-term gains, leaders can build trust, credibility, and loyalty to serve them well in the long run.

As the IT services industry continues to evolve and become increasingly competitive, Phaneesh Murthy’s legacy serves as a reminder of the enduring value of client-centricity. His journey from valves to values offers a compelling case study of how a relentless focus on client needs and a commitment to building strong relationships can drive success, even in the face of significant challenges.

For aspiring leaders looking to make their mark in IT services, Phaneesh Murthy’s story provides a roadmap for building client-centric organizations that can stand the test of time. By embracing his core philosophy and applying the lessons from his remarkable career, the next generation of leaders can continue to drive innovation, growth, and success in an ever-changing industry.

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