Travelling This Summer? Here is Why You Should Do It Solo

Does the idea of slipping into your flat sandals and jetting off to a foreign destination sound alluring? Whether you’ve just broken up with your partner and are looking for a ‘pick-me-up’ getaway or you’ve always wanted to tackle the road less known on your own, solo travel might well be on your summer bucket list.

Girl, you’re not alone! Google search volumes for “female solo travel” have increased by 84% within the last year, and travel companies that cater specifically to women have increased by 230%.

Here is why you and all your girlfriends are going crazy about solo travel and the top bucket-list destinations for your ‘me holiday’.

Who will you meet on your solo trip?

The profile of the solo traveller is quite intriguing. New research from MMGY shows that Gen Z and millennials are leading the way in solo travel, with one in four travellers planning to go on a trip on their own in the next six months from March 2022.

Contrary to the name, solo travel doesn’t mean you have to avoid people altogether. It just means you can take a break from your friends and family and go on an adventure with people you don’t know. Many solo travellers decide to join an organised group due to safety reasons. Plus, it’s usually a cheaper and more convenient way than travelling fully independently. According to a 2021 Solo Female Travel Trends Survey, 65% of respondents were interested in a women-only group trip and 46% were keen on going on a mixed-gender group trip, while only 14% didn’t fancy the idea. Overall, there was more than a 60% increase in group travel interest amongst women in 2021 compared to 2020.

The life of a solo traveller can be quite unpredictable, and that’s where all the excitement lies. Who knows, you might make a new friend or find a summer love affair that will change up your plans and travel style for the better!

The perks of travelling solo as a woman

Jetting off on a solo trip is a great way to explore the world and yourself. While there are certain concerns regarding safety, many women have the courage and desire to travel solo. But what’s motivating them?

In the 2021 Solo Female Travel Trends Survey, 90% of the respondents were driven by the flexibility to make their own plans and not have to rely on anyone else. 86% wanted to get away from their routine and their day-to-day responsibilities. A study by Danish ferry company DFDS that explored the effects of work and everyday stress on mental health in the UK showed that 79% of Brits returned from a holiday feeling significantly less stressed.

Women also seek the personal benefits of solo travel in terms of self-growth. 84% were motivated by the opportunity to challenge themselves in new ways and practise self-reliance. 83% wanted to focus on self-care and relaxation, and 69% on self-improvement and transformation. That’s in line with the emerging “survivalist trend” that promotes building self-resilience and reliance through spending time in nature, as outlined in “The Future of Wellness 2022” report by the Global Wellness Summit.

Travelling solo is mainly about having some “me time” away from home. But what’s a trip like without meeting new people that can give you a new perspective on life and perhaps become your life-long friends? Female solo travellers are embracing this, as 78% would like to connect with the locals and 73% are excited to meet new people.

For some individuals, travelling can be a great way to heal from trauma (38%) and to contribute to the world through volunteering (38%).

Whatever your reasons are, a solo trip will surely be transformational for you!

Choosing your solo travel destinations

As a solo traveller, you have the complete freedom to choose where you visit. You can go for a long-term stay at one location, pick various different destinations for short trips, or do whatever your heart desires!

One thing you need to bear in mind as a female solo traveller is safety. Personal safety is a major concern for 64% of women. Intriguingly, this number is reduced to 52% for those who have travelled more than 10 times on their own.

Solo Female Travelers has compiled an index of the safest countries to travel to for women based on seven variables, including official data sources or from the first-hand experiences of other solo female travellers. Top of the list are New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, and Australia.

If you’ve ever wanted to jet off to a destination unknown on your own, don’t wait up! 2022 is the year of solo travel and women are leading the way. Safe travels!

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