These days, Application Development practices ensure to be one of the highest trends. As a result, numerous application development companies follow this trend to provide the highest revenue. Countless people around the globe choose application development as a career path. Besides, innumerable stakeholders invest in application development for their businesses to grow exponentially. Moreover, before developing an app, mobile app development costs and features should be well-thought-out.

Building an app

Building an app is not so easy, but you can make it by consulting the top mobile app development company in USAin this regard. At present, we are looking for more and more featured apps that ensure the highest comfort to the users possible. Therefore, more apps are being built daily to fulfill the users’ requirements and amenities. Provided that, we are so reliant on these featured apps that it has become an integral part of our lives. Moreover, these applications offer not only a single task, but you can also avail yourself of thousands of other practical tasks with a single click.

This article ensures the very essence of developing a Turo like car rental mobile app.

Car Rental Mobile Apps

Most of these days, people like to live a luxurious life by getting everything on a figure tip. Not to mention, we get food, medicines, even groceries, and more on our doorsteps with the help of these innovative apps. However, nowadays, you can get a rental car on your doorsteps with car rental mobile apps. Similarly, you can get a lot of options of vehicles to choose from from the app.

These rental car apps have acquired a massive appreciation because of the increased demand. Besides, you can see an upsurge in the use of these mobile apps. You don’t have to check websites for rental car company numbers and make unnecessary calls. However, you can now avail yourself of that opportunity while using these easy and stunning mobile apps.

These rental car apps allow you to book a car anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection. If you are trying to build a rental car mobile app, this article ensures you the correct detail and better understand how these apps work.

Market Size of Car Rental industry

Above all, commuting is an essential part of everyone’s routine, and these rental car services have benefited greatly. Therefore, the car rental industry is constantly growing with the needs of the users. Furthermore, these car rental apps are restricted to only big companies, but small and average-sized companies also develop these apps. Since the increased demand for such apps, numerous companies are making great endeavors to meet users’ demand through their apps.

Let’s observe the accompanying stats for the car rental market worldwide:

  • Car rental revenue in 2020 has reached about $53,333m.
  • By 2014 its projected market volume of $105,285m.
  • Presently, user penetration is more than 3.6% and is expected to reach 7.1% by 2024.
  • Users’ average revenue is predicted to emulate $200.37.
  • Most has generated in the USA in 2020 about $16,155m.

Also, these generated and expected revenue displays a very compelling remark about how it will grow in the future.

The Revenue Model of Car Rental Apps

The car rental services deliver cars and other facilities to the users. Likewise, there is a definite cause that rental car services help companies to generate high revenue – quickly, efficiently, and without any problems whatsoever. Let’s find out the sources for the rental car businesses:

1 – Car fleet of their own

Firstly, this requires the company to raise a considerable amount of money from the investors. Secondly, the company has to acquire many cars and assign them to numerous drivers. In addition, the drivers are paid either monthly or based on the services they provide.

2 – Commission-based

In commission-based, car owners get a platform to earn under each booking accordingly. Or another option can be, the car owner can assign the car to a driver, who takes the vehicle through the city.

Types Of Car Rentals

Furthermore, these car rental apps provide a broad spectrum of services to users. The following kind of car rental mobile apps are reachable in the market:

  • Self-driven Car Rentals: This category caters to the car user on rent and drives it himself. He would get charged on the number of hours he has the car and selected car.
  • Corporate Car Services: This service offers a car to business clients for office purposes.
  • Outstation Car Services: It allows the user to use this service to travel to other cities and states. And also, this service enables the user to book a car for a more extended period.  
  • Local Car Rentals: This service allows users to book a car on an hourly, half-day, or full-day basis.

How Do These Car Rental Mobile Apps work?

It’s no mystery. These car rental apps work differently for admins and users.

How do these apps function for the users?

Let’s take a step-by-step approach in the rental app for users:

1 – Login

The fundamental step, just like most apps has, is a login method. When you first open a rental car app, it is the landing page where they have to log in by entering their details.

2 – Multiple Cars

After logging in, the user might come across different cars to choose from in the app, where users may choose a vehicle according to their budget.

3 – Select a Car

The user may choose a car of their favorite color, number, size, and other car specifications.

4 – Schedule a Car

Next, the user chooses a time from when the user wants to avail the service. And also provide the location; where they want the car delivered.

5 – Managing Their Bookings

Afterward, the user gets notified to confirm their booking and timing. It helps to maintain the upcoming bookings accordingly.

6 – Calculating the Fare

These rental apps have their own formula for calculating the amount, including car chosen, booking duration, and kilometers are driven.

7 – Online Payment

Moreover, this step includes online payment, where users can pay using online means. Nowadays, having cash around almost every time can be a burden. So, in this step, the user can pay via credit or debit cards. The car rental apps mainly accept online payment and later provide the receipt to the booking user.

8 – Notifications

After the online payment step, now his booking is confirmed via a notification that pops up on his phone. The notification will include the information on the car and booking timing details.

9 – Tracking

The tracking feature can guarantee a sense of security to the users. The user can share their live location with their family and friends just to be safe.

10 – Cancellation of A Booking

I know you booked and confirmed a car for sightseeing with your friends. But they canceled on you, and now you don’t need the ride anymore. Don’t worry! This feature lets you cancel the ride. This option will pop up in the app after the booking is confirmed.

11 – Efficient Delivery

The users will get the car delivered to their locations. This feature has made the usage of the app even more stimulating.

How do these apps function for the admins?

1 – Management of The Car

The admin can manage the vehicles under this feature. Likewise, this feature lets the admin update the car detail in their record and user details.

2 – Dashboard

It is one of the essential features where the admin can manage all the cars in the dashboard section. These features also allow them to update the dashboard with information on the number of vehicles available or in use.

3 – Customer Management

The admin can monitor the users under this feature. That includes user information, booking addresses, ratings, and services availed are all available in this section.

4 – Managing Payments

Under this feature, the admin can manage all payment gateways, payment details, and the amount of commission given to the services.

5 – Analytics

This feature entails cars details with the newest trend in the business and vehicles most liked by the users. Further, it helps to streamline the vehicle selected, time schedules, and the services availed.

6 – Management of The Categories

The admin can also manage the various categories related to the cars’ availability and update the rental bookings accordingly.

7 – Managing the Fares

The admin can determine the cost structure of the rental car service. Besides, the fare can be determined upon the destination and the size/brands of the cars.

Eminent Car Rental Mobile Apps

There exist numerous well-known car rental mobile apps that have influenced the industry. To make such an endeavor to build a flourishing app like these, you can check out these apps to get a surplus idea about Car Rental Apps and their working:

  • Hertz Car rental app
  • Zipcar
  • Skyscanner
  • Hotwire
  • Avis
  • Zoomcar

As well as, you can add additional staggering features to your app that give it a standalone look in the market.


Developing an app is easy, but creating a mind-blowing app can get puzzling. It can get mysterious, considering each step in the app development process to be incredibly precise and done vigorously. Moreover, you should do some background research, extract some statistics, and carry out your app development accordingly.  

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